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  1. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    What does today's announcement mean for Edinburgh then? Anyone done the maths?
  2. JanAndersen


    Difficult to tell given the level of opposition last night but i thought Wullie looked really quick. Hope he can be a trump card at reserve next season.
  3. JanAndersen

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Any IPTV will have Polish channels. nSport and Eleven Sports show the league racing.
  4. JanAndersen


    Thoroughly deserved victory. Referee quite right to punish Aspgren for blatant cheating.
  5. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    I think this was only going to be available this coming season? Not sure it was in place for 2019. Could be wrong.
  6. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Sadly the reality is that season ticket money is often spent before it comes in - football probably as bad as any sport in this regard.
  7. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Another trophyless season for the Possilpark Tigers.
  8. JanAndersen


    That second leg heat 15 was easily the best moment at Armadale as far as i am concerned. Drama personified. I was convinced the ref. wasn't going to let the second lap complete and it would need to be rerun.
  9. JanAndersen


    What happened to him? Also, how was he riding at no.7? Was Busch on a silly high assessed average?
  10. JanAndersen

    Mr Garrity

    I assume this was just his opportunity to enter a plea?
  11. JanAndersen


    Nermark was very good.
  12. JanAndersen


    Truck driver i think? Still does a bit of Motocross based on his rare twitter posts.
  13. JanAndersen


    His first/second bend cutbacks were sublime. Easily my favourite rider growing up. I also loved how miserable her was!
  14. JanAndersen


    Forgot how good Andrew Tully could be round Armadale.
  15. JanAndersen

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    It isn't i agree but the attitude of some on this thread was very poor.

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