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  1. When was the last time u saw Nicki fence anyone?...how about Doyle and Zmarzlik?...no one says FA about them.
  2. The second part is a ridiculous thing to suggest..on the whole he has been good for us but had a bad day at the office.
  3. We always struggle at home when the track is a dustbowl..can't understand why they didn't water before heat 15 when u got our boys off 2 and 4. Scotty was busting a gut but there was nothing there. A little but worrying heading towards the play offs. Good to see Lunna mucking in in the pits.
  4. How is such a wonderful sport allowed to be run by such a bunch of c###s!?... something has to be done soon before it dies.
  5. How do people get from their cars to the designated walkway?
  6. Why are Friday fixtures being cancelled?
  7. What will they do for the play offs then...turn people away?
  8. They don't struggle for stewards at the Posh..think they only pay them £20..what they gonna do during the play offs?..anyway that aside well done boys today...pulled it out the bag at the end. Thank God for BWD...he has been a massive signing for us.
  9. Yeah like they need stewards at the speedway..what's gonna happen..someone attack an away fan with a clipboard or a flask!?..that's if u can find an away fan.
  10. I tell u what is P#####g me off lately..that they are closing off half the stand and cramming everyone in to one section.. uncomfortable on such a hot day and the third meeting running my family and friends can't even sit together..hope this can be sorted soon as it's annoying alot of people.
  11. Not a bad shout..not sure of the costs of putting a screen up but I bet it wouldnt outweigh the loss of income should England make the final. If they did that I reckon it would actually result in a larger than average crowd and then everybody's happy.
  12. Well done boys..bring that trophy back home and shut up all the people from last year who said we only won it because it was at home..this team really is surprising everyone this season including myself!
  13. Well done boys on another superb Victory..this team really is surprising everyone.Also this will shut up all the people who said we only won it last year because it was at home!
  14. Made a bit of a statement tonight..well done boys!
  15. Well done boys..Awesome win!.I always thought MPT had more in the tank and he's really starting to show that now and also Bacon is proving to be a real trump card lately..as is BWD. We just keep picking off these wins even with struggling riders in the team.

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