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  1. customhouseregular


    Me too but please don't tell Norbold, seeing as how I said what a great book it is!
  2. customhouseregular


    Make that 2 clever little s*ds!
  3. customhouseregular


    Thanks r and r...I don't know how to include these links, being a 70 year old technophobe.
  4. customhouseregular


    For those who have not seen this, there is a clip on youtube titled Speedway Mastermind.
  5. customhouseregular

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    No quarter asked, no quarter given.
  6. customhouseregular


    Could do a 5 minute spot on Look North.
  7. customhouseregular

    A Question For The Hardcore Stattos...

    I would have thought the meeting starts officially once the Starting Marshall indicates to the Referee he is happy for heat 1 to get under way.
  8. customhouseregular


    Of course, the West Ham edition has pride of place .
  9. customhouseregular


    The "Memories" dvd series are a must for us old time fans. I have just watched on youtube the trailer for Memories Of Norwich Speedway" Pure nostalgia and great to see. The thing that strikes me looking at speedway of 50-60 years ago...the huge "cow horn" handlebars. Modern speedway bikes demand a totally different riding style.
  10. If he can recapture the form that brought him 2 SEC wins and keep up his consistency, I believe he could be top 1. In full flight he is the most exciting rider around. Gating can be hit and miss but when he really goes for it, Emil blasting his way from the back is a joy to behold.
  11. customhouseregular

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Me on a good day!
  12. customhouseregular

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Oh well, just a thought.
  13. customhouseregular

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Agree staging would be a problem as under current GP schedule the meeting would need to be held Nov-March, although an indoor venue may be available. Not sure why it would be less interesting than the current Challenge though. Are you allowed to use my photo without my permission?
  14. customhouseregular

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Here's a thought... Scrap wild cards completely, ban GP riders from simultaneously entering the GP Challenge (other than series reserves), scrap the one-off wildcard at each event so we have 16 full-time GP riders. At the end of a season, or before the following season begins, the riders finishing the GP's in places 9-16 (excluding reserves who can try to qualify via the Challenge)meet the top 8 from the Challenge (none of which would be full-time GP riders) over the traditional 20 heat formula. The top 8 then become GP riders for the coming season alongside the 8 already qualified. Or is that too simple?.
  15. customhouseregular

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    If wild cards were picked purely on merit Lebedevs would have been in. He outscored A. Laguta, Milik and Prem Pawlicki in the SEC. In the 3 GP rounds Milik competed in he outscored Holder every time. If the GP is meant to feature the world's best riders surely both Lebedevs and Milik have a legitimate claim.

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