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  1. Shockster

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Just watched Stal edge home. Cheers R&R, I avoided result until watching.
  2. Maniak working fine for me. I'm on hols in Belgium. Going out now as Mrs S won't let me watch this, but really pleased I saw the Wroclaw match. Hope it's a cracker for everybody.
  3. Brilliant match from Wroclaw. Terrific track. That's 2 fabulous match's between these teams at the Olympic stadium this season. Absolute pleasure to watch.
  4. He can ride in the nominated riders races as a reserve.
  5. Good riding from Janowski. He got Milik back in front of Musielak there.
  6. Yeah, That's why refs should be able to put all 4 back. Was 50/50 on the first bend.
  7. Very good heat 3 at Wroclaw. Looks like being a good close match.
  8. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    They were correct as their rules say all 4 named riders need to start and the bet should be voided. However, be careful with them if your rider (let's say Woffy on Saturday) gets excluded as they have classed that as a loser in the past with me. I have argued and been given the money back but they were adamant in the first place it was a loser. I argued they can't void all bets and have mine as a loser.
  9. I'm on him but he's 20/1 in the UK!
  10. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    I've done Doyle and Iversen at decent prices and backed both Over 8.
  11. Has to be extremely doubtful as he is missing his home GP tonight.

    Didn't put this on the main thread as I think bookies read them.


    I know you have a bet on speedway. SKYBET have cocked up.  It might not win but it's still an error.  Laguta is their Fav at 6/1 and Sayfutdinov is 12/1.  However, you can back any Russian to win at 11/1!!!!!!.

    FWIW I think Iversen and Doyle are overpriced and backed them but the Russian bet had to be taken.


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