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  1. Sounds like it has potential... How many heats were processional with no racing? How many with close racing without passing? How many with multiple passes? Tempted to pay a visit next week.............
  2. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    So there's room to move the fence and still be within the rules then? How close is the fence now and how close is it allowed to be according to the rules?
  3. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    Thanks for the explanation, appreciated. I am surprised that there those fixtures are as close as they're legally allowed, it didn't seem particularly close to me. The exclusion/stop lights did seem rather close (and solid) to me though.
  4. Stoke Potter

    Tai Woffinden at his majestic best Sunday April 14th

    Back to topic; it needs (at least) 2 to make a race, and 2 men made that race. It's a shame Pedersen still hasn't found the missing engine "ingredient" that he's been lacking for approx 5 seasons and that the very top riders have sussed.
  5. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    You can't make the bends wider because of the Grandstand? In answer to the other post about width being width. No that's completely not the case. Adding width by moving the inside line is completely different to moving the fence out. The reason Belle Vue is so good is because the relative dimensions, ratios, etc, of inside line, fence line, width, bend radius, etc. is as close to perfect as we have is this country (and possibly the world). Somebody else mentioned Stoke... When Stoke is prepared properly the racing can easily match what I witnessed at Peterborough on Monday. And yes I think the same should happen at Stoke, the circuit should be much wider - I reckon the NSS would easily fit within the confines of Loomer Rd. Shame it will never happen. The track is every promotions biggest asset. (or at least it should be, many of them are actually liabilities!) Most promotions don't seem to realise this.
  6. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    Yes, think hard... It is one of the better tracks but most of the rest are pretty bad. It is not in Belle Vue's league but has the space for the increased width to allow it to become more like a B.V. Are you (and the rest) actually saying Peterborough wouldn't benefit from increased width? Very odd if so. Some said it was widened previously, was it done on the cheap by chopping away at the inside line? In short, it's a good-ish track but it could be considerably better with relative ease. All tracks should be looking to see how they can be improved.
  7. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    My first visit to Peterborough and I was fairly impressed, good facilities, pretty good presentation but someone to interact more with the crowd would be helpful to get them going. It's one of the better tracks in the country but is crying out for increased width and that would help massively with the quality of the racing. There aren't multiple lines going into the bends and increasing width would also allow for some banking to be added. Time for some investment in additional track width. Plenty of space to do the necessary.
  8. I always enjoy the PC Meeting but this year I'm feeling rather underwhelmed with the lineup................
  9. Stoke Potter

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    So the learned Mr Godfrey said: "We can let even them in for free..." (Not sure if he actually said that or it's a typo in the Star) ".......................But they don't come back the next week." So the obvious conclusion is people do not want to buy the product you are offering. Ask yourself why. Speedway has an image problem and a reality problem. The image is that first out of the start usually wins, most races have very little passing and for the most part nothing of note actually happens during a race. The reality is that first out of the start usually wins, most races have very little passing and for the most part nothing of note actually happens during a race. Once you fix the reality, you will have started the process of fixing the image but it won't happen overnight. You fix the reality by fixing the tracks. Comparisons with F1 are utterly spurious - an annual event in each country with millions of pounds invested by global corporations.
  10. This is all about context - this is a good race because of what depended on it, England winning an international. A race like this, a good chase and 1 pass, should be pretty much a minmum for most heats at all tracks. It's not, and that's mainly (but not exclusively) because the tracks are no good. This is nothing compared to the classic at the NSS last year.
  11. Stoke Potter

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    Sorry I'm not sure as I never actually went to Sun Street, it was before my time! The site became a Garage/Car Sales business and I think still does car repairs to this day. Not sure if you can get any clues from what you remember here: https://www.search.staffspasttrack.org.uk/details.aspx?ResourceID=35846&ExhibitionID=35849&SearchType=2&ThemeID=768 Not sure if the Greyhound track is higher than the Speedway Circuit??
  12. Stoke Potter

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    That was Stoke Sun Street and it is long gone.
  13. Stoke Potter

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    I've long thought this is something that should happen but the distance that gate 4 is in front of gate 1 should be unique to each track. I think 2 feet forward at most tracks would be way too much. All starts should be made to be as even as possible, there are enough boring races in Speedway without the starts giving advantages to certain gate positions.
  14. Stoke Potter

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Clarke rode for Stoke for a time, claimed he'd hit a 10 average and in reality struggled to get much past 5.00. Seem to recall he had a flawed style with a habit of locking the bike up mid-bend on a wide line and virtually stopping.
  15. Stoke Potter

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Some interesting names appearing on here. I suppose it depends on the definition of made it. My opinion would be if you can hit an 8.00 average in the second division then you've made it. Daz Sumner - Yes. Chris Cobby - No. Mel Taylor, he was a rock solid 10.00 point plus man, how can he not have made it?!!

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