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  1. 3 seats together in Section F. If you're lucky?
  2. The main square will have bars and restaurants with it on. They had the Friday night league meeting on last year so surely the GPs will be shown.
  3. Agree, but finally got there. First 2 I selected it took all details then said those tickets had gone and I had to choose an alternative. I chose 2 more and it wouldn't let me proceed as I already had reservations. Then went to my tickets and originals were there. I went to pay and it crashed. got back to the pay page and it said only 1 of the 2 left. I logged out and re logged in and went to pay and it has let me have the 2 I initially picked.
  4. Seen them on the website. Gone up a fair bit. I think.
  5. How much are the tickets R&R? Hopefully get a couple today. I was on the first bend last year and seats were great.
  6. Season tickets go on sale tomorrow.
  7. Confirmed that Wroclaw season ticket holders will again get priority for this meeting.
  8. Shockster

    TV new deal?

    I hope Dave Rowe keeps the commentating Gig for Eurosport. However, Sudden Sam is not the answer as a co presenter.
  9. Shockster

    Torun 2019..

  10. I'm in France and can't find any links either.
  11. Shockster

    SGP 2020

    I get that and he won't get in but he would be a great addition. Not sure he'd win it now but reckon he'd get as close as anyone not riding in the GPs now. We'll probably never know.
  12. Shockster

    TV new deal?

    Loved Sam Ermolenko as a rider, but please "No" for more commentary. However, if it's Sam or nobody then Sam will do.

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