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  1. MANSE

    Championship Shield

    What happened April, May and June never changed these dates after that can't comment cruising the Med
  2. MANSE

    Championship Shield

    Surely it is up to Workington to arrange their fixtures with other clubs
  3. MANSE

    Championship Shield

    Workington one of the teams trying to get fixtures done.From the 7/4 to 11/9 is 19 weeks in that time they raced 7 meetings ( 3 L/C plus 4 League ) can somebody explain 12 blank weeks
  4. MANSE

    Ipswich 2018

    COOK will be riding for Glasgow as Swindon match is a re arranged fixture
  5. Only visited from the year 2000 the names i quoted were ones i had read about
  6. Would love being a Peterborough fan every week seems to be different night and Workington was always a Saturday night.Been their about a dozen times and always a Saturday [Lou Sansom, Malky Mckay and Stonehewer some riders I can remember ]
  7. And Workington can race on their normal Saturday night as Craig will not be in the G P series
  8. Glasgows chance of doing anything on Saturday was gone on Thurs when Ipswich picked up 4 points at Redcar which put them back in the mix for a play off spot,and Schleins performance confirmed that. Our two reserves were never going to get more than 2/3 points unless Berwick riders had problems, Starke not very good from gate 80% races at Berwick won from gate I think that leaves Two. Vissing 2 poor rides then makes 2 gates and wins both, now down to one who was excellent just my opinion
  9. And last season I believe it was the owners that brought him back not the team manager.Then we had R and R battle in the pits all season, Dan not happy it must have been excellent team spirit.
  10. MANSE

    Workington 2018 .

    Because their was no meetings
  11. MANSE

    Glasgow 2018

    All my replies have been to a sarcastic post by a Workington fan. Do I have your permission to make a reply
  12. MANSE

    Glasgow 2018

    What the Workington riders getting paid
  13. MANSE

    Glasgow 2018

    He would enjoy being paid
  14. MANSE

    Glasgow 2018

    So you post under Geoff 100 . where is it written

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