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  1. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Top class performance, Barker back , all contributed, Bacon excellent 6+1 , 2 wins for Greaves , Charles excellent again
  2. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Should be a belter , some track specialists in the field
  3. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Somerset. KO Cup 9/5/19 Friday

    Harris has held the track record since October 2009 , must be one of the longest about at the minute ?
  4. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Somerset. KO Cup 9/5/19 Friday

    Weather shows no rain forecast , Harris has been track record holder for a few years, looking forward to his races with Charles Wright, if Barker has a bike that is going then he always is good against Harris
  5. Always good to see CH ar the media Primat weather not a good forecast
  6. Norfolk Bear

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Speedway looks bad when guests are used, if a rider is injured, tough, only allow RR , as in any other sport use reserves , sign up no.8 & 9 Sort the starting out , why after a stoppage do the riders need to go back to the pits, bring them straight back, Once the pit gates are shut they should stay that way until the race is complete. Please speedway help yourself, i still believe these lay down machines will be the death of the sport, with uprights the riders had to learn throttle control, how to ride a bike, plus we had many less gate n go stuff. To hear that Swindon had modified their track to suit the bikes is wrong.
  7. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Scorpions 3.5.19 Shield

    Not a bad meeting, good to see MPT stepping up to the plate , Barker needs to change his Lambretta engine bitterly cold too
  8. Norfolk Bear

    Redcar v Scorpions 3.5.19 Shield

    All depends if MPT is the one who rode at Lings Lynn or the one who rode at Scunny
  9. Norfolk Bear

    Scunthorpe v Redcar CS 26.4.2019

    Well I don’t think 2nd place is within the reach of Redcar , We have 2 misfiring Heat leaders & Scunthorpe have a top reserve in Danny Ayre’s , too much for us tonight & maybe at ours next week.
  10. Well he has not turned up for any Redcar matches yet, He scored more in two matches against us last season than he has scored for us this season
  11. Norfolk Bear

    REDCAR 2019

    Congratulations to Jitendra after his Marriage
  12. This could be a cracker , Bears will need their gating gloves on . Weather forecast is good ,
  13. Norfolk Bear

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    Here we go with guests again. If you have an injured rider tough , only RR , if a reserve is out then have a no. 8 The guests make the sport look amateurish
  14. Norfolk Bear

    Sheffield v Redcar 7/4/19

    Our no 1 needs to sort his bike issues !!! Never mind well don Sheffield,
  15. Terrific nights racing, both teams really going for it. Charles Wright & Ben Barker brilliant. Nichol very good & young Kemp is going to be some rider

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