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  1. I WOULD SAY I SHOULD BE 10 Edinburgh FANS
  2. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    Enough for Max Clegg 5.05
  3. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    With all the gossip I have read it looks like S J and C B will be our reserves so its goodnight Hans
  4. MANSE

    Kent Kings 2020?

    You seem to be well informed Mr B ?
  5. MANSE

    Plymouth speedway

    Could be value off bond required as you say
  6. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    Will still be good enough to beat Poole
  7. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    You could have 4/5 right
  8. MANSE

    workington ..

    Yes feeling sorry for Jenga being scolded by THJ
  9. MANSE

    workington ..

    The only people I feel compassion for are the people who purchased season tickets for 2019 and the people who lost thousands in LJM asset management that's all
  10. MANSE

    workington ..

    Surely its time this thread was removed to SPEEDWAY MUSEUM as Workington are no longer members of the Championship Speedway Section
  11. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    Very good attempt + + + + + ? ?
  12. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    I never said Ricky wells
  13. MANSE

    Glasgow 2020

    Ri W to the Monarchs
  14. Genuine question think its sad they took peoples money and never returned it. I suppose it was used to pay some of previous years debts which is wrong
  15. Wrong the reason he came to us was Claus told him you get paid every week at Glasgow another point did the people who purchased season tickets for Workington last season ever get their money back

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