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  1. Vic Meldrew

    Kent v Brummies NL Mon 27th Aug

    Suggest you view the video of heat 5 now posted on the GB and Kent websites so that you can see the overall condition of the track and the quality of the racing.
  2. Vic Meldrew

    Kent v Brummies NL Mon 27th Aug

    The injury to Luke Bowen had nothing to do with the track conditions. It was simply a racing incident when James Shanes attempted to pass Luke on the outside. The track last night was in good condition and apart from the unfortunate injury to Danyon Hume it was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting. Best wishes to Danyon for a speedy recovery.
  3. Vic Meldrew

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    Brennan supporters seem to have selective short memories - he wiped out Tom Bacon in heat 15 of the home match against Birmingham on 30 June 2018. Disgraceful time wasting by Eastbourne riders no doubt prompted by their manager. Hopefully Stoneman should have a speedy recovery from his alarming crashes. By the way I was at the meeting.
  4. Vic Meldrew

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    Eastbourne - what a pathetic excuse for a speedway team and manager!!
  5. Vic Meldrew


    Excellent revamp !!! But could we have less space devoted to Grasstrack and European/Overseas news?
  6. Vic Meldrew

    Race jacket framing/display

    This framed example from Celebration of Speedway may help.
  7. Vic Meldrew

    2018 Celebration of Speedway

    The Speedway Museum and the stalls, displays of bikes etc. are totally separate from the Wildlife Park. You can choose not to visit the animal enclosures if you so wish but still make use of the facilities, restaurant etc. The car parking is free. The speedway activities and the museum are still good value at £10.
  8. Vic Meldrew


    Can you explain what you mean by "stand alone tracks" ? - Stadia shared by speedway racing, greyhound racing and possibly stock car racing ? What exactly is your point ?
  9. Many thanks for the warning !! - I will make a note in my diary not to tune in to that programme on 18 December
  10. Vic Meldrew

    Kent V Birmingham Mon 12th June

    I was at the meeting as a neutral. He got what he deserved. Nothing wrong in booing - Mauger, Fundin and the like were booed wherever they appeared at away tracks - they did not resort to staying on the track after a fall in the hope of a rerun (well not that often anyway). The Brum boys attempted to gain an advantage at nearly every start and were well spotted by the referee. Tom Bacon was clearly moving at the start of heat 15 but in view of the 8.30 curfew I think that the referee had to let it go as there was no time for a re-run. Have a look at the video of that race now online.
  11. Vic Meldrew

    Kent V Birmingham Mon 12th June

    Perhaps in future when he slides off his bike he should make an effort to clear the track and not sit there for a re-run when clearly the opposition are winning the race.
  12. Vic Meldrew

    Kent V Lakeside Mon 17th April 3pm

    Lens' explanation in his email today - "I didn't intend the track to be slick, but with only Saturday morning to do basic prep and a windy day on Monday, I didn't get it deeply wet to make grip ..my mistake." Perhaps a load more shale on the track in the first place and proper track grading and watering during the heats would have helped.
  13. Vic Meldrew

    Kent V Lakeside Mon 17th April 3pm

    Pretty poor show all round today. If I was a first time spectator then I would not be inclined to attend again - poor track, lacklustre racing, delays. Bring back Shanes and Ayres !!
  14. Vic Meldrew

    Kent Kings 2017

    I must admit that I am not a Clifton fan - would have preferred Shanes in and Clifton out.

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