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  1. Will be interesting to see where the riders 55 vans will be parked also where they will be able to house 110 bikes in the pits. Another thing will the riders that don't make the final also be made to stay in the stadium like all the fans will have to after until the meeting has finished.
  2. dave1075

    Rye House 2018

    No thanks. All 3 of them will struggle more then Max to get around Rye. With 3.81 points to play with should the promotion go back to looking at getting Ben Morley back if his average fits. He's riding the best I've seen him at the moment scoring well for both Lakeside & IOW. He has improved on his averages in both the Championship & National leagues with a 5.16 ave in the CL & a 10.40 ave in the NL. Also as a No 7 will score more around Rye than any of the 3 mentioned above.
  3. dave1075

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    OK with Jamie Sealey confirmed how about these 2 to finish the side. George Hunter (5.43) & Layne Cupitt (4.00)
  4. dave1075

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    With 12.44 points left would Luke Priest, Chris Widman & Tyler Govier fit the final 3 places.
  5. dave1075

    Rye House 2018

    Whilst listening to the podcast & Steve Jensen interview, it came across that Warren Scott & BMR's success in their touring car operation was to get the best possible people around them by getting formula one engineers & mechanics as well as the best drivers in Colin Turkington, Jason Plato & Ash Sutton. Obviously Warren & Steve know that for the Rockets to be the best they have to get the best. So don't be surprised that the World Champion could be the man to lead them this coming season whatever the cost. The BMR promotion have done a great job in the 3 years they have been in charge & everyone is looking forward for the season to start.
  6. dave1075

    Kings V Budgies Play Off Semi Leg1

    They could use Tom Bacon he is on 8.54 So the Eagles could line up as 1. Bailey 2. R/R for Powell 3. Brennan 4. Wood 5. Bacon (G) 6. Edwards or Kemp (G) 7. Bates if your source is correct Connor has pulled off another trick within the rules. Fair play to him for trying to achieve the best for his team & their supporters
  7. dave1075

    Kings V Budgies Play Off Semi Leg1

    Wiliamson's average is too high to replace Knight
  8. It's very good to see that Stefan Nielsen is back racing but I see that he is coming in on a 5.53 average and that has taken Scunthorpe's re-declared 1-7 over the 40 point mark. I take it that as the B.S.P.A have allowed this is all o.k for team to re-declare over the 40 point limit.
  9. dave1075

    Lakeside 2017

    I can appreciate what a lot of posters are saying about Dave Mason not being possibly a heat leader standard nowadays & that he is not the greatest of travellers. But I cannot see many of the posters coming up with other possible names that's left at the average that was available. Also looking further as the season progresses I can see that Dave Mason will be a good back up 2nd string when either George Hunter or Alfie Bowtell up their average & become the 3rd heat leader.
  10. dave1075

    Lakeside 2017

    As mentioned earlier with the likes of Jack Smith & Rob Shuttleworth already signed for Glasgow & Workington respectively in the CL, this would have involved a lot of travelling for both as well as probably running R/R when missing. Nathan Stoneman would have been a good choice & might of been asked but declined , we will never know also I'm sure if Shane Hazeldean was fully fit for the start of the season he would have been an option but these are the circumstances & Dave Mason is the promotions choice with the average that was available. One thing for sure is that many visiting riders including their heat leaders will be taking their first laps around Lakeside & won't find it to easy to negotiate one thing Dave Mason won't need to worry about.
  11. How can Rob Branford guest for a PL no7 when he wasn't eligible at the start of the season. How can Rob Branford guest for a PL no7 when he wasn't eligible at the start of the season.
  12. It would be great if the original Kent King, Ben Morley was asked to be guest as he loved riding for the club & the fans that backed him. Also it would be fitting to have the reining N.L.riders champion pairing up with his N.L. Pairs partner Danny Ayres again to gain Kent their first team trophy that has eluded them in the past. Go on Chris or Len get on the phone to Ben & book him for Monday.
  13. Would just like to say what a great job the BMR Promotion & team management are doing with getting the feel good factor back at Rye. The team spirit in the pits is excellent with all the lads rallying around & helping each other. Peter Schroeck's team talk at the interval must of been inspirational by the way the lad's responded. The grin on Peter Karger's face from ear to ear after his Ht 11 win was great to see. Obviously from a personal reason it was great to see Ben Morley top score but it was a terrific all round team performance gaining victory from the jaws of defeat. Also it's good to see a lot of the old faces & supporters who were lost under the previous promotion returning to come and say they are happy to be back and are enjoying watching the speedway at Rye. Best wishes to Leigh & Peter on their speedy recoveries and seeing everyone again on Bank Holiday Monday.
  14. dave1075

    Raiders 2016

    Although the promotion / management have stated that they would like to pick their 6 & 7 from the Sunday training school. I would like to see Luke Harris & Jamie Couzens given a go if no one suitable can be found.

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