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  1. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Surprised we got Riss , I thought that Edibirgh would be making space
  2. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    I don’t think our Andersen’s are available on Fridays
  3. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Tom Bacons injury is pretty bad , we will need a replacement, any ideas? Could we look at Mikel Anderson who is our asset , we have also brought in Kasper Andersen for Jack Smith
  4. Norfolk Bear

    Leicester Vs Redcar 29/06/19

    Hope we put up as good a show at Leicester as Leicester did at Redcar. I will be delighted if we can get around 40
  5. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Leicester Friday 28th

    I will not be attending this meeting, why have we got a guest , should be RR but how have Leicester got a guest , they are much stronger now , Guests are killing this sport.
  6. Going to be a tough one . We need our gating gloves & a 3rd Heat leader
  7. Was it worse than the Bears at Edinburgh which you were harsh on ???
  8. What a great meeting, no stoppages & some excellent racing. CW. 11+1. Never gave up very good TB 4+1 did what he had to do good win in Heat 8 UO 4. Needs a couple more meetings to fully assessJS. 13 only beaten by the excellent HeepsMPT. 10. Only dropped points in a tremendous heat 13NG. 6. Rode very well got some points he should not have !JS. 5+2. Scored more than double his average Two races 13 & 15 were worth the entrance money . All credit to Cameron Heeps, brilliant all night but in these 2 he excelled Read more: http://bears-talk.proboards.com/thread/3555/redcar-edinburgh-saturday-22nd-june?page=1#ixzz5rc2RONQT
  9. Norfolk Bear

    Edinburgh v Redcar 21/6/19 @7.30pm

    High prices are one of the main factors in low crowds
  10. Yes Redcar take cards or you can get them online on the website
  11. Norfolk Bear

    Edinburgh v Redcar 21/6/19 @7.30pm

    Not a track that works for Redcar , just hope no injuries be pleased if we get 40
  12. 3 guests & RR , what a. Joke. Explain that to anybody not Speedway
  13. This is our FIRST home league match , the first league match is at Edinburgh the night before. Not sure if Saturday will help the crowd, it is that long since we rode as a team a lot of people will have lost the directions !,
  14. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    I think now he is at Redcar he may get a bit of support from GED Rathbone
  15. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    He is most certainly NOT who we want , Is Nike Luna fit ??

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