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  1. Actually most of them need fixing one way or another. It's the biggest problem the sport faces in this country.
  2. Be interesting to know what has changed in that time.
  3. Stoke Potter

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    The point is they didn't return. You could conclude they didn't particularly like what they saw...
  4. Stoke Potter

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Was it Arena Essex that last let people in for free and got 4000 or something? The following week the crowd was back to it's usual level if I recall correctly..? That tells you something, the question is what? The NSS is a jewel in the sport's crown already, however there are precious few other gems about for the sport in the UK. Speedway has an image problem and that cannot be changed by the NSS on it's own.
  5. Stoke Potter

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Marketing the sport more isn't the answer at this time, essentially all you'll do is inform people how poor the product is at most UK tracks. Using the NSS to show how great the sport is would backfire when people went along to, for example Ipswich, and witness that dirge that was served up on TV a couple of weeks back. It's generally a different spectacle at the NSS compared to anywhere else. The answer is staring everyone in the face - more tracks like the NSS. Then market it and see what happens... Apologies for the late contribution, been away for a bit...
  6. Stoke Potter

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    There's a lot said about the shale these days. It's the wrong type, you can't get the same stuff as the good old days, or because there's no oil in it from the bikes, etc. But putting on perfect shale won't turn Ipswich in to Belle Vue, still too small, narrow, wrong shape, etc. What didn't help on Monday was the slick patch entering the bends about 1/3 away from the kerb, caused 2 falls if I remember right and no doubt caused problems for others.
  7. Stoke Potter

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    I've acknowledged this issues at Stoke many times, however an "averagely" prepared Loomer Rd would easily match what was served up at Ipswich the other night. Secondly, I've commented many times on different threads about various tracks, there is always someone who wants to make a comparison with Stoke, well done you get the prize this time! Stoke, Ipswich and countless others are a long way from being the best tracks in the country, that is Belle Vue, by far.
  8. Stoke Potter

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    You know! You need to tell most of the rest of them on here as most can't see it or are in denial. The only part I slightly disagree with is the last bit with the bikes not being adapted. The majority of tracks in this country have always been sub-optimal in terms of size, shape, space, etc. It is just even more apparent these days, with the bikes being even less forgiving around a typical tight, narrow British track.
  9. Stoke Potter

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    At least 2/3 of the heats last night were boring processional rubbish. Barely 5 heats worthy of being called a race. Ipswich another on the long list of tracks that need improvement... Yes, we know, it can't be done for this, that, or the other reason and the racing is usually amazing anyway. Why doesn't anybody go to Speedway? The answer was on tele last night.
  10. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    Thank you for the explanation regarding the landlords at the EOES, you appear to be the only one able to explain the changes over the years. I was looking for an answer and nobody else would provide it. However I completely disagree that all tracks were always fine, most of them have/had issues and produced generally poor racing. I.e. little to no passing. That is why the first out of the gate idea persists, because it is generally true. I would agree that you need riders of a certain standard to do tracks justice and that has always been the case. And in reply anyone who would want to silence my opinions because it is different to theirs, I will debate and pass judgement on various things Speedway related, including my opinion on tracks, and potential ways to improve them. The whole point of this forum is for discussion and debate after all. However, If you want me to be thrown off the forum then I invite you to put a request to the moderators to get me banned...
  11. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    I'm not overlooking anything. I've observed that the track could be improved by adding width to the outside. At which point, various "homers" (people who defend their home track just because it's their home track) appeared, basically stating it's perfect and cannot be improved. It's far from perfect, when I've seen it on video/TV it's tended to be very fast gate and go and at least one other person on this thread as stated it can be like that. You seem to say that the landlords see the Speedway as an annoyance, why is that? (genuine question) Basically the situation appears to be that, within the rules, Peterborough could probably be widened but the landlords are likely to be against it. What you and various others need to realise is that if Speedway is to survive the product must improve. The main key to improving it is to make the tracks the best they can be. Most of them need to be bigger, wider and have significant improvement in track prep.
  12. Sounds like it has potential... How many heats were processional with no racing? How many with close racing without passing? How many with multiple passes? Tempted to pay a visit next week.............
  13. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    So there's room to move the fence and still be within the rules then? How close is the fence now and how close is it allowed to be according to the rules?
  14. Stoke Potter

    Peterborough v Poole Prem Mon April 15th

    Thanks for the explanation, appreciated. I am surprised that there those fixtures are as close as they're legally allowed, it didn't seem particularly close to me. The exclusion/stop lights did seem rather close (and solid) to me though.
  15. Stoke Potter

    Tai Woffinden at his majestic best Sunday April 14th

    Back to topic; it needs (at least) 2 to make a race, and 2 men made that race. It's a shame Pedersen still hasn't found the missing engine "ingredient" that he's been lacking for approx 5 seasons and that the very top riders have sussed.

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