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  1. Does the eight day rule about guesting not apply in the NDL as I noticed that Nathan Stoneman was guesting for Mildenhall last night after riding last week for an Oxford Select team on the 1st August, or do Challenge matches not come into the equation. If so will the 10 points he scored be taken away.
  2. I think you’ll find that riding at No 2 is a hard position especially away from home as most clubs are finding out with their own No 2’s. They all seem to score reasonably well in home fixtures and struggle big time away. Georgie Wood is now the latest rider to find out what it’s like to be in that position as will Anders Rowe at Somerset. Unfortunately some riders are dropped before they are given the opportunity to ride in the easier berths down at reserve. This is probably why Birmingham are keeping Agertoft in the main body as it give James Shanes the potential to have 7 rides every meeting like Georgie was at Eastbourne and Anders at Somerset. I’m sure if Ben Morley was given a run at reserve for any team in the Championship he would be regularly hitting double figure scores as he would be competing against riders of NL level of which has been mentioned he is one of the best.
  3. dave1075

    Eastbourne 2019

    For this season the 2019 GSAverages are, Kyle’s is 4.83, Georgie’s is 4.22, Ben’s is 4.07 & Alfie’s is 2.97, Another thing to bear in mind is that Ben also has 19 bonus points this season backing up either Eddie or Richard at No 2. Which converts his AVE to 5.36, where as Kyle’s is 5.50, Georgie’s is 4.65 and Alfie’s is 4.13.
  4. dave1075

    Eastbourne 2019

    Totally agree with mmmmethanol on that score. Ben has been at No 2 all season & scored quite well at Arlington but has struggled away. But this is the case for most No 2’s at every other club in the Championship away from their home track. Ben has not had the luxury of riding down at reserve this season like others have at other clubs & OK Jason is probably worthy of a run in a Championship team, I just hope it doesn’t effect his confidence like others who have tried the step up, only to eventually be dropped and lose interest in riding speedway & calling it a day. Another thing to note is that with this change being made Georgie will now ride at No 2 meaning only having 4 programmed rides & not a possible 7 rides as he would have at reserve resulting in the possible loss of the big scores he was achieving at Arlington. Personally I think this change would have been justified if 2 riders Ben and Kyle as the other had been dropped enabling the Eagles to bring in Jason as a 2 pointer & a potential 7 pointer to be the 4th heat leader. Could have brought in Bradley Wilson Dean if he is fit.
  5. dave1075

    Cradley v IOW mon 1st july

    The Warriors 1 to 7 could be before averages change. 1. Georgie Wood. 9.28 2. McCauley Leek. 2.86 3. Scott Campos. 4.50 4. Danno Verge. 4.83 5. Ben Morley. 9.13 6. Connor King. 2.00 7. Chad Wirtzfield. 2.00 TOTAL. 34.60
  6. dave1075

    Cradley v IOW mon 1st july

    They can’t fit in Campos for Widman as the numbers don’t fit. It’s harsh on Terry Daley but with due respect Campos is a better rider around Smallbrook. The next move the Warriors should make is bring in Leek for Widman. Too many blanks for Widman to justify him staying in the team. The way Leek has ridden the season warrants giving him a go. The lad is a trier & sometimes over does it but a least he gives it a go.
  7. dave1075

    Plymouth v IOW 21st june

    Chris Widman is just not good enough to be in the Warriors team . He poodles around at the back & the only points he picks up is when other riders fall or have engine failures. He is not even good enough to be able to score anything when he will eventually drop down to reserve. It’s about time for the Warriors to unload him & give a chance to a rider who at least will give it a go. Maybe look into the possibility of getting McCauley Leek in on his outgoing Mildenhall average of 2.86 (as of 20/6). If not Sean Tedham could comeback as he loved his time on the island last year. Other possibilities the Warriors could look at are William O’Keefe, Jamie Cousins or even maybe trying to persuade Connor Locke to make a comeback to racing. All 5 riders mentioned would definitely do a better job then Widman. I know blood is thicker than water but it’s about time the Promoters, Dad Martin Widman & Barry Bishop say enough is enough and show Chris the door.
  8. dave1075

