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  1. teaboy279

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    A brave but imo, true assessment of many of the sports problems in a nutshell. Need to look forward not backwards. And in modern society a team of different colours schemes but matching bibs looks a mess and a bit amateurish to everyone except the purists.
  2. teaboy279

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Clegg 8.63 (Heathens) Stoneman 7.61 (Gladiators) Rowe 7.26 (Kings) Priest 4.99 (Potters) Ledwith 3.5 (Kings) D Thompsen 2.0 (Cubs) J Thompsen 2.0 (Cubs) 35.99
  3. teaboy279

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    They ve started with the British final the last two years, then started league fixtures there after. I fully expect it to be the same this year.
  4. teaboy279

    Swindon Stadium

    I think it maybe the angle of the photo as the new dog track appears to be narrow on the apex as well.
  5. teaboy279

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Didn't think Laguta could ride until May?
  6. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    Cant bloody wait now....
  7. teaboy279

    Leicester NL 2019

    It sounded through the updates like there was a fair bit of passing, is the track more racey this year?
  8. Nope, different tyre stratergys/compounds. Varied weather across different corners. Gusty winds,different set ups. So many variables in motorsport to make any comparison hold any water.
  9. teaboy279

    2019 Regulations

    The top leagues should be doing what they did last year, and try to copy the NL. The one thing I really hate is IRR. Leads to tactical injuries. (Although if a rider is injured and withdrawn in a crash where an opponent is excluded, then in my opinion the guilty rider should sit out the rest of the meeting as punishment.)
  10. teaboy279

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Will have a look into this tomoz.
  11. teaboy279

    2019 SoN Draw

    Probably be on PPV too ..
  12. teaboy279

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    But records will always so that he is, he is the only 3 time world champion. That's a fact. Any other form of measurement is pure opinion.
  13. teaboy279

    2019 National League table prediction

    Leicester Kent Belle vue IOW Plymouth Stoke Cradley Mildenhall
  14. teaboy279

    KENT 2019

    Ironically the complaints come mainly from one road, that road has a music festival taking place at a social club at the end of its road this summer, wonder how the locals will enjoy that.... Interestingly I believe the site still has permission to host Football matches upto 11.30pm wuth no restriction on days, and i think still has per.ission to hold 4 outside music events, making this decision and the objections a lot more baffling.

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