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  1. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2018

    Rumours rife that Kus has been released , hope they are true ..
  2. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    I here all the talk re lack of funds , how do teams like Workington & Scunthorpe who get lower crowds manage to build teams of strength?
  3. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    Does he owe as much as Kus ? At least Barker tries
  4. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2018

    With a train pass , keep him
  5. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2018

    Last year Redcar team building was exemplary, The only real poor pick was Richard Hall, now We have to replace at least 2 , let’s start with Pjiper & Kus. If we do not do something then all the good work of last year will have been for nothing.
  6. I hope it stays close but a team wit 3 Heatleaders usually overcomes 1 with 2 . Plus the reserve potential of Busch missing
  7. Peterborough should have been his type of track , how many would he have scored against a woeful Newcastle if the track had been wet ?
  8. Whatever made Jitendra think that Kus could be a heatleader
  9. If the weather forecast says rain then expect Kus to score 0 . Until we get shot of him we are riding 1 man short
  10. The season is less than 2 matches in & we have a guest for a rider injured riding in the other league , this particular change strengthens Peterborough. I thought that this season we were getting less guests ?
  11. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar handed fours

    Most of the anti Redcar for the Fours are Geordies, would expect nothing else ...
  12. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar handed fours

    Where do all these Newcastle fans go when they arrive in their droves at the STMSP, I estimate they usually bring about 50.
  13. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2018

    Kus was desperate to leave Redcar despite all the Havvy stuff , He went to our local rivals , Why don't Newcastle want him back after paying for him ? The only reason he has signed for Redcar is because NOBODY else wants him . BAD BAD signing . We are now hoping the newbies , Stewart & MBA come good , don't rely on Kus , he will let us down as he did so many times before ..
  14. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar 2018

    Kus, well,disappointing to say the least, he could not wait to leave us, not welcome
  15. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar handed fours

    The local press quoted almost 5000, .

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