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  1. Joe Beevers

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Appreciate it RR. Edited _ Kildemand 400 more
  2. Pedersen 200 Less
  3. Joe Beevers

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Hampel + 200
  4. I would guess that maybe the two Swedes Hjelmland and Kling as they just missed out and there are not any Swedes currently qualified. Last place is a mystery though although I would expect the Czech Hajek or one of the Germans Spiller or Fienhage to get it over Wajtknecht as the Czechs nor Germans have a representative. Jaimon Lidsey from Australia also a possibility after an exclusion in his last heat is a possibility. It would be ridiculous to give to another Pole.
  5. Pedersen £200 Less
  6. Thanks again for the competition. £200 on Pedersen less please
  7. Joe Beevers

    World Under 21 Championship 2017 Live On Tv

    If you want to be pedantic about a typo, than may I add your English grammar from reading your two posts is very poor. Almost like a teenager wrote it. It would be 'Or are you just jealous of THE Polish League'.
  8. Joe Beevers

    World Under 21 Championship 2017 Live On Tv

    Interesting the Latvian getting second. Wouldn't​ have picked him to be most that field. Very suprised at Joel Andersson scoring 4. Just watched him the other day beat Bartosz Zmarslik and a few other top riders in a race. Sad at seeing Ellis miss out and knowing how much the FIM love British speedway and heir allocated GP qualifying places, I would be suprised if he got a wildcard.
  9. Joe Beevers

    World Under 21 Championship 2017 Live On Tv

    Are these semi final draws done randomly? I would guess not looking how strong the Eskilstuna line up looks compared to the other two semis. You have far more of last year's finalists in that sense if I am being honest. Lambert, Berge, Lunna, Ellis and I think Jacobsen was wasn't he? Than you also have Andersson who should qualify and Smektala being no pushover with someone above mentioning Sorensen could be a spoiler and I have heard Moi and Kling are no pushovers. Very harsh on these riders.
  10. Joe Beevers

    Grand Prix Challenge 2017

    Very interesting reading on this topic in regards to this issue that has been addressed and I thank Dutch Grasstrack for the allocation tallies being posted. In one way, I very much agree with the above post. GB has been very poor over the last few years in qualifying and don't deserve many spots but on average usually one Brit does make the Challenge final. 2 spots is absolutely dreadful in comparison to the same as Norway and the Czechs and Slovenians getting more would have me already question some kind of corruption or an odd motive in regards to selections. Does Castagna and co not realise we get to nearly every World Team Cup Final year on year and where some of these nations who have been allocated more, cannot even reach the semi finals of the WTC. Danny King was good in the Cardiff GP last year and he is worthy of a place as is Robert Lambert who is still young but made the challenge last year. So after that we have Cook, Harris, S Worrall and so on. Now surely those riders are beating the majority of those Eastern European allocations except for the Poles. Even the Swedish and Danish allocations are being beat by those riders on the day. I think the GB has been treated appallingly on this matter and sometimes it's not to do with the winning but the experience in the taking part.
  11. Back again to go one place better than last year. I could have won being a spoilsport but didn't see the point. All or nothing from the start again and will go with... 200 on Zagar under 6-8. Thank you again to R and R for running it again.
  12. This is a complete shambles. We have an Australian rider in the British switch finals. A good rider missing due to an odd ruling and some odd riders stepping in who are riding only in the National League but other riders in the Premiership who have moved up and performed well are missing out. I swear these rules are pulled out of a random top hat.
  13. Personally I don't see the point of signing any rider if there not committed to ride at least 99% of the meetings in the UK and that includes GP riders, Poles or riders in the junior development league.
  14. Joe Beevers

    Belle Vue V's Wolves Fri 14/4/17

    Another good result for Belle View beating another one of the favoured teams by a good margin. I am dreading to see what the scores are going to be like when Somerset, Leicester and Swindon have to go there. Is this beginning to look like an unfair home advantage or a real excellent side. Time will tell.

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