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  1. customhouseregular

    Grand Prix Calendar and Venues 2019

    Many non-speedway folk have heard of Mauger, not sure too many have heard of Ross. Happy to be proved wrong though.
  2. customhouseregular

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    I don't know if it applies to all stores but my local Sainsbury's carries it every week.
  3. customhouseregular

    2018 Season Highs & Lows

    As far as speedway in Britain goes. it's hard to find many highs apart from Rob Lambert and Dan Bewley .
  4. customhouseregular

    Grand Prix Calendar and Venues 2019

    The stadium has hosted motor sport in the past.
  5. customhouseregular

    Grand Prix Calendar and Venues 2019

    Seeing as France are emerging as a speedway nation, with a new league, SON participation and French riders riding in overseas competitions, how about the Stad de France in Paris?.
  6. customhouseregular

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Lovely post Norbold and thank you. The McKinlay/Simmons partnership was very special...telepathic almost.
  7. customhouseregular

    Somerset Speedway.....

    Brand new stadium being built in York...great venue and millions of visitors. Joking of course
  8. customhouseregular

    Lakeside Future In Serious Doubt

    Grrr!. Leave us old 'ammers with some vestige of the past. Hoddesdon Hammers sounds ok to me.
  9. London Manchester Torun Los Angeles Warsaw Vancouver Montreal Brisbane Auckland Gothenburg Copenhagen Munich Paris
  10. customhouseregular

    Lakeside Future In Serious Doubt

    Seeing as there appears to be no connection to the late great West Ham, why keep the Hammers name. Nomads seems more appropriate.
  11. customhouseregular

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Spot on Chunky.
  12. customhouseregular

    Rye House 2018

    Sorry to see Rye go. I saw my first ever meeting at Rye in 1960, watching Mike Broadbank, Geoff Mudge, Clive Hitch, Tommy Sweetman and others. Rye was a regular haunt until 1964 when West Ham reopened.
  13. customhouseregular

    Ronnie Moore seriously ill

    Very sorry to hear this news. Ronnie was one of my favourite riders when I first started watching speedway, though this was late in his career he still had the ability to impress. All good wishes to him.
  14. Hmmm!...not an auspicious start to a new Test era. Lambert would have helped but GB are still lacking depth.
  15. When did a Test Match get reduced to 15 Heats?

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