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  1. Back again and thank you again R and R for doing another competition. 200 More on Doyle please and will use the spread stretcher. Kind regards
  2. Thank you and so glad I won this competition on my 3rd try after being knocked out straight away last year. Thanks to IceScot for keeping me on my toes and thanks to R and R for another great competition. If I don't win anything than my win goes out to remembrance of all the riders who have put on the overalls and have passed away this year and thanks to them for giving us entertainment through the years. Kind regards Joe
  3. Zmarzlik 50 Less If pullout, Woffinden 50 less
  4. I did this last year (or was it the year before) risking maximum total when I had a big lead to Susans1 near the end and in the end it cost me my lead and they put in small bets in the end to preserve their lead. Nothing wrong with that and I thought it was well played. It would be nice to win one but to be honest, I am not sure whose going to do well in this one. Thank you for the message and placing my bet on Holder. Kind regards
  5. Disgraceful. How on earth did I know? I didn't do it on purpose and only do it for a bit of fun. I do have a life and I am not 100% following Matej Zagars in and outs or that bothered about winning. I am just taking part. Please do not accuse me of anything like that again.
  6. Sorry, I had no idea Zagar had pulled out. 20 Less Holder... if he isn't in it than 20 less on Safutdinov. Cheers
  7. Holder 200 LESS. Thanks R R
  8. Joe Beevers

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Madsen Less 10 12 £2000
  9. I actually agree with this to an extent and in terms of the track I think both Smolinski and Milik will do very well. I would also expect an experienced rider like Zagar or Iversen possibly even a Lindback on his day to qualify. Do the young guys possess the experience... possibly not but I would give the best chance to Robert Lambert making the top 3 but I will be interested to see how Jack Holder goes as he is very much a form man in the UK atm.
  10. £200 More Janowski please.
  11. Joe Beevers

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Appreciate it RR. Edited _ Kildemand 400 more

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