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  1. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2020

    Please restrict your postings to the Newcastle link , you are boring myself & everybody else on this link
  2. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2020

    pity we will not be able to fit in Connor Mountain , brilliant at media prima for Liecester
  3. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    We lost that at home , the crucial engine failure for Richard Lawson,,,,,
  4. This should be a belter , first time this season at MPA for Nick Morris , always rides our place well . going to be very close .
  5. Norfolk Bear

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    If he stays fit he could win something at Redcar (his favourite Track according to your program) I will be attending your last 2 meetings, hope you win them
  6. Norfolk Bear

    Newcastle 2019

    Ged Rathbone is also at Redcar every week ??
  7. I will probably go but my interest is in the 3 Redcar Heat Leaders. ,,!!!!!
  8. You have no idea regarding BB leaving Redcar , the club had given help beyond what they needed to.
  9. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Easy win for Bears but still some great races our 3 Heat leaders are flying as is Jordan Stewart , Andersen Riding better than his scores suggest
  10. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Once again many thanks & congratulations to Jitendra for the team changes , if this had not happened our season would now be over ,as it is we are pushing for the playoffs and the KO Cup. Great triers that they are I do not think Ben or Ulrich would have scored the points that Eric is. Sorry for Tom Bacons injury, Kasper is proving a great replacement. Right on to Eastbourne with a team full of MPA specialists UTB
  11. The long unbeaten home record is gone. UTB.
  12. This could be a cracker but weather forecast is not good
  13. Norfolk Bear

    Glasgow v Redcar CL 2/8/19@19.30

    Great point for Bears , now for Berwick. UTB
  14. Norfolk Bear

    Glasgow v Redcar CL 2/8/19@19.30

    Would be delighted with a point , hope Andersen scores ok after tonight’s match ,
  15. Charles has a busy week coming up ,rest assured when he gets home to Redcar on Sunday he will get a great well done Well done again - UTB

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