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  1. JanAndersen

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Yea don’t disagree and when the team was out together it always looked like that was the risk. One small positive of late is that Thomson is scoring better. Not enough to be considered a heat leader but better. Sergeant is very hot and cold which isn’t what we need at all.
  2. JanAndersen

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    I’m not sure who he’s be a better option than but he’s in the country and looking for a team.
  3. JanAndersen

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Falling well short just now. It’ll need to get better soon or changes will be made.
  4. JanAndersen

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Should be a tight meeting but hopefully the boys have just enough to come out on top. Bickley guesting probably helps the Monarchs tbh.
  5. Nope. Used to but changed providers. Just canal+ premium and 1 to 4
  6. Hmmm I only have up to 4.
  7. Anyone know whether Ekstraliga matches are shown on other European channels? Any Danish or Swedish? Can’t get my Polish channels to work - canal+ seems to have football the whole time for me.
  8. Are they both riding abroad? Probably the two you don’t want missing!
  9. Friday would definitely have impacted people's decision. I know why they did it but had it been a 1pm meeting i'd have been along with the kids.
  10. Arguably the biggest positive from this evening was Kye getting in amongst the points. Hopefully he can kick on from that especially at home.
  11. Well they almost pulled off the impossible. They can hold their heads high after that and particularly with us being so weak at reserve. Sam imperious. Did Kye just not fancy the last heat?
  12. Lucky for the Tigers that Sarg wasn’t available…..
  13. Partner is having a baby
  14. Any chance of a rain off?…..
  15. I vividly remember that. A very frustrating rider.

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