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  1. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    Was that on the city side of the bridge, next to the tower thingy. We saw the car that was sat on top of a scooter, but ad there was no blood or gore, we kinda assumed no one was hurt. My friend at work when I said how many there was, said that there is a big movement to try and get them banned. Home your friend is ok.
  2. teaboy279

    KENT 2019

    As a kid I remember every Saturday going to Canterbury, the only gaps really being when riding away on a Saturday. So for me weekly speedway has always been the norm. I think the crowd Monday whilst down on usual was still over 500, which I expect most clubs would be happy with for a "competitive" fixture. I suppose all the time weekly speedway pays, then len will continue to supply us with it. Imagine next week could be a bumper crowd, mildenhall often travel well especially to Kent on a bank holiday, and with them needing to reverse the home loss Kent inflicted at west row, it should be an exciting afternoon's action.
  3. I ll put this out there, that was braver then even TKs move. The speed must of been phenomenal....
  4. The hosts must put up decent money for the event, there is no other reason it would go there. Riders dont like it, Fans dont like it, media dont like it...
  5. teaboy279

    National Trophy

    So once again British speedway changes rules mid season, and have scrapped the national trophy final, and another piece of credibility of the sport goes out the window. now certainly no sour grapes here as today's away win puts us in prime position to win. But how can you start a competition trying to get a top 2 spot, (so potentially aim for an away point rather then taking risks) and then change it is beyond me. And to just change the page on the BSPA site without making any press releases.... On the bspa website after fridays match, the bspa even quoted in the first line of the match report that Mildenhall have one foot in the final..... So what's changed since Saturday morning? I really love my sport, but really starting to see why people are leaving British speedway and doing monthly trips to Poland instead. Just means more meaningless fixtures kow when teams can no longer qualify, meaning lower crowds. So there is mo winner here.
  6. teaboy279

    Mildenhall v Kent

    Morley has had some bad luck in recent weeks, hopefully for his and Kent's sake he gets back in the big points today. Jenkins has just hit form so hopefully, full of confidence he fills his boots. Ledwith has started to reign in his excitement a bit, and hopefully will finish 5 races in the points. Rowe has once again stepped up a notch and turns up at every track full of confidence. Ablitt is scoring everywhere although the mildo reserves are good at home, so may be a tougher day then some for him. Davies along with Clouting are probably going to have a busy few months being the only 2 riders of any standard on a 2.0 average and unattached. Realism predicts a 50-40 home win.
  7. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    I seem to recall you posted about different nationalitys who bought tickets, but I can find it. Do you still have the figures.
  8. teaboy279

    Plymouth 2019

    Spot on Arnie, the rule was brought in to give more credibility to the sport. And stop riders missing there least favorite tracks so they can get in a track specialist guest...
  9. teaboy279

    Plymouth 2019

    Why did Campos no show? Traffic I assume.
  10. teaboy279

    KENT 2019

    Yeah I ve had a couple of mates with similar injuries. One was never able to go back to work despite multiple surgerys.
  11. Lambert £100 more Smektala £100 more Thank you
  12. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    The track is waterproof, humans aren't... lol. I would assume they poster mentioned it because it affects drinking in the old town square or the beach bars etc. And not that Warsaw fan zone is worth mentioning but poor weather would of affected that too. They would have been my reasons for mentioning the weather. That said the Poles did forget to close the roof a few years ago and the footy got Rained off.
  13. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    Miserable morning here...
  14. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    That was what was written when plans were announced.
  15. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    Deffo worth going. Drop me a PM if you want to meet up for a beer over the weekend.

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