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  1. Completely agree...and to have that many bull#### excuses from so many riders shows the lack of respect that this management/promotion commands...and then to tell these lies to the fans is unforgivable.
  2. Just got back from a long trip with no WiFi and catching up..as if the season couldn't get any worse!?..that meeting last night should never have gone ahead and Panthers should be fined by the ACU for team they put out..I've never even heard of one of them!..discusting all round from riders to promotion and one more nail in the coffin of a train wreck of a season..must be some kind of record for amount of losses..well done Buster and the team for totally F###### our club over.
  3. Doesn't matter..another car crash of a performance.. embarrassing
  4. We are in serious trouble..the team is crap and understrength and no one cares, no press releases, Fans will have lost interest understandably so due to lack of interest from the owners. Rock bottom and the crowds will be non existent at the remaining home fixture's. I'm certainly not paying to watch anymore of this crap.
  5. I remember the first time I saw Buster Chapman on TV as acting manager against Swindon I thought to myself he came across as an idiot. He also took over as the chairman of the BSPA and did an awful job, then there was the ridiculous reaction to the Jack Holder incident. After what I have witnessed this season my impression of the guy has confirmed to me that this guy is a complete idiot and Is going to ruin British Speedway even more than it is with his actions. I want this parasite on our club gone and I hope someone can save our club as it's the worst situation I have known in my time supporting Panthers.
  6. I actually can't believe how bad Panthers rode tonight...riding like a bunch of clowns... embarrassing...I certainly won't be going again this season.
  7. Panthers season over is also over so what's the point in signing anyone now..we can't win anything...awful season...please come back Ged.
  8. Another awful guest choice..by Johnson..Porsing riding like a junior.
  9. I predict another Boro spanking and more annoying cockyness than you can shake a stick at from Tai.
  10. Wow this season has really gone to #### judging by the chatter on here...and listening to Johnson's tales of woe about us not signing anyone due to excessive demands...and to top it all...another Kings Lynn guest on Monday. I have never been so disillussioned in my time as a Panthers fan and have completely lost interest. Who actually runs the club now and Does anyone even care?
  11. Lukas

    Poole v Peterborough. Prem. 1/8/19

    Weakest Panthers team in my time supporting them..easy Poole win..no question.
  12. He looked pretty decent a couple of weeks ago when they thrashed us at home...
  13. He may aswell quit the prem then..
  14. Not forgetting we started the season 2 plus points under the limit when we swapped Cook for Summers!

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