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  1. That's how to break the Pirates' hearts.
  2. 00000

    Kings Lynn v Wolves 27/5

    I have just checked the averages and he is 3 out of 6 in Premiership--better figure than I thought. Read through the teams and the standard is no better than CL. I was dreaming of the days when No1s were No1s.
  3. 00000

    Kings Lynn v Wolves 27/5

    I never thought Cook was cut it as a No 1 in this league. Also, when Proctor rode for Lynn a few years ago he was swamped far too often down the back straight off bend 2.
  4. 00000

    Eastbourne 2020

    Why should it be guests? I think the obvious way forward is R/R for one (Tom) and a chance for a Seagull to become an Eagle. Look at the score chart from Leicester last week and there are your likely candidates. It will another reason why those with ambition will want to shine with the Seagulls. Growing Our Own is very much the way forward for Eastbourne and I would suggest the rest of British Speedway. Nathan Ablitt's travel bill to Arlington is hardly likely to break the bank, just for example, rather than importing someone from half-way across the country. (for those of you who don't know Nathan lives within earshot of Arlington).
  5. 00000

    Kent vs Eastbourne (KOC) Tuesday 25th

    Did it rain today in Sittingbourne?
  6. 00000

    Poole Pirates 2021

    That's funny---of course it is hardly a USA-style Freeway down to the stadium!
  7. 00000

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Agree about Poole's location. Easy walk from railway station, hotels nearby as is the High Street and the Quay. Couldn't be better from a visiting fan's perspective. When I have been, I notice a lot of people walking to/from the stadium. Not many walk to Arlington, for example!
  8. Happy this morning – just checked by emails and refund confirmation from Eastbourne Speedway for the postponed match against Newcastle had dropped in quite a while before. Thank you Eastbourne for being so prompt. To be honest, I didn't expect any issues because this is how Eastbourne Speedway looks after fans. This is just typical of the club's way of doing business and getting on with so quickly stops you sitting wondering what's going on. Eastbourne certainly put the customer first and means you can buy tickets with confidence.
  9. In fairness to Old Bob, his comment could have been a reply to my post. I had made a similar comment on one his earlier in the week on a Kent thread. A bit of deep irony going on, maybe.
  10. The photos on the club website show what it was like at Arlington Stadium which, of course, is where it counts. When the match was called off, where I live north of the stadium, it was dry and had been since 7.30am. After lunch, I went for a longish walk and got soaked by a downpour, dried out and then soaked again before I reached home. That's the nature of showers, I am afraid. Today is just the same. I have driven from one side of town to the other. I set off in sunshine and when my 10mins journey was done, it was pouring down.
  11. Arlington hit by cloudburst. Track flooded - pic on Eastbourne website. It's sheeting it down where I live.
  12. 00000

    Eastbourne 2021

    It was a super fightback - they didn't let their heads drop. Nathan Ablitt was a little star.
  13. You can never be content with a home defeat and Lynn fans will never in a million years will be content with losing at home to Ipswich. Manager has not connected with the fans on this one. Crowd a sell-out 1,590 (press report)
  14. 00000

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Government ministers now saying off the record that chances of June 21 lifting are zero.
  15. 00000

    Poole Pirates 2021

    It is all slipping away.
  16. 00000

    Attendance Figures

    Typical Leicester.
  17. 00000

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    See the Leicester rule has been applied
  18. 00000


    You will like this as the Publisher. Actually I think less is more-- the 64 pages is tighter, more focussed on what most (uk) fans are looking for. You Polish coverage is good and appreciated (+Sweden, Denmark) but I am not sure the preview needs to be (was it?) 128 pages. Personal view, I know, but I can imagine how the financials stack up.
  19. 00000


    Alphabet order helps the reader who wants to dip in and out before settling down for the big read. Anyway, those predictions tended to be poor when the honours were dished out.
  20. 00000


    Excellent season preview edition. It will take some time to read it all; the 64 pages are packed with content and the presentation and design is superb. Top job by everyone at the Star and as Phil Lanning pointed out on social media, for less than a coffee at a High Street national chain. I would add to that: where the claim to be coffee is debatable. No debate about this week's Speedway Star...in fact, it is five stars!
  21. 00000

    Covid Plans

    Not sure on that but I'm told Eastbourne have talked to other clubs about what they are doing.
  22. 00000

    Covid Plans

    Online for the Eastbourne Eagles and the ticket sales site has been running for weeks. Go to the website for details...easy to book.
  23. 00000

    Kent Kings 2020?

    So where's the official photo? Or is that it?

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