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  1. customhouseregular

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Several trips to the Leeds Cancer Centre for my wife. Day trips I would have gladly missed.
  2. customhouseregular

    Is there?

    Our fatter, who fart in Devon, Harold be thy name.
  3. customhouseregular


    Are you sure?
  4. customhouseregular

    SON 2020

    He has been my favourite rider for the past seven years, but he can be frustratingly inconsistent. When on top form he is undoubtedly the most talented and exciting rider in the world.
  5. customhouseregular

    Your 'first world champion'!

    April1964...Hammers opening meeting. Barry Briggs guesting for West Ham.
  6. customhouseregular

    SON 2020

    Am I missing something here?. Why would the Russians settle for 5-4 when they could have 7-2?. Surely the more points increases the chances of winning the title.
  7. customhouseregular

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Off to St. James, Leeds in the pouring rain. Not exactly a fun day out.
  8. customhouseregular

    SON 2020

    What does that make Anita ‘Arris?.
  9. Agree with you. Hope the powers that be look closely at how this year played out and schedule some for next year
  10. customhouseregular

    Torun GP 2nd - 3rd October

    Lambert has really blossomed this year. I expect him to do well.
  11. customhouseregular

    2021 SGP Field

    Where do you start and finish with only 5 picks. One could make a case for 10.
  12. customhouseregular

    2021 SGP Field

    If Fricke reproduces last night’s form tonight it would be hard to ignore him for next year.
  13. customhouseregular

    Torun GP 2nd - 3rd October

    I agree with you re Fricke and Lindback, not sure re Holder and Iversen. I would like to see the reintroduction of the World U21 Champion getting a place.
  14. customhouseregular

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    I never saw Crump or Rickardsson ride, saw Fundin at the end of his career ( saw his 5th. title win ), was never a fan of Mauger but always rated and enjoyed seeing Briggs.

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