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  1. Well done boys..Awesome win!.I always thought MPT had more in the tank and he's really starting to show that now and also Bacon is proving to be a real trump card lately..as is BWD. We just keep picking off these wins even with struggling riders in the team.
  2. Anyway...back to planet speedway..glad to hear Ulrich has no broken bones.
  3. Superb meeting and a great team effort..I was worried until heat 11..interesting to see Lambo and BWD having a ding ding after their heat..hope that's where it ends. Also all the best to Ulrich after that awful smash.
  4. Awful move by Ulrich and an even more awful crash...hope he's OK.
  5. Superb meeting, nice day, big crowd, great racing and some big crashes (thankfully no one hurt). Glasgow kind of threw it away but Panthers did improve towards the end.
  6. This will be a tough one..it's gonna be hard for Perks jumping on a bike after flying in from the other side of the world..good luck to him and the rest of the boys.
  7. I know what you mean but Tom Bacon is improving..had an 18max the other night..if Scott spent a bit of time with him showing him how to ride the outside he could be something with his gating.
  8. ...and thinking ahead when Grondal and Lunna return..any underperforming riders could be replaced by them so we kind of now have a squad situation somewhat!
  9. Yeah like M.B Anderson who's guesting for us tonight!
  10. Just found this on another thread... I agree wholeheartedly, Uluru, and I have to admit that I am embarassed and totally mystified as to why he has been cut after his simply stunning contribution to the cause in 2017. Has someone at the top forgotten how, particularly at the beginning of the campaign, Ellis was weighing in with huge double-figure scores almost everywhere he went and, along with Barker and Garrity, was the backbone of the team. Without those contributions we would surely have not gone on to enjoy sucha successful season.
  11. Good signing for me.if I remember rightly he was banging in some big scores for Redcar toeards end of last season.
  12. Just think we choose some shocking guests whereas other clubs seem to beat us with their guest choices.. home matches against Sheffield last season and Works this season spring to mind.
  13. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/speedway/panthers/bringing-jack-holder-back-was-a-non-starter-1-8524922 Waiting for Grondal then...looks like the only thing they could do..Lunna or someone else could come in and nick a reserve spot in the next month or so I guess depending on whoever is not performing.
  14. Can't believe we are going to Glasgow with r/r, no Osterguard and M.B Anderson guesting...why not just hand them the win instead.
  15. He won't be for much longer with the scores he is getting

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