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  1. The home fixtures are not great with 5 of our 12 home fixtures crammed into 18 days in May then no fixtures from mid July to September 5th!
  2. I don't know what I'm discusted with most..the treatment of Harris or the lack of respect for the fans for not explaining it...either way I won't be buying a season ticket now.
  3. I think that's a bit harsh..one bad day at the office..he's been good for us.
  4. Lukas

    Panthers up for sale.

    ......and where's Neil with his smart arse answers this time!?.... probably too busy on the phone to Horton!
  5. ... and where's Neil with his smart arse answers this time!?
  6. WTF...is that the best they can do!?...after finishing top of the league this is an embarrassment. Toys out the pram and selling up after all the crap we've been fed about getting our future secured with the Jack Holder money and all the assets...and now giving up on the league...never been so dissillusioned with this sport.
  7. Lukas

    Panthers up for sale.

    Crowd sizes have been healthy all season so this is not the issue. I suspect Ged will end up at Redcar and I can understand that but if this is the case then transparency would make for a refreshing change. I am pretty confident someone will come in and hopefully take us back to where we belong instead of being Kings Lynns feeder club.
  8. Lukas

    Panthers up for sale.

    I like Ged but it seems like he's thrown his toys out of the pram here due to a disastrous end to a good season. When he bought all them assets he said this was to secure the future of the club which was looking bright. I'm hoping that someone comes in and we have top class speedway again without the threat of being closed down every season.
  9. What people don't remember is it was actually Rick Frost who actually nearly closed us down...not Horton...although he did close Coventry down!
  10. Also.. another poor choice of guest again..why didn't we stick with TJ?
  11. I thought the fact that he said "thanks to the fans who have supported us over the last 4 years" confirms that. I'll be disappointed if he did leave just because of a disastrous end to a good season. Every season we seem to be worried if we will have a club for next season. Back to the speedway..Grondal awful and that was the difference..Ulrich's not the same and MPT annoyed with his comments because I haven't heard anyone slagging him off. I also have no idea why midway through the meeting when we were leading they decided to change the track from grippy to slick. This was crazy imo and played into Lakesides hands. Very disappointed all round.
  12. I think it'll be close which won't be enough..i might be wrong but I can't think of too many meetings where Worral has excelled at the showground.
  13. Yeah look how that turned out with Aarnio last week....awful line up...we have thrown this away..we always make bad decisions with guests imo.
  14. Palm Toft is only flying for Kings Lynn.
  15. What are you on about mate..maybe go back to school...also who the hell is Andy and Richard?..you're talking like we all know everyone.

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