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  1. Can see Eastbourne being near to bottom of the table after this weekend and will have raced 3-4 more fixtures than the clubs closely behind them. Play off hopes bleak for eagles
  2. TurnTwo

    Mildenhall v IOW Sun 11th aug

    I see your points I just think Bowtell is a better rider than Kingsley that’s all
  3. TurnTwo

    Mildenhall v IOW Sun 11th aug

    Surely milfenhall would have signed Bowtell a proven number one as opposed to Kingsley who struggled at one last year? I like Ryan. But any replacement for Ayres other than wood/mountain at nl level weakens them
  4. Well that’s a long read lol. I suspect with Vatcher being there, the referee will have reported the incident involving cook, Eastbourne will report it too. It will go to a hearing. Most likely cause is that the scb will like to nip it in the bud as if the trackstaff man looks for legal advice on grounds of assault it will bring the sport into disrupt. Didn’t something like this happen at Coventry with sarj & greaves. And the received a 24 month warning or something?
  5. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Sad if so.
  6. TurnTwo

    eagles v rebels sat 27 july

    In fairness to Bowtell he went under Kurtz on turn 3 the other day and didn’t make contact and not many people can go that tight into turn 3! I’ve only seen cook and Nicholls to it to Kennett so far this year
  7. TurnTwo

    Kent Kings vs Leicester Cubs

    When is ruddick due back?
  8. TurnTwo

    Somerset 2019

  9. TurnTwo

    Kent Kings vs Leicester Cubs

    With gilkes and Ablitt only needing to complete one more fixture to get an average it’s not looking great for Kent with the uncertainty of spooners fitness dropping to reserve and a big score from Ablitt could see him leapfrog ledwith too?
  10. TurnTwo

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Knew I wasn’t going mad in my old age just yet - thank you.
  11. TurnTwo

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    I think Ablitt’s problem is he never really did much competitive racing on a 500? As opposed to the Thompson twins and Palin who did a lot of before meeting races and the whole winter amateur meetings at Scunthorpe etc. He only raced the 250 then when it came to racing the 500 he actually had very little experience on it hence why he’s so raw and crashes?
  12. TurnTwo

    Eastbourne 2019

    And in fairness to bowtell he has ridden at 3 something which Brennan wood nor Morley have done..and he’s been out at 6 the harder number of the two reserve spots
  13. TurnTwo

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Wasn’t there a review in the speedway star at the start of the year saying there would be potential injuries at Kent due to the nature of the riders I can’t remember if it was a fan like previous years or club one by the press officers of the clubs but I believe I read it somewhere?
  14. TurnTwo

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    There aren’t many riders on 6.53 or less averages to go in place of ledwith so Kent will just have to run rr for spooner (not terrible as Ablitt and Gilkes can take rides) and use guest like Edwards for ledwith
  15. TurnTwo

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    How one earth can they fit 9 point riders in?? They had the chance to replace Kemp with Bowen or bowtell who would never drop their starting average by 2 points and they’ve missed that chance now the averages have all inflated (mainly ledwith). As it is apparent Kemp a great talent his average was mainly attained from spending so long at reserve last year at Mildenhall)

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