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  1. teaboy279

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Nothing to do in the city...... we usually arrive on the weds and every year we never get round all the things we planned. For a city centre location food and drink is reasonably priced. Only negative is the inflated accommodation prices, but there are ways around that if you are creative. One tip is if you have a group of 4 or 5 mates is to rent an entire 8 person dorm at a hostel, effectively giving you a private dorm and your own allocated wash facilities. Equally in the early days, going there and back in the day from Kent was always what we did. In your own bed by 2-3am. You can blow a small fortune Cardiff GP week, or you can do it on a shoestring and have an equally good time, I know as I have done it both ways Warsaw for me is now my favorite "adult" GP, and Cardiff the "family" one. Both offer the security of racing whatever the weather as well.
  2. teaboy279

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Just very little to talk about atm.. roll on May (hopefully)
  3. teaboy279

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    And it was actually to win the National Trophy final.
  4. Strange a stadium refurbishment should postpone a meeting as no crowds allowed anyway.
  5. When was the last time 3 brits rode in the same extraliga match? Probably last year if Bewley was fit when Wroclaw faced rybnik... lol
  6. It still amazes me that with all the mental health awareness these days that people still are so militant in thier dislike for Carter. I choose to remember my favorite speedway rider as a child.
  7. teaboy279

    Speedway Tavern 23 March

    That's a must watch.
  8. teaboy279

    French league 2021 fixtures

    Season ends in April in France by the looks of the fixtures.
  9. Sure I ve seen JP (he has dropped the B )mention recently he was looking for a spot
  10. Think when Cookie was at Edinburgh he basically went round smashing track records one season.
  11. teaboy279

    IOW 2020

    Your last point says all you need to know about the Warrior Way. It's not a speedway club, it's a proper community and all created by 2 inspirational leaders.
  12. teaboy279


    They have finished laying the tracks base material 2 days ahead of schedule. They are leaving for 10 days to settle before they start to lay the race surface. Without the stadium repairs and replacing the stock car barrier the cost of the material must eye watering,even more so the haulage bill.. I think if the talked about figures are correct, then you won't see a team running from there for a while. But the opportunity for big events in the future has to be a possibility.
  13. teaboy279


    It's on the exact footprint of the track that stopped running late 90s.
  14. teaboy279

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Jamie has spent the last couple of seasons at IOW and Plymouth. Before that he rode mdl. Spent a lot of time on the Kent training tracks and has lots of friends at Central Park. Josh is a totally new name to me.

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