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  1. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    I don't think we will find any common ground.
  2. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    That's my opinion. I, for one, cannot see Danny Ayres becoming a top league heat leader and riding for England; nor Dan Halsey. Nice enough blokes but not development talent.
  3. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    You miss the point totally. it is about age and development potential. look where Ellis is now. Bwd came in on a five ...look where he is now.
  4. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    Age has everything to do with it. The league is called National Development League - like it loath it. I think it should be Division 3 but then I don't make the rules [thank god, some will say]. Drew Kemp is a red herring in this discussion. He was too young when he was 14 to ride in the NDL and he was too young to ride in the Championship when he was 15.
  5. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    It is an age thing, plus development potential. I would say Perks and Clegg are young enough and have shown they can operate at a higher level. Danny Halsey, I would group with Ayres. Don’t know ages of Wilson/Wallinger so can’t comment. It is the BSPA which wants the younger riders with potential in the NDL, hoping others would move up.
  6. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    Mildenhall, although small, does ride like a bigger track – so I'm told [ not from personal experience, you understand!]
  7. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    Good move for Jason. 2019 is his exam year so Sundays for home meetings makes sense
  8. Richard Weston

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Riss stormed it at home but was adrift at Poole when it mattered
  9. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    An age limit would have been sensible.
  10. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    I do not disagree on that. However, the BSPA have very much made the third tier development rather than division three. I don’t see the development potential.
  11. Richard Weston

    Commentator of the Year

    Thanks for the information on Freeview. I certainly haven’t got it but will reload and see what happens. I have noticed that Freeview channels are different, depending on where you live. Missed the Speedway Star feature in the summer. Probably appeared when I was on holiday and didn’t get the magazine.
  12. Richard Weston

    Commentator of the Year

    Just the wireless lol
  13. Richard Weston

    Commentator of the Year

    Yes - no sign of those channels
  14. Richard Weston

    Mildenhall 2019

    Too old
  15. Richard Weston

    KENT 2019

    Doubt he is going to develop into a GP star. Let him ride at Lydd rather than takeaway a team place from an up-and-coming teenager.

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