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  1. JanAnderson

    AGM November 2018

    Time to combine the 'Premiership' and 'Championship'. Never has the quality between the leagues been closer.
  2. JanAnderson

    Celebrity fans

    Everyone USED to go. Says a lot.
  3. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    Nah, not brave enough.
  4. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    You should maybe give it a shot; it might make living in Paisley a little more bearable.
  5. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    Very droll SR. I'm sure wherever it is we race we'll have the track tricked from day one.
  6. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    Ah the old 'Edinburgh is full of junkies' line. Top Glasgow patter as always Gaz. I might however suggest you're the one smacked out your t**s if you fail to appreciate the magnificence of our nation's capital.
  7. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    It's only right the wee clubs have a chance every few seasons. Normal service will be resumed from March with Captain Cook at the helm. I'll spend the time until then watching Heart of Midlothian put the uglies from the West in their place. Happy days.
  8. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    It won't be the EES so i wouldn't worry yourself.
  9. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    Strange, i thought it was Edinburgh who were the establishment club getting favours and leniency from the top table?
  10. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    He's blue and gold at heart, i think we all know that.
  11. JanAnderson

    Glasgow 2018

    We'll have him back along the road ta.
  12. Don’t see the problem with a club’s website using the term “we”. Suspect it’s done the world over.
  13. Neither of your posts were respectful. Many congraulations on your victory.
  14. Haha. The weej comedians out in force again.
  15. What an arsey couple of posts. What percentage of the Edinburgh support do you think live in Armadale?

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