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    I create speedway history web site http://www.historyspeedway.nstrefa.pl/brytania/index.php

    If You have noticed any mistakes or You have got some results, photos or other information which could make this side more interesting, please send it on: przemosp@wp.pl

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  1. Puma23

    Top Five Channel Islanders

    Marcus Bisson Stefan Dunne Dave Patten Anthony Queripel Hugh Saunders
  2. Puma23

    Rhodesia/zimbabwe Top Five

    Denzil Kent Mike Ferreria Peter Prinsloo - my mistake David Steen Stan Paulsen - for me he is in top5. For example in 1953 he was silver medalist in Open Rhodesian Championship. He won with inter alia two brtish riders Bert Clark and Alan Chambers. He did not have experience from Europe but he could win with more experienced riders.
  3. Puma23

    Time For Top 5 Russians

    I mean russian no USRR 1) Grigorij Łaguta 2) Emil Sajfutdinow 3) Michaił Starostin 4) Rif Saitgariejew 4) Rinat Mardanszin
  4. Puma23

    Top Five South African Riders

    Henry Long, Doug Davies, Warren Maier, Denzil Kent, Byron Bekker
  5. Puma23

    Best Ever Finnish Rider

    Kai Laukkanen
  6. Puma23

    Best Ever Norwegian Rider?

    Rune Holta and Leif Basse Hveem
  7. Puma23

    Best Ever Italian rider

    Armando Castagna
  8. Puma23

    Best ever Dutch rider

    Henny Kroeze
  9. Puma23

    Best ever Spanish rider

    For me Angel Arche
  10. Hi, I try to find results of 4th round Austrian Championship from season 1995? I know that meeting was in Natschbach Loipersbach (30th of September)
  11. Michal Skurla won in small village national tournament. Full results here: https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/706123/michal-skurla-najszybszy-w-kostenicach
  12. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/701698/sam-jensen-mistrzem-danii-andreas-lyager-drugi
  13. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/701704/jozsef-tabaka-mistrzem-wegier-wygrana-magosiego-zoltan-adorjan-na-szostej-pozycj
  14. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/701708/im-argentyny-maximiliano-westdorp-najszybszy-w-carlos-casares
  15. Jeff Orosz won in Welland https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/698493/zuzlowcy-scigali-sie-w-kanadzie-brazowy-medalista-elite-league-drugi

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