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  1. bigbird

    2nd leg play off final

    No nerves from me.the comets lads will show the lakeside riders the respect they deserve but if they ride to there capabilities no team can live with them on our track if you go by current form.
  2. Think we might need to wait a little longer for fixture news with what is currently happening at lakeside.if they can't get the lights back on that's another fixture that will have to be took into consideration this week.
  3. Roll on Sunday then and some exciting speedway to look forward to.lets hope we get a good crowd to cheer the lads on.dont forget to put a speedway star aside for me Liz.thanks in advance.
  4. Won't be jake allen.hes riding for scunny at Peterborough on Saturday.
  5. No cook for Glasgow on Friday.ricky wells guests for him.
  6. Can't wait for these two meetings.they should be crackers.from a comets fans point of view think if Craig isn't fit it definitely weakens the tigers and might be the difference of who makes it to the final.
  7. bigbird

    Workington 2018 .

    No bus required.walked round to asda and got this week's one there.yeah there had been a statement in the speedway star about wh smith that's why I asked where you could get one cause that was gonna be my first port of call with no meeting this weekend and no track shop open.
  8. bigbird

    Workington 2018 .

    Yeah liz has personally messaged me which is really nice and kind of her and is gonna put one aside for me on the nights of the home meetings.its this week's I was really enquiring about cause unforgently no speedway this weekend for us comets fans and no track shop to get it from so just wanted some advice which I've gratefully received so thanks for that.its much appreciated.
  9. bigbird

    Workington 2018 .

    Can anyone tell me which shops in workington sell the speedway star still.
  10. bigbird

    Workington 2018 .

    In a perfect world lakeside could come next Friday and stop us all having weekend free of speedway.
  11. Yeah what I saw from wells in heat 15 was totally bizarre.
  12. Wow what a meeting.just hope the comets fans that decided to not support there team tonight and give it a miss after the 1st leg defeat don't hurt themselves too much from kicking themselves.two finals and hopefully a third to look forward to.this really is turning into one amazing season for everyone connected with the comets.
  13. 15 four two's and the jobs a good un.
  14. One thing that's got to change from the last time we were there if the comets want any chance of a decent result is we need to gate.we were dead and buried by turn two last time.
  15. bigbird

    Workington 2018 .

    Just read on some polish site that renes very sore but really wants to race in the danish championship that takes place this Saturday.now that might be wishful thinking on his part and the mindset of a typical speedway rider but let's hope he does make it and can also turn out for the comets on Sunday.

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