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  1. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Missed that bet. Pity, now only 6.5 start
  2. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    BetVictor have all 3 but only match result. Skybet have a few alternative handicaps up. I think 10 start could be enough for Somerset?
  3. I'm going next Monday to Poland and have just got tickets for Wroclaw v Czestachowa on the 29th July. It wasn't straight forward though!!! I had to sign up set up an account with Wroclaw and then buy the tickets. Sounds easy enough, but the Halifax declined my payment until I confirmed it was me and then still it wouldn't go through until I changed to a different card provider. Anyway all sorted and hopefully a decent match to look forward to.
  4. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Didn't last long. Now Evens.
  5. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    I know there can be injuries and you have to wait a while for the GP to end, but 13/8 Skybet for Tai Woffinden to be Champion has to be a bet??? I'm all over Freddie (earlier on this thread) EW at 20/1 and he could still do it but he's got 11 points to find and Emil is another 6 points further back. It looks a 2 horse race barring injuries so 13/8 looks pretty massive to me. I can't see it lasting.
  6. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Agree and have backed Laguta at Evens. Also done Emil over 8 at a generous 9/5 (well it seems generous now). Also backed Emil at 20/1 to win it and 3/1 to reach the final with Sky. Doesn't look a bad draw to me. Doyle has to have a big shout here but 11/2 is a bit skinny.
  7. Looking on the sky planner it looks like there is no LIVE Speedway on next Tuesday. Premier HD has Celtic in a Champions League qualifier on live and nothing on Freesports. Premier have highlights at 2am on Wednesday? Probably on other times also. A bit odd that it's not on Freesports if Premier showing football. Pity.
  8. I'm with you tonight. Not many times it would happen, but the pubs calling with my mates. Record button activated though.
  9. That sounds like a thumping home win.
  10. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Hopefully I'll be back in time for tonights Danish GP but had to play early in case I'm not. Nicki Pedersen 20/1 EW Ladbrokes with a boost. Standard price is 18/1 and it looks big to me for a home GP. Zmarzlik 16/1 EW also. Zmarzlik over 8 23/20 with 365 NP to win Heat 1 2/1 at 365. Good luck to all who play and let's hope it's a cracker.
  11. Leon Madsen replaces Wozniak.
  12. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Had a couple of EW bets for fun. King 35/1 and Richie Worrall 25/1. I think out of the Favs Schlein is easily the best value at 7/1 but only done the 2 above.
  13. 100% Correct. Tai was brilliant over the 2 days and without him we'd probably have been battling Germany for last place. Who knows why he chased Laguta, but he did!! Maybe the final got to him and he just wanted to win. Must be a bit alien letting another rider zoom off when it's in your nature to race. While I'm on here, regarding the tapes warning rule. Personally I'd let them all move at the start and unless they touch the tapes let it go, flyers are a great gate IMO. However, if we are to have warnings in this and the GP I'd say make it a clean slate when we get to the semis. If they move in either the semi or final then they get a new warning. The semi final on Saturday was very poor and a real downer for the meeting, although correct decision under the current rule.
  14. Maybe, but Surely Lindgren and Madsen in last 2 heats.

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