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  1. customhouseregular

    Forgotten Europeans...

    I would never ignore you iris. I just get forgetful and confused .
  2. customhouseregular

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Has anyone mentioned Adi Funk?
  3. customhouseregular

    Speedway Star in the winter

    To be fair, we had 112 pages last year and the year before. With fewer tracks and riders this year a reduction in size was inevitable. While admitting I would have liked a bigger read, it is still excellent value at £3.00.
  4. customhouseregular

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    26 minute highlight on youtube
  5. customhouseregular

    The greatest "nearly men" 1948-2018

    In the late 60's Gote Nordin was referred to as the greatest rider never to have won a world title. I'm not sure about that though he was a favourite of mine.
  6. customhouseregular

    The greatest "nearly men" 1948-2018

    Who would you pick as the greatest post-war rider never to have been crowned World champion? Given the restrictions placed on Soviet Union riders in the 60's, and their lack of access to the world's best on a regular basis, I would have to say Igor Plechanov. Had he been able to compete in the British League he could well have been an even better rider and surpassed his two silver medal tally.
  7. customhouseregular


    If I knew anyone named Ben or Ebay I would buy a couple.
  8. customhouseregular

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    This may be daft and is said somewhat tongue in cheek. The rider is a club asset but his bike is his own property/asset. Therefore club sponsors on rider and rider sponsors on bike. Simples!.
  9. customhouseregular

    Guardian article today

    As a fellow "Yorkie" I have to agree.
  10. Being able to get on a bus or tube in Upminster at 09.00 and travel all day in the Greater London Area for 6/- with a twin Rover. Happy days.
  11. customhouseregular

    John Chaplin

    Excellent book from a first class speedway man. I read this from cover to cover without pause. His book on Tom Farndon in collaboration with Norman Jacobs is well recommended. Sad to lose such a well respected man.
  12. customhouseregular

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Many thanks... I shall pre-order when details appear on speedway Star web site.
  13. customhouseregular

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Is there to be a bumper pre-season preview issue later this month does anyone know?.
  14. customhouseregular

    Your club's all-time top team

    Small world Norbold.
  15. customhouseregular

    Your club's all-time top team

    At one time a former rider named Nobby Stock lived nearby. I thought his real name was Norman but I may be wrong.

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