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  1. Can only ride tracks that Stewart prepares and guess what Sheffield is not one of them
  2. Did you see the meeting from Sweden last night the dust was as bad as Glasgow on Sunday. Glasgow should stick to evening racing if it has to be a Sunday start time should be 6.30. Regarding the holes which are being reported each bend was passed approx 240 times now to to the falls Pickering as soon as he entered bend 1 you new he was going to fall, Rumel seemed to pick up to much grip. Harris don't know, Mark hard first bend bailed out the reported holes didn't seem to worry Wells and Eric. For Cyclone the Water Bouser has 2 major faults one now fixed hopefully will be back soon
  3. Looking at the score 62 -28 seems a exciting match
  4. MANSE

    Glasgow 2018

    We will be stronger with R/R and Wright if you take what the two of them scored last week
  5. MANSE

    Poole 2018

    His 4 points for Glasgow yesterday. His first he went of 15 meters and finished further behind his next 2 he beat Thomas twice and in his last finished 2nd in 3 finishers after Bach ran into trouble.He has had 3 poor meetings at home and 2 average meetings he scored 11 against a poor Berwick team on the night and 12 against Sheffield which was a 1 man team.On what I have seen at home so far he will average about 3/4 points
  6. MANSE

    Redcar 2018

    The first word in his statement is the clue [4 legs and a tail ]
  7. I was not referring to any particular post but their was various postings with the comment
  8. Surely it is the riders responsibility to make sure he is prepared for his next heat [fuel.helmet cover.bike working ] Their has been many reasons put forward why it happened even the sly comments it would not have happened with the last team manager but it did and with other managers as well but as you say hopefully lessons learned
  9. Don't think he said correct helmet cover it was correct heat and on time I believe
  10. Surely if James is told he is replacing Paul he should check what gate he was in and helmet cover he should have all in his programme very simple
  11. I think the only time the team manager would get involved with helmet colours would be tactical ride they all have a programme, maybe he should check they have fuel in their tank, tyres on their wheels. Sarjeant was at fault if he was replacing Starke and he should have been excluded
  12. Ritchie was moving before the tapes went up from where I was sitting
  13. In the first 8 races Newcastle have had 6 different heat winners [ Now 7 different heat winners in the first 9 races ] is that a record
  14. MANSE

    Workington 2018 .

    Depending on Workington riders being available, Glasgow are all okay

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