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  1. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    Don't disagree. Attracting new fans to speedway at Armadale is difficult. If we were back in town (pie in the sky i know) then marketing it becomes a lot easier - not easy but a lot easier. I'll keep buying Euromillions tickets........
  2. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    Me neither tbh but i think he might come back on an average of less than 5.00 which has to be a bit of a bargain.
  3. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2020

    I’d be trying to get Mark Riss back.
  4. JanAndersen

    Speedway collectors fair

    Great, thanks
  5. JanAndersen

    Speedway collectors fair

    Where aboots?
  6. Does this still take place in Cardiff before the GP?
  7. JanAndersen

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Craig Cook has very little between the ears. He feels the need to prove this on a fairly regular basis these days.
  8. I’d be gutted if my team’s heatleaders were Auty, Allen and Barker. Really weak
  9. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2019

    Maybe not then! Sedgmen off to Sheffield.
  10. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2019

    Nailed on then. I’m less keen but he could very well prove me wrong.
  11. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh 2019

    What’s Sedgmen’s average now? Not saying he’s a good pick but at no.2 with Masters it could work.
  12. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    No one should have to endure Jason Garrity.
  13. JanAndersen

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Hope he manages to ride through the pain but it’s more bad timing for the weej. His injury last season arguably cost them trophies - it would be more than unfortunate for it to happen two seasons running.

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