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  1. Shockster

    TV new deal?

    I hope Dave Rowe keeps the commentating Gig for Eurosport. However, Sudden Sam is not the answer as a co presenter.
  2. Shockster

    Torun 2019..

  3. I'm in France and can't find any links either.
  4. Shockster

    SGP 2020

    I get that and he won't get in but he would be a great addition. Not sure he'd win it now but reckon he'd get as close as anyone not riding in the GPs now. We'll probably never know.
  5. Shockster

    TV new deal?

    Loved Sam Ermolenko as a rider, but please "No" for more commentary. However, if it's Sam or nobody then Sam will do.
  6. Shockster

    SGP 2020

    I agree totally, but there's Artem and Emil already from Russia so doubt he'll get a shot.
  7. GP next season will have a very familiar look but they are obviously the best about.
  8. Maybe you'll know Phil, but why is this meeting never televised? I'd have thought there would be more than enough interest and a tv company wanting to show it?
  9. How did Ref decide Laguta did not win heat 14????
  10. Will you remind me of this next season. Although not had many issues tbh but £26 for season is great.
  11. Maniak is ok for me tonight but only with VPN set to Poland.

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