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  1. Unfortunately I think Panthers will get a hiding again...
  2. NBJ is crap at the showground..this definitely makes Poole stronger IMO
  3. This would make us stronger then.
  4. Wouldn't it be nice if those kind of things were on the website..hope we don't go r/r for Hans although so far this season he has been poor so not sure what quality of guest we could have...a 6 pointer I guess?
  5. Maybe all the Panthers boys should just pick the brains of Charlie Wright then we might win!
  6. I'm happy with that...finally they did something.
  7. If Nicholls becomes available now Thorsel is back we should snap him up..also Cook is waiting for a phone call..apparantly...forget Bates it's an even more backwards step than we already are.
  8. ...and signing Josh Bates is hardly inspiring..just a token change.
  9. Well if they don't sort out the team for the 2 fixtures this weekend it will be season over before it's hardly began.
  10. Josh Bates....is he really the savour of Peterborough Panthers!?..
  11. Lukas

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    Say what you want about Ged but he cared about Peterborough speedway and I miss his Passion..he never hid. we now have faceless owners who don't care and we don't hear a word from them.
  12. Lukas

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    Johnson said the track was slick!!! It was grippy as hell..the riders moaned it was too slick..now they moaning it's too grippy..the bottom line is this team is crap..only Charles Wright and Summers can hold their heads up.
  13. Lukas

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    So far this season I would actually say this is a the worst Panthers team I have ever seen..keep this up and the crowds will decline..who wants to watch a crap team that loses with nothing to ride for?

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