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  1. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Just spoke to the Club and they said they have a back log. It should be no issue if my bank have authorized, which they say they have. Nothing like a bit of suspense???
  2. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    No. It says they are reserved awaiting payment. It won't let me try and pay again or cancel them??? I got an email in Polish which a neighbour of my mum translated and she said it said they were confirmed? No way of speaking to anyone?
  3. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    My tickets still say awaiting payment confirmation. Rang the bank and they say that they have authorized payment?? Watch me miss out?
  4. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Yep, got mine, but says awaiting confirmation. Bank says it's gone through so just a matter of time.
  5. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Just a note and you might not need to. When I booked tickets last season for Wroclaw my bank blocked it as suspicious??? You might just want to warn them first?
  6. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Just seen it. Go on sale at 2pm on Wednesday 19th December. 17Th December for season ticket holders.
  7. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Same here, but I doubt my Mrs would be too concerned???
  8. Shockster

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    My flight and hotel booked for Wroclaw, but still no ticket news?
  9. Shockster

    Betting in 2018

    Just looked on Betsafe and 2 new riders for Kings Lynn tonight. Rickie Lambert has stopped being a footballer and now riding for the Stars along with guest Alex Ellis.
  10. Booked my flights and Hotel for Wroclaw so hope the dates are correct or I'll be watching a league meeting. Thought the town and the stadium were excellent when I visited in July. Can't wait.
  11. Can't argue with that, but statement says all parties agree. So, can only assume KL are happy with this.
  12. Shockster

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    I'm not disagreeing with you, but he wasn't good enough either meeting. As a heat leader Dackarna should've expected better and he was no replacement for Dudek.
  13. Shockster

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    I'm not saying KK wasn't trying but he certainly let Dackarna down. With Dudek, this final would've been a lot closer. 4 points last night and I forget how little he got in the first leg. That was the difference IMO, but that was Dackarnas fault for choosing him. Anyway well done Smederna and congratulations for back to back titles.
  14. Only caught the Semis and Final. If the rest of the meeting was like that it must have been an absolute cracker. Well done to Smektala.

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