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  1. JanAndersen

    Predictions thread

    Edinburgh to walk it and muller the weej in the championship final. Masters is the strongest rider in the league by a distance IMO. Cook has had his day.
  2. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Craig Cook could ride for Glasgow for the next ten years and not win the same number of trophies as he did in blue and gold. I'm sure he's trying his best for you though despite him not being at the peak of his powers.
  3. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    Great move. Glad to see a Scottish National League side.
  4. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Good to see Monarchs trophy winners still get some speedway in their twilight years. Nice way to wind down.
  5. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    This with bells on. A ridiculous situation.
  6. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    I can smell a treble.
  7. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    I’d heard that too but as Blobby says, seems to be rumour only.
  8. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    Lawson Sarjeant Palovaara Plus one more would be my prediction
  9. JanAndersen

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Great draw. It’ll be nice to put Poole in their place early doors.
  10. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Classic Glasgow patter.
  11. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    He’s a bit Glasgowy these days. I preferred the 2014 Craig Cook.
  12. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    That’s definitely all that’s wrong.
  13. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    Everything is rosy in the trophy laden world of the Possilpark Tigers. Gimme a T...
  14. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    As I said, no idea. *shrugs*
  15. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2020

    They’d have to be some pair of specs to translate your weej ramblings chief.

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