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  1. British Under 21

    Oh I see sorry. No I misunderstood you. But the BSPA are not to blame on this occasion as I am pretty sure that it was specified it had to be on a Tuesday and the Masons thought they could host on a Tuesday.
  2. British Under 21

    That's a bit harsh on the Mason's they made a simple mistake.
  3. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    If the track looked rideable and they never started the meeting there would of been uproar. It's an unfortunate situation but frankly unavoidable. Whilst ever attempt to make the sport safer is made, it's an inherently dangerous sport. When there are riders like Hans and Batch in the pits if there was any sniff of unhappy riders you would think they would have jumped all over it. Fact is not one person now thinks the meeting should of started but that's hindsight, clearly no one spoke up at the time. So any claims it was obvious are just stupidity and disrespectful to all the people that were there and ready to perform. Riders quite often post pictures of dodgy tracks before meetings on social media (maybe to show fans more likely to influence a postponement.) but I don't recall seeing any negativity anywhere before tapes up.
  4. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Bit you claimed last night that a professional rider backed your opinion so you was right. By that logic it looks like 13 riders disagree with you. Does that make you thirteen times wrong?
  5. British Under 21

    I appreciate them giving us something to watch, could of posted the video and captioned it. British young lions fight on in torrid conditions. But to label it a great race just pisses off hardcore fans. And really turn off any joe bloggs stumbling across the video as if that's a great race how dull is a poor race?
  6. No live coverage online?
  7. British Under 21

    I imagine it's similar to other clubs where the planning will contain limits of usage etc, part of this will include when they can run. To run on an alternative night would require seeking special permission from the council. As I say no statement of fact, but just my understanding of the situation.
  8. British Under 21

    My impression of Berwick from stuff I ve see and when I ve been doing the updates etc is that it's very much gate and go, which is a shame. Why not use common sense and run on a Sunday so that these kids don't have to take another day off of school and parents another day of work?
  9. British Under 21

    Hadn't seen a 3rd page of posts before I replied.
  10. British Under 21

    Spot on, every national title should be there (which is c*ap for having to travel,but it's what it was built for right?) Also think k this should take priority over any domestic league matches anyway. Being a national championship should place it below international meetings and above domestic fixtures.
  11. British Under 21

    Birmingham can't host it as final has to be a Tuesday night, and brum can't get permission to run on a tuesday
  12. NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    Great stuff Walter.
  13. Can't believe the quality of that on my TV. ....
  14. Devils v Kent

    Only made it for the last 5 races, but impressed with what I saw from both sides. Really like the centre green presenter there and Neville is great. It's not just a speedway meeting there its an event for the family. Very much in the mould of the Warrior Way.