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  1. WANTED Do you have any unwanted Speedway Videos or Dvds then please get in touch as I am always looking for New Additions to add to my collection.
  2. simbo1968


    MBI only filmed at Kings Lynn 2006,2007,2008,2009 but Jan only has a handful of meetings filmed which I have hence the add to see what else I can find..
  3. Looking for any videos or dvds of the Kings Lynn stars from season 2002 to 2010 if anybody can help me please message me, I am only looking for Kings Lynn home meetings. Thanks...
  4. simbo1968

    Eastbourne 28 April 2018

    EASTBOURNE V BELLE VUE COLTS 28-4-2018 MINT/BLANK SPEEDWAY PROGRAMME Listed on Ebay item number 372291168831
  5. Looking for any Coventry Bees footage from the 1987 & 1988 seasons either on Video or dvds as I have some gaps to fill in my collection. Anybody who thinks they can help please PM me. Thanks..
  6. simbo1968

    Elite League Riders Championship

    Re-Run were not Filming at Poole in either 2004 or 2006..
  7. Can anybody help with info on if the following Elite League Riders Championship meetings were filmed & if so by who, and if anybody has copies of these meetings either on video or dvd, the meetings are as follows: 2000 at Coventry, 2004 at Poole, 2006 at Poole. Any info please message me. Thanks.
  8. simbo1968

    Coventry Bees 1988

    Can anybody Confirm if there was a Highlights Video of 1988??
  9. simbo1968

    Coventry Bees 2003 & 2004

    Thanks pete I have emailed you at the above address...
  10. Does anybody know how many and what meetings were filmed at Coventry in 2003 & 2004 not including Sky Meetings.. Thanks.
  11. Looking for a copy of the 1988 Coventry Bees season highlights Video either on a Video or Dvd, please PM me or email me at june451947@aol.com Thanks..
  12. Wanted the following Wolverhampton Home meetings on dvd Filmed between 2007-2017 only Clean cut Sport filmed meetings wanted NO Sky Tv meetings as follows: 2010 Midland Open 16-8, Poole (EL) B 23-8 2011 Poole (EL) A 4-4, Birmingham (EL) A 4-7, Peterboro (EL) A 22-8 2012 Birmingham (ML) 26-3, Coventry (ML) 2-4, Poole (KOC) 21-5, Peterboro (EL) A 28-5, Poole (EL) B 25-6, Coventry (EL) B 13-8 2013 Poole (EL) B 8-7 2014 Belle Vue (EL) A 22-4 2016 Poole (EL) Play-Off Semi-Final These are the only meetings I need to complete my collection anybody willing to trade/swop or if you no longer need them & are having a clear out please PM me or email me at rsimmo77@aol.com Thanks.
  13. Looking for anybody who has any copies of Coventry Speedway dvds or videos from 2003 & 2004 produced by Coventry Motor sport Tv. Any help with which meetings were filmed would be much appreciated... Please message me or email me at june451947@aol.com Thanks..
  14. simbo1968

    Reading Speedway 1992

    still looking for any of the above Reading meetings will pay a fair price or open to trade..
  15. simbo1968


    I think Buster Chapman has a nerve to have a go at any team let alone Peterboro after how he has treated Chris Holder & Troy at Kings Lynn, he should sort his own Club out first, just look at the team Kings Lynn sent to Leicester on Saturday does he not think this is robbing from the Public?? The way Kings Lynn are being run this year would suggest there will be no Kings Lynn next year...

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