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  1. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Strongest top 4 in the league I feel. Tail is a bit long. Nevertheless they will make the play offs.
  2. TurnTwo

    Stoke 2019

    Personally think embleton would have been a better choice
  3. TurnTwo

    Plymouth 2019

    Anything that helps the speedway is good. Things need to change and that’s what they have done. Good on them for trying something new
  4. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Definitely play offs with no more advantage
  5. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    I haven’t said you can’t say what you want. Nobody can stop the freedom of speech. But what I can do is pick you up on a point made by yourself that makes you look quite stupid mac 101 and sings can clearly see that too and surely even with your rose tinted glasses must be able to see that not all of the team aren’t in that wage maybe your family member was but that was it if so.
  6. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    I think what you will find is all the riders would have been told to tell one another they’re on 20 so that there is no contraversey. Then when they get their wages the rest would have been topped up. Having sponsored one of the team previously I know they were not on 20. But if Len has to pay those sorts of wages to field a winning team to get bums on seats then so be it.
  7. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Clegg and Brennan are just as good as Morley and wood, if Halsey can fire like everyone knows he can same with Harris I don’t see any other top 4 equal to them
  8. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Strong team though best top 3 in the league and if Harris signs probably the strongest number 4.
  9. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    Biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard. You mean to tell me that Hurry, Bowen & Boxall we’re riding for £20pp I think you’ll find all 3 were probably closer to double that.
  10. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    I am not no, but I have previously sponsored one of the former kings and it seems that all riders are very open within the team who’s on what etc. I would expect Kent to be the highest paying team, as well as possibly Cradley being two clubs with larger fan bases.
  11. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    Kent’s number one will be on 30-35£ a point a tyre will be provided for his home and away fixtures (same with the rest of the team) 20pence a mile - more than championship riders they ride for 0.15p per mile. Fuel and oil allowance I expect. Probably a signing on fee too. The other heat leaders will be on £25 a point then probably 30 if they hit a certain amount. Second strings 20 up to a certain point then 25 and the reserves 20. All plus signing on fees if they’re full assets I presume they will be having engines and frame kits like stoneman Rowe Thomas and Hampshire previously.
  12. TurnTwo

    Top heavy teams

    3 good consistent heat leaders and one second string to pick up 4 points and a reserve to beat its opposing match in all its races and you have a winning team
  13. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    Kent Belle Vue Leicester and Cradley look the strongest with Belle Vue home knowledge making them favourites
  14. TurnTwo

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    I recall him riding at Edinburgh then scoring a maximum at Belle Vue
  15. TurnTwo

    KENT 2019

    Jake Knight?

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