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  1. Stoke Potter


    It's all over FB and has been in the Star I believe. There are fairly advanced plans to bring back a Yorkshire Dukes team to an, as yet, unpublicised location in West Yorkshire.
  2. Finally you admit it! Well done. The NSS is the best. Every other track should try to emulate (not copy!) that superior level of racing. That will be done by changing track sizes/shapes over a period of time. Any new track built should be required to be BV-type spec. Anyone wanting to create a polo mint track is doing it for one reason, money. Doing things on the cheap is never a good approach. Looking at the bigger picture, do you think tracks shoe-horned into greyhound stadia have any future beyond the medium term? How many years has Greyhound racing realistically got left? I don't agree that there are plenty of decent tracks in this country, most are flawed in one respect or other. I also acknowledge it isn't just about size, Berwick and Sheffield generally produce little passing. As I've said before, size, shape, width, material. banking, and prep are all key. Red Flag, you've assumed I'm a clay head, that might not be the case...
  3. Are people seriously saying that Plymouth, Redcar and Mildenhall could produce a British Final of the standard seen at B.V. on Monday?!! Some people are starting to get it, others not so it seems..!
  4. We agree on something at least - hash tagging words adds not 1 iota of credence to my argument but it does serve to wind folk like you up, which is the sole reason I do it! If you want the absolute best spectacle speedway can offer, to get the real impression of speed, then 260/270 metres won't do it. However I agree that 300m is a nominal, but you have to set the level somewhere. Another problem tending to arise on shorter tracks is shorter race times, all over too quick. the Plymouth track record is apparently 49.50S, what a joke! Larger tracks also address that issue.
  5. You stated that I have something against small tracks. My opinion is that the best racing comes from larger "Belle Vue-esque" tracks. There is no track close in this country. Do you agree or not? Obviously you don't, which says much about your judgement. Secondly, accepting your point for a moment that improving racing quality will not help, then, for the 3rd(?) time I ask you what is your solution? Speedway has problems many and various, to begin to solve the issues you have to correct the FUNDAMENTAL problems . In my view the biggest issue is that the majority of the tracks are not conducive to genuine racing/passing.
  6. So there's a "small" track in the UK that gives better (or even as good) racing than what was seen at B.V is there? Give me a laugh, please name it. #naysayer #nonbeliever I've still not seen your solution, please provide it.
  7. Yes, in exactly the same way that compulsory air fences shut down the vast majority of clubs... Incidentally nobody is saying it would be easy or simple but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. Done properly in an organised, structured manner over a medium range timescale it would actually be the saviour of Birtish Speedway rather than the opposite that you and your naysayer mates like to spout. I'm not sure I've heard your solution to improve the racing spectacle? Changing the power of the bikes, while having potential benefits in other respects, does nothing to address the fundamental problem that British Speedway faces, i.e. most tracks are not suited to the type of racing (proper Speedway) seen at Belle Vue and the SON over the weekend... Change the rules on new tracks immediately, any new track should be designed to what I'll refer to as a "Belle Vue" spec. Before the naysayers chirp again, this does not mean they need to be identical but they should be big and wide with sweeping bends, minimum length 300m.
  8. It is! Maybe people are finally waking up to this. Rules on track sizes/shapes need to be changed.
  9. You're not allowed to say such things, British tracks have to be crap apparently. See numerous conversations on various threads with people in denial about how good BV is and more tellingly how bad some (most?) of the others actually are. Tsunami et al., will be along shortly to put you right. ;-)
  10. In the unlikely event it was actually asked (and of TW) it won't have been answered... Defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. So why did Woffinden chase Laguta down for the win when he should've tried to team ride Lambert through from last place? Were they not aware of the rules for the final? Did Rosco not make this abundantly clear to them? I'm sure the Speedway Star will have the answers in the next issue...
  12. Quite obviously, there was one fastest bike and they all had a go on it! Nothing at all to do with the track being THE best in the country!
  13. Stoke Potter

    Stoke v Cradley 12th May

    If modern day bikes truly are faster then why aren't track records broken these days? On average they must be slower over the 4 laps, maybe because they are harder to control??
  14. If more tracks in this country could serve up racing like the Tungate and Musielak heat then the sport would be in a far better state. That was class.
  15. Stoke Potter

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    I didn't go to Stoke last year mainly because of the consistently poor track preparation I'd seen from (at least) the previous 2 seasons. I've been to both meetings this season and the track does actually seem better! They've obviously made an effort to improve the watering as the massive clouds of dust are not present and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem as rough. That said, you still get way too many riders falling. I think this must be something to do with the shape or comparative narrowness of the bends. In that sense it is not a 3rd division track as young riders learning their trade do seem to struggle to get around it, if they go wide they tend to slide off straight away. Problems with the electrics yet again are inexcusable. Fix it once and for all.

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