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  1. 6 minutes ago, old bob at herne bay said:

    No prizes for guessing in which group I sit ;-)


    I think most of them are in the same group- and in a nutshell that is speedway's problem. An audience that is literally withering away.

    Too few of us 'skivers' allegedly working from home.


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  2. 13 minutes ago, Sir Sidney said:

    I came to quite a few of the meetings so yes. I think the NDL at that point was a great product.

    I think this year, with the imposed new model, there are simply insufficient numbers of teams to create enough meetings for a stand alone team. That is why I think it is unsustainable, rather than the quality of the racing and the number of supporters who would attend. 

    End of 2018 when the club won league and cup, the attendances were surprisingly low for such a powerful and entertaining team.

  3. 25 minutes ago, Sir Sidney said:

    Although of course BSPL has changed the NDL model dramatically by imposing a new operating model this year  - so really not sustainable for a stand alone team 

    Did you see the attendances in the last season of NDL?

  4. 4 minutes ago, arnieg said:

    Now that we've reached the endgame it would be helpful to understand what went wrong. Looking from the outside, at the start of the season, if asked to rank tracks most at risk of closure I think Eastbourne would have been quite low in my list (and most people's standings too)

    What went wrong?

    People didn't go in sufficient numbers. 

    The audience for speedway on a regular basis in East Sussex has withered away to a few hundred.

  5. 1 minute ago, Piotr Pyszny said:

    Out of interest, what have the attendances been at Eastbourne this season?

    Under Covid restrictions, I read they could have 1,000 people in the stadium. That probably meant 900 fans with the other 100 or maybe a bit less being riders, mechanics staff etc. 

    Poole was a sell-out (ie around 900). That was the top crowd. They dropped away thereafter and fell noticeably for Scunthorpe. Leicester didn't look very good and Plymouth was really no better than the NDL crowds of the past.

    The drops were most noticeable drop came after the end of all restrictions..


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  6. 54 minutes ago, gazzac said:

    Won't make any difference to  Leicester getting into the play offs really and more or less nailed on Poole will come top, then you've still every chance if everyone performs as they should. 

    What matters is where the Eastbourne riders go, if the club closes...deadline day Friday.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Piotr Pyszny said:

    It was this:

    We have been asked by the BSPL Management Committee not to make any detailed statement today, as we had planned.

    We remain in constant contact and communication with the Management Committee and they have requested us to make no further comment while various options and avenues are considered.

    Whilst we are sure that this is frustrating for you, our supporters – and for us – it does allow us the opportunity to optimise all our energies on working through various options and solutions for the short, medium and long-term future.

    Further detailed updates will follow as soon as possible.

    The statement is there, slightly amended from the above.

  8. Best wishes to the new King's Lynn team manager, Alex. I'm sure he knows the importance of any success for the Stars at Foxhall and will not need any telling how it will boost morale.

    Good luck also to the Lewi Kerr and Richard Lawson - ride well, win and stay safe. We need you at Arlington on Saturday.

    And, of course, good luck to every single member of the Stars team.

    Go lads.



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  9. 7 minutes ago, hawks 1975 said:

    Who is the mystery rider with loads of British League experience, who would need a work permit?

    Assuming the new rider does not ride in Poland, or in the Tuesday night top Swedish league, the only names I can come up with as possibles are:

    A Czech - Matej Kus?

    A Dane: Kenneth Hanson, Rene Bach, Mads Kornelliussen, Patrick Hougaard, or Lasse Bjerre?

    An Aussie: Kozza Smith or Mason Campton?

    It might well be that some of these might even have packed up the game by now! 

    My best guess, assuming I am right in saying he doesn't ride in Sweden,  would be Lasse Bjerre.

    Let's just hope Uncle Len pulls a worthwhile rabbit out of the hat!

    oh, they have some one lined up


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