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  1. Greg Hancock Tweeted during the match. "Is Madsens bike a 500?? Daaang he's fast".
  2. I use NordVPN. Very easy and works. Used it in Poland last week and could watch UK stuff
  3. You can use a VPN and change country to Poland and it works fine.
  4. Enjoyed the Lublin match. Pity I'm going out shortly so will miss the 2nd match. Looks another cracker on paper. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. What a ride from Zmarzlik. Think Laguta should've gone wider tbh but what do I know.
  6. I've set my VPN to Poland and Maniak is perfect at the moment.
  7. Easy in the end for Czestachowa. Top end too strong for Grudziadz
  8. What score was the reverse fixture?
  9. Yep it's worked all season for them.
  10. Great ride from Lindback! Didn't think he had it in him?
  11. That's what I thought???? They never asked him? Should be close if he can't continue?
  12. Madsen excluded??? Thought Bjerre nudged him into Pzedpelski?? All 4 back for me.
  13. Think they'll both be ok. Fingers crossed

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