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  1. customhouseregular

    gp challenge 2020

    Surprised at the choice. Becker has more experience and is a more accomplished rider.
  2. From an old hammers fan this is one magazine I would like. Must order a copy.
  3. customhouseregular


    The shock of seeing the headline in the evening news and reading the report is as fresh in my mind today as then.
  4. customhouseregular

    geoff penniket

    I saw him ride on a number of occasions during my travels with the Hammers. Can’t say I have any memories though.
  5. customhouseregular

    Whatever happened to the Old Frying Pan?

    My first year 1960...20 league teams, 6 still operating, 3 at the same Track. e&oe, open license tracks not included.
  6. customhouseregular

    Ivan Mauger - Blue Plaque?

    Excellent idea.
  7. customhouseregular

    Your best speedway year

    Great post and many thanks. I am having trouble accepting 1965, my best speedway year was 55 years ago. Good Lord I feel old.
  8. customhouseregular

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Stan Stevens, Tony Clarke, Brian Leonard, Ted Ede, Tyburn Gallows.
  9. customhouseregular

    Sverre Harrfeldt Exclusive Interview

    When and where was the coach going?. I may well have been on the same trip. Presume it was with Lacey’s.
  10. Sounds like my next door neighbour when he has a choking fit!
  11. customhouseregular

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Sadly I never saw Peter Craven ride. I went to Hyde Road for all the BLRC meetings Briggo won . An excellent track and very enjoyable meetings.
  12. customhouseregular

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    West Ham was a very big track and yes, it could produce strung out heats. But... if Sverre, Bjorn, Christer and the really fast visitors, e. g. Briggs missed the gate, they had plenty of time to hunt down the leaders. I went to Hackney and Wimbledon regularly and always enjoyed my visits, but West Ham could and often was the most exciting place to watch speedway.
  13. customhouseregular

    Your best speedway year

    I was at that meeting so this is probably what I am remembering, albeit incorrectly.
  14. customhouseregular

    Your best speedway year

    My recollection is this was a one-off second half event, though I edhave no record of it. Probably dreamed it. I don’t think I ever really got over Lokeren. 1964-1971... lots of good memories and some really bad ones, but I will always look back on my Custom House years fondly.
  15. customhouseregular

    Your best speedway year

    I never really took to Olle but Chister was magic. I don’t know if I dreamed this or imagined it but I have a memory of seeing two sidecar speedway riders tragically lose their lives at Custom House. I have seen mention of it anywhere so probably a false memory. No doubt Norbold would know.

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