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  1. boroboy25471

    NL Cup draw 2019

    Hi Guys Thank you for your feedback regarding the Draw for the NDL KOC. Yes I agree, it should have been much better than it came across and believe me, it won’t happen like that again! I can only apologise to those that weren’t happy with the draw. It was something that hadn’t been done before and there was teething problems and light quality problems. At the last minute I was told we could only go on air live for 2 mins, which totally threw a Spanner in the works and I mean last minute! I had just done a 10 minute interview with Redcar Promoter and an ex rider of this league, Jitendra Duffill, which many may of enjoyed listening to and some not. That interview was meant to go out just before the live draw and it was timed so that it would, but then with only having 2 mins in the end, it was only the draw itself that was shown live, which was a shame really. This really needs looking in to for next year and WILL be done more professionally. I was left embarrassed with the way it came across, but at least the draw was seen live. A lot of room for an improvement next year! I except all feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. We can’t improve on things if we don’t listen and take on board the negative comments as well. I will be in attendance regular at all the NDL tracks this coming season and I’m very happy to listen to feedback regarding this league, whether it’s from Fans, Riders, Promoters, Sponsors etc. If you see me next season, come and say hello and give me your thoughts and suggestions on this league. I know I’m never going to please everyone, but I hope to please the Majority! Best Wishes to you and which ever team you Support in 2019 and let’s hope it’s a good season ahead. Best Regards Jason Pipe NDL CO-ORDINATOR
  2. No I wasn't. Why do people make stuff up that never happened?! Why is it that people believe everything they are told?! Sorry to disappoint you!! Really?! You obviously weren't in the Pits or looking in to the Pits to see what actually happened, which is why you put apparently! I certainly wasn't decked and I certainly wasn't punched in the face!
  3. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2017

    That's a Shame. Thank You for the reply.
  4. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2017

    Hi Fredbogge. Are you at Buxton this coming Sunday (17th Sept)? If so, please come and introduce yourself before the meetings get underway and have a chat with me. I will be at the track from 1pm. Feel free to ask me anything and I will be honest and open with you. If your concerned enough by what you've heard, that you've felt a need to post on here what you have about me, then why don't you come and have a chat with me this Sunday? I don't bite! Or are you someone who would much rather listen to gossip or a rider moaning on, rather than knowing the truth and knowing a lot more about what you may have or may not have been told?! If you are going on Sunday, then I have this one off offer for you. Please let me know if your attending and you can be 'my guest' of the day, which would include me paying your Entrance Fee and Programme Cost and Parking Fee direct to Jayne Moss myself and your name will be put on the list at the pay kiosk as you come in to the track. Also I would personally take you to meet each of our riders and allow you to come on our track walk with the team, which usually happens around 2.10-2.15pm and you can watch the first couple of races with me from the centre green. If you don't want to take up this offer, then you can't say I haven't tried! Regards Jason Pipe
  5. Not got the heat details to give as I've not got the programme on me. Last nights MDL 'challenge' at Peterborough was... Peterborough 28 Scunthorpe 7 Peterborough 1 Alex Wilson 9 (max) 2 Carl Basford 6+3 (paid max) 3 Kyle Mark Roberts 4+2 (2 paid wins and an e/f) 4 William O'keefe 9 (max) Scunthorpe 1 Sam Chapman 4 2 Lloyd Ditchburn 1 3 Luke Whitehead 0 4 Sheldon Davies 2 Best Wishes to Luke Whitehead. Luke lifted going towards the first bend in Heat 2 and Kyle Roberts who was on Gate 4 had nowhere to go and couldn't go anywhere but in to Luke. Could have been a lot worse as Kyle read the situation well and shut off the gas as soon as he saw Luke lift out the corner of his eye. But unfortunately Luke hurt his ankle in the crash and took an ambulance ride back to the pits, but to everyone's amazement, came back to the pits and rode in his last ride in Heat 6! But Luke was hobbling around and in some discomfort. Hopefully he'll go and have his ankle looked at today. Apart from Alex Wilson, the rider who really impressed me and is now knocking on the door for a NL spot somewhere is William O'Keefe. He was flying round and showing a real liking for the track and really come on since the back end of last season. I don't think it will be long before we see him as a regular in the NL this season! Maybe Nigel Hinchliffe can do the heat details and a little match report here or somewhere else later for all to see, as I've mislaid my programme. Hopefully the meeting referee (Mick Bates) will put a glowing report in to the SCB about how well the MDL meeting ran and make our case stronger for when they decided on the fate of the MDL on April 4th!! Tony Steele was also in attendance last night, said hopefully he'll report back to the other SCB members on how well it went. We managed to fit in 6 races, including a re run and two 125cc races in 25-30 mins :-) I'd like to thank all riders and their mechanics for being ready to go as soon as each race was finishing. If all MDL meetings ran like this then the SCB wouldn't have a problem with the MDL! 125cc races Heat 2A Harry McGurk 1st Sam McGurk 2nd Mickie Simpson 3rd Heat 4A Harry McGurk 1st Mickie Simpson 2nd Sam McGurk 3rd
  6. boroboy25471

