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  1. Tomspencer5

    Mdl Agm

    Mdl is to bring new riders into a NL team, a rider who is a top MDL rider will learn nothing/improve riding against the smaller cc bike as it's a total different class. With Leicester now not running any mdl meetings instead having smaller bikes is it really needed? What will the scb gain from this change apart from there being less of a chance of a up and coming British NL rider
  2. Tomspencer5

    New To Speedway Help Please

    Thanks to all im also wondering what special tools would be needed part from clutch tool and what parts are most likely to break such as chain guard, seat bracket and if so how long roughly would they last?
  3. Hello I'm new to here and riding speedway I've ridden speedway propley once but spend a lot of time on a trials bike getting the movement on bike(chin over bars legs etc) but would love to get a bike and do it propley Any tips for a new speedway bike owner? I have kit etc And What size is a 15 year old allowed to ride? 125 250 500 im not scared of power so that's not the problem but I would want to race so what's the age limits? Sorry if in wrong place Thanks

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