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  1. My 1st visit to Sheffield for about 18 years tonight(still looking for a team to follow since CH closed in 95), a few good races, Scorpions top 4 were too good for Sheffield, could fill my weekly fix if it wasn't for the "pig" of a journey there and back from the midlands Sheffield Wright- poor except for 1 ride Kurtz- rode well all night Bjerre- average Nicol- looked steady but slow Howarth- nightmare start, then picked up Shanes- looked quick when he gated Lawlor- did as expected Scunthorpe Worrall- looked quick all night R/R Garrity- rode well and aggressively all night Allen- looked class Auty- rode hard all night Phillips- had a couple of good rides towards the end Manzares- steady I did think that it was a poor crowd turnout for a 2000th meeting celebration(not sure what the normal crowd is like) also the age of the crowd did appear to be quite old(above 50's) not too many youngsters
  2. I would have a scoring system of 4,2,1,0. Then on the Saturday a pre qualifier with Slovakia, France, Hungary, Ukraine, New Zealand, Norway and Holland. Monday race off 1 Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Czech Rep, Germany, Slovenia plus pre qualifier 1st, Then Tuesday race off 2 Russia, GB, Australia, USA, Italy, Finland plus pre qualifier 2nd, then Friday& Saturday final. The format could be used for a European club championships, maybe 4 teams from Poland, 4 from Britain, 3 from Sweden and 3 from Denmark to race off to meet the Polish league champs 1 year, the British league champs the next year, then the Swedish, then the Danish.
  3. Gaz W

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Is the World Champion a British World Champion? Has the presenter also presented darts? and has the team manager won top division titles in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's?
  4. Gaz W

    Wolves 2017

    Why are Wolves using R/R at No 5. Surely it would be better at No 2
  5. An 8 team top division, to ride on a Monday and a Wednesday only, 2 matches on a Monday and 2 on a Wednesday, no other divisons to ride on that night so they can keep the stupid doubling up. 2 British under 21's at no's 6 and 7 they stay at 6 and 7 no matter what their average is. Only 3 foreign riders in the top 5. Tac subs allowed when a team is 8 points down, no double points.
  6. Gaz W

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    If a rider is excluded for "not racing" or engineering a result like Batchelor did they should be excluded from their next race too, with no replacement allowed
  7. Gaz W

    Leicester Lions 2017

    I would have guessed about 300, don't know if that's good or not, my 1st visit to Leicester, impressed with the set up there
  8. Gaz W

    Swedish League- Uk Tv In 2017 ?

    Dave try installing the addon filmy online, should be able to find all the Polish channels on there Gaz
  9. I'm surprised no-one has taken a chance on Gino Manzares, should have quite a low average
  10. Gaz W

    Chris Harris.

    Don't think it's Harris that tinkers about with his equipment, I think it's his dad and pit crew. I know most of you won't agree with me, but I think he would have gone well on a track like tonights WC race off, with all the grip about
  11. Bomber!!! How dare u make it through to the GP's ahead of other riders that deserve it more than you.....next year, just make sure that your silencer isn't welded up as securely as I should be
  12. But how do you decide who the top 16 in the World are? Harris made the semi's in Malilla does that mean he's in the top 8? Ward made the top 3 in Torun, Does that mean he's in the top 3, If you held a Grand Prix at Monmore Green there's a pretty good chance that Lindgren would win it, so does that mean he's then the best in the World? What would the criteria have to be to be classed as one of the top 16 riders in the World?
  13. Thought the meeting was ok tonight, with a couple of decent heats. Never expected us to beat the poles around King's Lynn. I think the only place we could have held that meeting and had a chance of winning it would have been Monmore Green. "Here comes the British joker, Scott Nicholls".. Has there ever been a truer statement
  14. Gaz W

    Usa Touring Team 2011

    Saw the American touring team at Monmore tonight, was very impressed with Mikey Buman (16+1 off 7 rides). If the american authorities could put time and effort into Mike Buman, Austin Novratil, Gino Manzaries and Bryce Starks i think they could have 4 decent riders on their hands in a couple of years time.
  15. Gaz W

    Usa Touring Team 2011

    Looking through the previous posts it looks like a team of: 1 Bobby Schwartz 2 Gino Manzares 3 Tyson Burmeister 4 Tim Gomez 5 Eddie Castro 6 Austin Novratil 7 Bryce Starks should get a few people through the turnstiles, definitely me for one.
  16. Gaz W

    Usa Touring Team 2011

    Glad to hear that the Americans are coming back in 2011. Two guys that i would like to see come back over are Austin Novratil and Gino Manzares. They were both excellent for their age when they came over last season. How have they progressed this year in the states?
  17. What i don't understand is at what point did the Peterborough promotion think "let's put plenty of dirt down, Harris, Barker, Kennett and Kasperzak will hate that, compared to Bjerre, Iversen and Schlein"
  18. i reckon because it's gate 4, 4, 3 then 3 again and surely the track will be ultra slick after 2 practices and thursdays race off
  19. 1 ~ Winners of Event 1....Poland 2 ~ Play Off qualifiers from Event 1 (2 teams)....Denmark & Russia 3 ~ Winners of Event 2.... Australia 4 ~ Play Off qualifiers from Event 2 (2 teams)... Team GB & Sweden 5 ~ Points Artem Laguta will score in Event 1.... 7 6 ~ Points Nicolai Klindt will score in Event 1.... 5 7 ~ Points Tai Woffinden will score in Event 2.... 8 8 ~ Points Freddie Lindgren will score in Event 2.... 13 9 ~ Points Great Britain will score in Event 2.... 47 10 ~ Two teams that qualify from Play Off..... Denmark & Team GB 11 ~ Team finishing 3rd in play off.... Russia 12 ~ 4TH IN FINAL.... Team GB 13 ~ 3RD IN FINAL.... Australia 14 ~ RUNNERS UP IN FINAL.... Denmark 15 ~ WORLD TEAM CUP CHAMPIONS.. Poland
  20. Shame it was rained off i always like to see how far into the meeting we can go before the 1st "very much so"
  21. No Holta or Walasek for Poland? Has Miedzinski improved a lot since he rode over here?
  22. I recorded it and watched most of it on fast forward. What i would like to know though is what was the combined age of the finalists, the meeting was from 2008 and the finalists were: Bobby Schwartz, Mike Faria, Buck Blair, Shawn McConnell and Jimmy Fishback.
  23. Gaz W


    Thanx JoD
  24. Gaz W


    On 29th May 1978 Wimbledon held the Embassy International. In the event Bruce Penhall scored 3 points, could anyone tell me what number he rode at please?

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