    Birmingham Brummies 2017 Hat Trick

    Where do you get your information from? I wish people would speak to the right people first before posting things on a public forum, that is totally 100% not true at this moment in time. No go ahead has yet been given for the MDL & SDL to run in 2017. There is an SCB meeting on April 4th and this is on their agenda to discuss in that meeting. Also I've noticed you've mentioned that no NL riders would be allowed in the MDL & SDL in 2017. That is also wrong. As long as their NL starting average is 4.00 or below, which I asked to be change as the old rule you had to be 5.00 or below, but if your NL average went to 5.01 or above, then you could no longer do MDL unless your average went back below 5.01. Under the new rule, riders who go above 4.00 can still ride in the MDL / SDL for the whole season. Jason Pipe
  7. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2017

    Tim's average is too high and he told me yesterday that he's not in a position to ride at the moment.
  8. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2017

    David Howe has retired from League Speedway. Richard Hall isn't eligible to race both Championship and NL. Plus both averages are too high to fit in. We only have 8.29 to play with.
  9. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2017

    Hi Dandelion We have 8.29 to play with, but like Jayne says, there is just no riders available. I've spent many hours chatting to riders on Facebook, on the Phone and by going to see them in Person. There's no Heat Leaders and no 2nd Strings available. I've even tried riders who haven't raced for a few years! Unfortunately all we have left to choose from is 3.00 point or 3.00 + riders, which is not ideal when your needing to bring in a Heat Leader! Unless a rider becomes available, unexpectedly, then I'll have to try and make sure I get this other 3.00 pointer right. The Current plan is for me to attend Scunthorpe, Northside, Redcar and Peterborough regular, up until near the start of the season and speak to one or two people and look to see who's about and draw up a shortlist. Maybe I can unearth a newbie to the Sport? Over the coming weeks and liaising with Jayne, I'd like to draw up a short list of around 4 or 5 3.00 pointers and invite them along to Buxton's Press & Practice on Sunday 9th April to see how they can handle our track? We need these riders to see our track first before we do a deal with anyone. Last season we put in Ryan Burton, who had never seen the track before and he struggled so much with the track and we need to learn from that. This may be a bit 'Old School', but I believe this is the best way to go about this. Up to now, this is how the Buxton team will line up... 1 Matt Williamson 9.49 2 Lee Geary 3.00 or Shelby Rutherford 3 Tom Woolley 4.90 4 Shelby Rutherford 4.45 or AN OTHER 5 Lee Dicken 5.87 6 Lee Geary or AN OTHER (3.00) 7 Carl Basford 3.00 If a Heat Leader or a 2nd String suddenly becomes available, then Shelby will to at Number 2 and Lee Geary at 6. Regards Jason Pipe
  10. boroboy25471

    Buxton 2016

    Without Shelby's reduced average, we were 39.08. Because of this, we now add up to 37.94. Does that really make us a poor team? I'm sorry if you think that's Poor, but 6 riders had already been promised team spots before this average reduction. At the time before the reduction we only had 3.92 to play with. I looked over a lot of available 3.00 point riders and those slightly over 3, that were available, but everytime I always came back to Lee Geary, because he has very good reliable equipment, he has the experience of riding on most of the U.K. tracks, he's a great team man and always wants to help other riders and always conducts himself in the right manner. For me, all day long it had to be Lee Geary to fill that last spot. One or 2 have said to me, why didn't I change it and use up most of the 5.06 I had to play with for the final member instead, But that's easier said than done! There just wasn't anyone around between 3.00-5.06 or if they were, not any better as Lee Geary. Or have i missed someone who you know that could fit in? I'm very pleased and have faith in the team we've put together at Buxton for the season ahead and it's one that I, along with our riders are really looking forward to. All the riders have already been team bonding for weeks in a Facebook group chat that was set up for them, as they start to get to know each other and just have a laugh together and exchanged ideas and info and already started to discuss ways of helping each other out etc. We've got some good team bonding going on at the moment, which is always a great help when your riders are all getting along with each other. Let's all get behind this team and see where we go. If for some reason it doesn't work out to start with, then believe me, I'll be working overtime and burning the midnight oil to make sure things are put right and give the Hitmen fans a team to be proud of.
  11. boroboy25471

    Buxton Hitmen 2015

    Hi Malcolm. Thank You :-) It's great to be back. Certainly looking forward to our clashes again! ;-) Added rivalry also with you at Stoke and me at Buxton! May the rivalry be reignited between us! ;-) PS.. Has one of your teams beaten me yet?! ;-) Will be in touch very soon for a catch up :-) Up the Hitmen :-)
  12. boroboy25471

    Buxton Hitmen 2015

    Buxton Tiger. It's great that you help the club by Sponsoring, but I can assure you, your money is going in to the club and the riders and not in to my pocket :-)

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