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  1. This is a scb decision not a bspl decision
  2. Paul Johnson

    Glasgow v Scunthorpe 12th June 2023

    Who decides if it off now? the ref?, i know Super Si will want it on if its upto the 2 captains
  3. Paul Johnson

    Glasgow v Scunthorpe 12th June 2023

    I think the major cost is the service provider, then getting say 3 cameras, 4 if you want to do pit interviews or roving.Scunny have a few enthusiatic fans willing to do it, hence why it gets called amateurish,Glasgow being more professional will probably pay big for 2 or 3 announcers and would not be surprised if it cost 3k or more to stream
  4. Paul Johnson

    LEICESTER v PLYMOUTH 11-6-22 : 6.30pm

    Like Lisa said,, depends if you have to replace other wise i can see you using Edwards and Coles
  5. Paul Johnson

    LEICESTER v PLYMOUTH 11-6-22 : 6.30pm

    as long as Edwards for Rowe
  6. Paul Johnson

    Glasgow v Scunthorpe 12th June 2023

    Hmmm if only something was in place for you to watch it, at a time that suited you and a means for away fans to see their team without spending a fortune on fuel.
  7. Paul Johnson

    10.6.22 - Scunny v Glasgow, League

    Good comedy moment with the bowser.. it came round and caught the tapes, when the driver realised, he braked and the water inside came out over the top and drenched the start marshall.Not ideal stopping as he left the water on and flooded gate 1
  8. Paul Johnson

    LEICESTER v PLYMOUTH 11-6-22 : 6.30pm

    At Scunny last night Conor blew an engine and told our scorpions tv commentator about "thats all he needed with a double header coming up," with him accepting a guest role he is within his rights to change his mind, No conspiracies, i quess the 2 discussed the situation and came up with Edwards and Conor stay for the cubs
  9. Paul Johnson

    Dogs Allowed?

    i remember seeing a dog at Peterborough in the stands, paws over the railing watching the bikes go round.
  10. Paul Johnson

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    you could still use every week as a quest
  11. So you wanted it run with 1? after last week?
  12. Connor Cole’s has signed for the season after tonight’s display

    1. Paul Johnson

      Paul Johnson

      yes mate, heard at track, he was brilliant

  13. So the paramedic should of refused to redirect to the "accident "because it put you out?
  14. The 2nd paramedic who was joining the 1st paramedic probably saved someones life, we were waiting to run with 2 paramedics which you all wanted after last week
  15. nice to meet you ryan,

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