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  1. Francis Gusts well ridden. First good race.
  2. If this is the best of the U21 it's not a vintage year for sure. Terrible spectacle too.
  3. Great advert for Speedway. Hope lots are watching on Freesport.
  4. Thought someone in Ekstraliga might have taken a chance?
  5. Shockster

    UK speedway betting 2021

    -7.5 Peterborough at Mansionbet.
  6. Shockster


    We all know a better gate gives you a massive advantage, so it is vitally important to score as many as you can. Also if you go out in the semi it gains you the point against the other rider going out in the other semi.
  7. Closed it and reopened and now Speedway. Cheers.
  8. Football highlightsof England v Poland on the link you posted. Probably me doing something wrong?
  9. I'll have to look again. Didn't see any pictures only writing?
  10. I've seen 2 angles. Original angle looks like he turned sharp left. From the other angle I agree with you????
  11. Don't agree at all with you. Think he turned sharp left on him.
  12. Nasty smash for Laguta. Hope he's OK and I thought Wozniak cut him up.
  13. Yep they've done well. Poles in a different league but we knew that before this.
  14. There's obviously a big difference in abilities in U21 meetings.
  15. Had a few quid on Swidnicki. Bloody inexperience of his 3rd ride.
  16. Are there semis and a final or straight 20 heats. Cheers.
  17. Shockster

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    Wroclaw (Now) Hyde Road NSS The Shay Weymouth (Radipole Lane) Saw some great races and matches there on hols many moons ago,
  18. Shockster

    League Cup Final 1987

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk_fDc3POZo Just seen this on You Tube. The match from 1/11/87.

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