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  1. 00000

    Redcar v Eastbourne 2/7/21

    Who would you replace Eddie Kennett with? We can't bring in foreign riders due to work permits and there doesn't seem to be any English riders around. Adam Ellis, for eg, has an average that is far too high and the Polish lower leagues plough on - no good for us as a Sat/Sun track. Actually, I think the drop in averages get the Eastbourne riders in the right places. I have never thought Eddie was the man for heat one. Richard Lawson is the man for that job. It brings Richard and Lewi together for heat 13 and no doubt 15; Eddie gets a nice run of rides at No 3 and an opportunity to flourish. Kyle in heat 8 and Tom in heat 14 are pivotal races and we look good there. I like Tom at 4; reminds me of when Cam Woodward was the man at 4 and what a difference that made. We've had a break between meetings and maybe Eddie is getting his engines sorted and with a bit more track time will fly.
  2. 00000

    Eastbourne 2020

    A. Have you got your ticket? No on-the-day cash/card admission B. Eastbourne have their own weather forecast expert who says it looks that things will be OK. C. If I was you, I would get a few hours south on Saturday and check again; ie: don't get to Brighton before looking. Have a stop at around 10am and see what the news is.
  3. 00000

    Brummies Season Halted |

    One would hope so. £1 doesn't buy a cup a coffee - or even half a cup!
  4. 00000

    Is anyone losing interest

    Sunday afternoon fixtures at Arlington are planned when the team have had a long haul to the north on a Friday night. Most of the team wouldn't get home and into bed until 5am on the Saturday morning. The club announced some long time ago that they would run on a Sunday after a long run to the north on a Friday to to look after their riders health and safety. Yes, a club looking after its riders (and the supporters who make these long trips). And, by the way, Eastbourne have a long and successful tradition of running meetings on a Sunday afternoon. It is part of the club's history and it still remains a popular time with many supporters.
  5. Some cracking stuff in Championship already this year
  6. Is the signing of Sam Hagon an indication that Stars dropping down next year? He could be a good RS in the Championship in 2022
  7. 00000

    Eastbourne 2021

    Joe Alcock in place of Chad. Looks like Chad not doing Speedway any more. Good chance for Joe coming soon after his Newcastle woes. Good luck - loads of opportunities at Arlington, young man, if you have the get go.
  8. 00000

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Think that's the case. Cant do 3 leagues.
  9. 00000

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne 20/6

    Therein lies the problem for Mildenhall Speedway.
  10. 00000

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne 20/6

    If you live on the Sussex coast you need to leave before 11 to ensure you get to Mildenhall in time for a 3pm start
  11. 00000

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne 20/6

    Mildenhall call off notice refers to decision being made to save unnecessary journeys. It came far too late for that.
  12. That's right - £10 adult admission for the Eastbourne Seagulls v Kent Royals at Arlington Stadium on Saturday, June 19. I've seen so much on here about that's what people want for NDL speedway. Well, Eastbourne have gone and done it. See you there. Tickets on sale now via the Eastbourne Speedway website. No walk-ups on the day.
  13. And a very generous one too. Money where mouth is!!!
  14. 00000

    Ten quid speedway

    Sadly, the rain has cause postponement of Seagulls v Royals on Saturday.
  15. 00000

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Get your ticket today, if I was you.
  16. 00000

    Kent v Plymouth 15th June

    You probably didn't miss an awful lot
  17. 00000

    Wolves Closure

    Don't know the answer to that. I was told by Martin Rogers that the rug was pulled late in the day for the following season
  18. 00000

    Wolves Closure

    Everything was set up by Rogers for the next season until the rug was pulled late in the day. He had no inkling that the last match would be the last match.
  19. 00000

    Ten quid speedway

    Great...Berwick are another progressive promotion.
  20. Engine failed - not a chain
  21. Fake news alert. Fake news.
  22. I said earlier in week that RR would be at 4. I stand by that. The teams are in riding order on the club website

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