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  1. If I did I certainly wouldn’t eat at Speedway tracks! If there wasn’t any food on offer I wouldn’t give it a second’s thought to be honest. I’m there to watch racing not have my dinner.
  2. I've never known someone to be so concerned about food at a speedway meeting.
  3. We get it, you think the Edinburgh promotion are shysters and maybe you’re right. They’re bloody good at plucking riders from obscurity and winning stuff though so I’ll let them off. Xx
  4. Hi Gaz, lovely to chat again. Had the rain stopped as forecast I have no doubt the track would have been prepared and raceable. As for your last point, I think you’re spot on; that’s definitely what they were up to. I mean let’s put aside the fact that the meeting was called off before the gates opened. The meeting was called off well before most people needed to leave to get there. Chris Harris should maybe move to Coatbridge or some other Weej outpost. Love, your favourite Monarch, Jan. xxx
  5. Part and parcel of riding for a team that you live hundreds of miles from. Meetings will be called off late, calling the meeting off yesterday at lunchtime would have been madness.
  6. I was being pessimistic too. The widening of the track will suit our superior motorcyclists. Done by heat 8.
  7. I’ve got a couple of race jackets that I would quite like to either frame or display. Does anyone have any examples of how they look framed (can’t seem to find much online) or alternatives to framing?
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    If Erik and Ricky step up to the challenge of leading the side without a Masters/Cook there for support then I think we could have a really solid season. Much depends on whether Joel and Max hit the ground running or not though.
  9. Edinburgh 2018

    I would be disappointed if Danny Ayres was the seventh rider.
  10. Edinburgh 2018

    I haven’t anywhere suggested that. Very few on this thread have. You’re failing to grasp a very simple concept.
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    You must be deliberately missing the point, you just have to be. We all know he doesn’t meet the criteria; hence the request for discretionary consideration. Turning down that request is fine but giving “he doesn’t meet the criteria” as the reason for doing so isn’t and doesn’t make sense.
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Absolutely and i don't think anyone is suggesting that should be the case. The BSPA should however give more clarity on why the appeal was unsuccessful.