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  1. First matches of the season.

    Kent will face Eastbourne on good Friday in a challenge, no mention of an Arlington leg the same day yet.
  2. Kent 2018

    Sings is passionate about his speedway, I don't always agree with him but he does always make his points fairly and sensibly. And tbf to him, I would of had the same opinions as him 2 seasons ago. Since a family member joined the team in 2016 I have been more active around the pits and riders etc and have more of a feel for the work behind the scenes. I think because Chris and Len are not as active on social media as say Connor Dugard, or not as active on forums as say Jane Moss it's easy to assume all things outside central park are unknowns to the kent management but they are as proactive as anyone else. And riders like Rowe,Thomas,and even Shansie don't just fall into your lap. The problem is with youngsters is, that not only does the sport have to fit around thier schooling, but also around the parents employment. So riders will usually prefer thier local track or a track that races at weekends. Anyway looking ahead with the side we have so far. Luke Bowen - At this level as good a number 1 as is possible. And the last couple of seasons he really has grown into a proper skipper. If you stand back and watch him off track he knows which riders to put an arm round, and which riders who respond to a kick up the arse. Something pointed out to me at Stoke away at the end of the season was he was talking the the two riders as a pair before more or less every Heat. Always has Immaculate equipment. And interacts with the fans as if everyone is a lifelong friend. Jack Thomas - Having progressed so far in two seasons, Jack should be looking at this season as his final National League Campaign before jumping in with the big boys. To do this he will be needing to challenge Luke for the number 1 jacket. Comes on a bargain average really too, when you consider the number of mechanical failures in points positions he suffered . level headed, polite lad. And he interacts with the kids through to the pensioners so naturally and professionally. But with a joker in him as well. Nathan Stoneman - Mr excitement, you can never relax until all 4 laps are completed with Nath. 100 percent trier with bags of potential and the ability to go all the way. Needs an injury free season and could well make it a 3 way challenge for Lukes vest. Proper genuine likable joker, and him and Jack together are quite the double act. Came in last year with a bit of a rep for poor equipment but last year I don't recall any issues at all. Anders Rowe - Anders had a great first season and will hopefully continue his progression towards the business end of the speedway pyramid, it should not be forgotten that he will still only be 15 when the season starts at easter. Very quiet and shy lad and much like Jack comes with great, clued up, and level headed parents in the bits. Another with immaculate equipment, and hopefully will come back more physically developed. Taylor Hampshire - on a 4 point average this can only be a great signing. Came to kent towards the back end of 2017 with brum in a challenge match and scored a big double figure score and rode for us at Stoke at number 5 and gave a good account of himself. Most knockers of him say he has bad equipment but I can't see uncle Len allowing his equipment to be sun standard. Jacob Clouting - Somebody I ve heard has a good solid style but may lack a bit of speed initially but apparantly has good equipment. But to be honest I ve only seen pics and vids, so can't really judge fairly. So a proper number 1 and skipper, and 5 riders with potential to up thier averages, I think we look in good shape. Personally I d like to see James Laker given his shot at 7.
  3. Joe Jacobs

    For me this should be a watershed moment for people who ru(i)n our great sport. When a young British talent who 2 seasons ago could be seen whacking round the NSS beating all manor of genuine international level riders on sky sports, who ups his average and is able to compete at Elite level has to miss a season due to his high average, punishing the lad for developing and improving. And a season later faced with the same fate decides to hang up his boots. Something is seriously amiss with the way the sport is being run.
  4. Wonder if the laid back Aussies are anything like us moaning Pommes..... Do they now consider Noddy, and Doyle as brits? The same way some of the British "fans" treat Tai as an Aussie.
  5. Kent 2018

    To be fair "Sings" you d be suprised how many of these youngsters kent have spoken to before they signed up elsewhere. I ve actually spoken with a couple of riders myself on behalf of Chris, and the biggest stumbling block is getting time off school on a Monday evening. Having discussed 3 pointers with Chris in the past, you'd be suprised how clued up on the amateur and youth scenes the management is. And with an SDL side to give our reserves extra track time we should never have the problems of 2015 when the bottom 3 struggled and despite having the best top 4 we were torn apart by nearly everyone.
  6. Kent 2018

    Think your spot on Waco, think most people's seasons rely on one of the newbies making considerable progress.
  7. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    Kent confirm Bowen and Stoneman
  8. Mildenhall 2018

    Believe whilst no date is set, Armo s meeting will be the season opener. Already talk of kent getting a coach together to support the great man.
  9. Kent 2018

    Kent confirm Luke Bowen & Nathan Stoneman Just a number 7 to find now.
  10. Kent 2018

    Kent to confirm further riders tomorrow on the website at 6.30pm
  11. Having gone to the recording Tai came across very well indeed, to the point I had many people come up to me and ask about Tai and speedway. (Had my Clifton racing hoodie, and tw108 hat on) all said how well he came across and that he seemed outspoken but not in an arogant way. Clare Balding who I have seen discuss speedway before, also seemed very knowledgeable and understood the politics. Tai had great chemistry with fellow guests tai kwondo star Bianca (forgot her surname) and Frank Lampard. And it was a thoroughly entertaining evening.
  12. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    Verge confirmed for warriors.
  13. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    If he doesn't double up he can.
  14. Birmingham 2018

    He came to kent in the end of season challenge from brum and scored double figures, guested for kent at Stoke at #5 and looked good and scored well. So I an a pretty happy kent fan with his signing.
  15. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    Clouting, Hampshire, Rowe, and Thomas confirmed for kent.