    Eastbourne 2019

    Of the 32 meetings Lakeside rode in 2018 including Championship, Championship Shield & KO Cup, Ben Morley rode at reserve in 15 of those matches ( 9 away & 6 at home ). Of those 6 at home 4 were at Lakeside, due to lack of meetings in June, July & August ( Thanks to Mr Godfrey ) & 2 at Rye House. So for Hunters to say that Ben's average was arrived as being at reserve is incorrect, as he rode at No 2 for 17 matches. He started the season well acheiving scores of 4 at Peterborough, 8+1 at Berwick & 7+3 at Ipswich. He then suffered a fractured wrist at Redcar at the end of May when being taken out & hitting the 2nd bend safety fence. He then returned to the reserve berth for 11 fixtures in the aforementioned June, Juy & August scoring 5&1 at Scunthorpe, 6 at Sheffield, 5+1 at Ipswich & 4 at Newcastle. before moving up to No2 again for 8 meetings in September. Ben then went back down to reserve for the play-offs & Shield final in October and as a result Ben achieved an average of 5.93 Inc bonus over the whole season. Also it shows that winning the National League riders Championship makes Ben a good choice to be able to ride in Championship 2nd string position. By the way congratulations should be given to the Eastbourne management & promotion for selecting 7 British riders to represent them if the 3 remaining riders are those mentioned in previous threads.
  9. dave1075

    Isle of Wight 2019

    This seven could do the business. What do others think & what would your seven be. 1.Ben Morley 9.13 2. Danno Verge 4.83 3. Rob Shuttleworth 6.05 4. Taylor Hampshire 5.11 5. Connor Coles 6.53 6. Jamie Bursill 2.00 7. Chad Wirtzfeld 2.00 Total 35.65
  10. dave1075

    NL AGM 2018

    So with 7 riders per team building to a 36 point limit its going to be tight for any riders with averages over 7.5 getting a place unless a team can get any of the 2.0 riders that are available. With the likes of Dan Gilkes, Dan & Joe Thompson & Chad Wirtzfield. I'm sorry but i couldn't think of any more names so it looks like of all the 8 teams competing in the NL will be on the lookout for the next MDL superstar. No disrespect to any riders with a 5 - 6 average but who will want to pay £12 to watch these riders riding at numbers one & five.
  11. dave1075

    Why win the league ?

    Should have said downward & not down wood, ( bloody prodictive text )
  12. dave1075

    Why win the league ?

    No doubting the team that top the league after completing the season should be crowned champions as they have earned the right. As a point of interest what actually do they recieve from doing so. Is there a cash incentive for winning the title or does it bring in any more sponsorship or any more supporters the following season, I think not as evidence from crowds dwindling & riders calling it a day as no money is coming back into the sport. It's good to see training schools bringing on new riders & clearly they are making it pay through training fees, but what happens when these riders break through only to find they will have no competitive speedway to take part in. Sorry to say speedway is on a downward spiral and unless a complete 're think for the way ahead & an independent control board put in place can this sport get there.
  13. dave1075

    Plymouth 2018

    I was at the meeting as I was spannering for Ben Morley & I think you'll find it was Alfie Bowtell who fell in Heat 15 as Ben was not even in the line up and as for Heat 1 Ben was riding as you say through the dirt and was leading comfortably until he picked up some grip upon hitting a hole going into bend 3 on lap 4 & by the time he gained some control he spun his back end around. He sustained a badly twisted knee resulting in him pushing ( limping ) over the finish line. Ben spoke to the clerk of the course & the referee to see if some track work could be done before racing commenced only to find that the hole would be filled, which was pointless as it appeared again the very next race. This was a quick fix so that racing could continue. There was further falls from other riders during the meeting & even Plymouth captain Henry Atkins spoke to Ben after Heat 5 when they met each other to say that he felt the track was rough after both himself & Ben had lifted coming out of bend 2 after avoiding the fallen Callum Walker. After chatting with Ben during the meeting we were only to happy to get through the meeting unscathed. I can appreciate that the sun & heat we are experiencing at the moment negates getting moisture into the track but the track that night was not great and a rider of Ben's experience does not come off his bike that often. Dave Longman ( Ben Morleys mechanic )
  14. Will be interesting to see where the riders 55 vans will be parked also where they will be able to house 110 bikes in the pits. Another thing will the riders that don't make the final also be made to stay in the stadium like all the fans will have to after until the meeting has finished.

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