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  1. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    I'm not sure that a rider finishing with 8 points after 20 heats can end up winning a GP is exactly fair. I am not happy with the semis/finals arrangement.
  2. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    I preferred the old system for drama and excitement. The atmosphere at a Wembley world final was electric. I was underwhelmed at my only visit to Cardiff in 2014.
  3. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    I love watching Eurovision just to see how many countries dislike us and refuse to give us any points. Warsaw at least should give us a British winner.
  4. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    Thank you OVF.
  5. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    Well done and thank you.
  6. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    Many thanks. I don't have Sky so presumably I can't get this any other way.
  7. customhouseregular

    Warsaw 2019

    According to my copy of What's On TV, BT Sport are not showing the GP tomorrow.
  8. customhouseregular

    Romford Speedway

    Having been at Romford's opening meeting I would love to attend. Long drive from York though.
  9. customhouseregular

    2019 Season Standings

    Really too early to say series not yet started. Barring injuries and other enforced withdrawals I would suggest... If he regains his previous consistency and speed,. Emil to win with Tai second and Bartosz third. If Greg sits out the whole year I anticipate Robert to finish around 12th. Completing the top 8...Lindgren, Dudek, Vaculik, Iversen and Laguta.
  10. customhouseregular

    London White City 1982

    I was there too and yes, it does not feel like 37 years have passed.
  11. customhouseregular

    World Games 1985

    chunky just beat me to it.
  12. customhouseregular

    World Games 1985

    Graham started a thread on this in July 2005. There are a couple of clips on youtube.
  13. customhouseregular

    Wembley Memories

    Apart from the league meetings in the short-lived revival I saw every meeting held at Wembley between 1965 and 1981. Great times they were too.
  14. customhouseregular

    Forgotten Europeans...

    I would never ignore you iris. I just get forgetful and confused .
  15. customhouseregular

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Has anyone mentioned Adi Funk?

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