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  1. not too bad for a rider who isnt the rider he once was and has had his day
  2. Scorpions 2018

    i think previous years we had glasgow after cardiff and was put forward to 4pm, for the fans to get home a bit earlier
  3. Scorpions vs Diamonds - 13.4.18 19.30

    Well its nothing for now but it was a good gesture anyway, its going to be hard to accept a call off as its quite pleasant now, but as ironscorp said, its what has come down over the week
  4. Scorpions vs Diamonds - 13.4.18 19.30

    R/R for me on friday, should have enough firepower to cover stevies rides, i agree it shouldnt be a sheffield rider though, same group and all that. I would go guest at redcar and at newcastle and sheffield, hopefully track specialists and a guest at home against sheffield, not to sure about redcar or newcy away but reckon Lawson at sheffield and maybe King at home v sheffield?
  5. Workington 2018 .

    Ever been to Scunny?
  6. Has Matty Wiliamson ever had a good meeting at scunny?
  7. Well if DJ Barry dosent play the most obvious rider theme tune he wants kicking around the track,,,
  8. Simon Stead Farewell Meeting

    hence being a new dad
  9. Ben Fund

    depending how hotel bookings were done, ie online, there is an option to get a room with free cancellation, costs about a tenner more but gives you piece of mind
  10. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Me too Dan
  11. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Maybe injury prone and newcastle fans dont seem to want him, but what about Danny Phillips?
  12. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Apart from only having 6 riders
  13. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    im guessing it maybe league cup? so deffo sheffield