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  1. Paul Johnson

    Scorpions v Leicester 19.7.19 League

    cheers, just got in from work and didnt see any results
  2. Paul Johnson

    Scorpions v Leicester 19.7.19 League

    Isnt Bates back? he rode on sunday
  3. Never in doubt, and passed Howarth too,would of been nice to see it again
  4. Paul Johnson

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe - Sat 22JUN19

    Why don,t Eastbourne like Danny? He said on Friday he isnt popular down there but didnt hear why
  5. I doubt anyone got ht13 on video?
  6. Paul Johnson

    Championship fours

    Scunny did last year
  7. Paul Johnson

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    25 now, had us down for 28
  8. Paul Johnson

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    I am with you Fozzie, gonna be another Edingboro, Lescester i feel,Worrall and Cleggy will probably score more together than us combined
  9. Paul Johnson

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Maybe Glasgow or Newcastle didnt want to come this friday
  10. Paul Johnson

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    not many as we dont do season tickets, but a reduction for away fans would be good if something could be worked out
  11. Paul Johnson

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    if you went you would of noticed his new racesuit,, the bib had been designed onto it, looked very smart and professionl
  12. Paul Johnson

    Scunthorpe v Somerset 17.5.19 League

    Exciting 18-year-old Manucian Joe Lawlor, who rides for National League Stoke, has been handed the No 7 race-jacket for the home fixture against Somerset Rebels at the Eddie Wright Raceway ,, from website
  13. Paul Johnson

    Redcar v Scorpions 3.5.19 Shield

    I agree, but think you mean Somerset as Eastbourne topped the group
  14. Paul Johnson

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Think its Cleethorpes to be honest

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