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  1. Stoke Potter

    TV new deal?

    if they really are opening it up to a wider audience then somebody had better start improving the tracks, and fast! Come and watch this boring, processional racing on tracks that are badly shaped, too narrow and poorly prepared. Let's hope the money is properly invested this time - in making genuinely decent speedway tracks up and down the country.
  2. If they sort out more banking I suspect it will make it a very good track, even when conditions have to be slicker like tonight.
  3. Looks like they've made a fairly decent job of the new track. Not much of a wide line, is that normal or because it was slicker then usual? Possibly better with more banking??
  4. You can do better than that surely..? Come on, formulate an argument and prove to me I'm wrong......................................................................................
  5. You're nailing it! There's not many on here who actually understand...
  6. Touched a nerve have I? Very good. It's quite obvious you know Ipswich is sub standard in the same that S-Brum knows that Wolves is sub standard. (He posted elsewhere on this thread.) Reality check time for you, Brum and anyone else on here that agrees with you: Saturday night Speedway on the tele, amazing opportunity, can't recall the last time we had British "League" Speedway on TV on Saturday night and what do we get? For the most part, 30 yard races and top class (for this country) riders who can't get around it! An utter joke. Wake up and see the reality people. I hope Ipswich go on to win the final, it will show even more what a joke the sport is in this country.
  7. I'll do well to be more boring than this pathetic excuse for speedway racing... I'll try harder!
  8. You should be a promoter with an attitude like that. Exactly the way to kill the sport even faster. Open your eyes and see what's really happening. I've just got to heat 8, something actually resembling a proper race.
  9. Practically dead you mean..? Largely down to tracks like this.
  10. Holder couldn't even broadside it! Too deep for circuit of that size. Poole's rough but this is a worse racing circuit.
  11. The weather doesn't affect the size and shape. Decent riders can't get around it, only time there's passing is when someone makes a mistake. #wolves-esque
  12. Dire track Foxhall Heath. And people wonder why the sport's in the state it is..!
  13. Stoke Potter

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    Decent meeting that for the neutral. Close racing, some team riding, fair amount of passing. Better than you tend to get at most tracks in this country (NSS apart) and certainly better than that rubbish last Monday.
  14. Stoke Potter

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    The World Champ states he'd struggle to get around it..! #priceless
  15. Stoke Potter

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    How many of those passes down to the rider in front making a mistake/being caught out? #tricktrack

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