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  1. Bt Sport Coverage

    Have a moan at them, they did the same with me, rang them up and had a moan and it's now back down to where it was before. My internet isn't erratic but it's way slower than it should be. My experience is that Virgin are better/cheaper than Sky. I've never had BT as my supplier so can't compare to them.
  2. No TV deal?

    Yes I agree.
  3. No TV deal?

    They've kept more meetings alive by doing that but it doesn't improve the racing.
  4. No TV deal?

    If there is plenty of passing and "proper" racing then it's less likely the home side will win by a cricket score. What too many folk are in denial about is that the core product is, all too often, completely boring. That's the fundamental thing that needs to be fixed.
  5. No TV deal?

    You do realise you're not allowed to hold opinions such as this; those who must be obeyed are in denial.
  6. Coventry City Community Day

    I think we're actually agreeing - if the core product is decent then you don't need the sideshows. The problem is the core product - the actual racing - is rarely good enough. The first problem to solve is make the racing more entertaining more of the time.
  7. Coventry City Community Day

    For the most part it isn't, essentially that's the point. That's why "Marketing" initiatives such as the one carried out by Mr Pairman, and countless other before him, don't work.
  8. Redcar handed fours

    I have been to around 15-20 tracks. Up until last year's poor surface for at least 2 meetings, I would have rated Poole as a second favourite. Also Loomer Rd in the 80's, under the late John Dews, was a very good circuit. Sadly it is far from that now. The changes to Leicester last season have improved it considerably and I would now regard it as the best track in the Midlands, although it could still be improved further. I think you'll find it was the nice, polite, Mr Tsunami that brought it back up again rather than me.
  9. Redcar handed fours

    Actually it's size, shape, width, banking, material and preparation. No 1000m would not be better, optimum would be 320-360ish in my view. This has been done to death on previous threads and few people can see the bigger (no pun intended) picture.
  10. Redcar handed fours

    I never said it was, that comment was directed at Tsunami with Polish track reference. Redcar is short and in my opinion 270 odd metres is too short. My opinion, others differ...
  11. Redcar handed fours

    Tosser..? Really? Truly laughable! Attack the post and not the poster. Evidently you're still sore after you were made to look stupid over the track size/rules debate??? And to the other fella, "as good as Belle vue?" Do me a favour! Nowhere in this country come close. And to correct our friend Tsunami, for the umpteenth time: No they don't all need to be same; many of them need them to bigger and still more of them need to be wider, particularly on the bends. You're in no position to criticise Polish tracks. Again truly laughable! Tight, narrow tracks, no space to overtake, no racing spectacle = "first out of the start wins" mentality and why nobody goes!
  12. Redcar handed fours

    It' d be a damn sight better spectacle if it was held at BV instead. Redcar 270-odd metres, 50-odd second track record, nothing more than a training track.
  13. Swindon Stadium

    Interesting views. This is the view of Long Eaton's track on google maps, keeping zooming in above the actual track and see where you end up! How long before Swindon is like this! https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.8993043,-1.2611033,400m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  14. Coventry City Community Day

    This is exactly my point but it seems the good Mr Pairman and his mates just will not listen. People just do not want to buy/consume what is served up as Speedway at most tracks most weeks of the season. Universal truth.
  15. Coventry City Community Day

    So people were interested enough in the prospect of Speedway to double your crowd? That sounds like an excellent result. Did you attempt to attain any feedback from those new customers as to why they wouldn't/didn't come back? I would suggest that the reasons were: 1. The racing spectacle was virtually none existent, how many heats any had passing beyond the back straight of lap 1? Quite possibly none. 2. And very much a secondary reason would be that the presentation would be rather low-key. The conclusion to come is that people are not interested in watching boring, processional "races" with little to no passing, or anything resembling any drama. Of course at Belle Vue, you now have an excellent advantage over every other club in the country, i.e. the best Speedway track.