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  1. TurnTwo

    2020 NL Season

    I’d still bet the points money is quite a bit higher in the top league than the middle..
  2. TurnTwo

    2020 NL Season

    You don’t think CL racing or PL racing is considerably more????
  3. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    Eurosport confirmed so that’s 1/4 of cvs talk last night correct
  4. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    Cvs confirmed Kent applied to go premiership guess the terrace talk was correct blue herb
  5. Called that one didn’t I, now time to try my luck on the lottery..
  6. Taken from the Scunthorpe website: LINE-UP: 1. Ryan Kinsley (Mildenhall), 2. Kyle Bickley (Belle Vue), 3. Jordan Palin (Belle Vue), 4. Ben Morley (Isle of Wight), 5. Ellis Perks (Leicester), 6. Joe Thompson (Leicester), 7. Dan Thompson (Leicester), 8. Joe Lawlor (Stoke), 9. Jason Edwards (Mildenhall), 10. Danno Verge (Isle of Wight), 11. Drew Kemp (Kent), 12. Leon Flint (Belle Vue), 13. Tom Young (Plymouth), 14. Anders Rowe (Kent), 15. Connor Coles (Stoke), 16. Jack Smith (Cradley). Looking at the line up for me, it’s perks to lose. Kemp will be there or there about a if he has no mechanical issues and I feel that Kingsley can cause an upset. The big spoiler for me will be Rowe...they have an amateur meeting on in the morning so the track is going to be as hard as the M1 and I fancy a slick circle to suit Anders to a T. May the best rider win.
  7. TurnTwo

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    We’re the Cradley crowds at Perry barr in 2015 far lower? And what was the crowd size the other evening?
  8. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    It’s the talk of the terraces. Planning only allows Monday. Monday’s premiership fixed race nights, Len doesn’t want to keep selling poor fixtures to fans with a watered down nl at the price he’s charging
  9. TurnTwo

    Eastbourne 2019

    He will get a 2.5% reduction
  10. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    With Kent supposedly moving to the premiership next year a win would have been nice a “promotion” pr could have been run sadly can’t see that but it’s not over til the fat lady sings... she’s certainly cleared her throat though
  11. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    Falling at the last hurdle is an understatement unfortunately for the kings. Too much pressure on too younger shoulders perhaps?
  12. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    Echo what s4s is saying
  13. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    Must be a better double act than Pearson/Tatum or Chapman/Godfrey lol
  14. TurnTwo

    Play-off final

    I think with the fast starting ruddick back and embo at reserve over Rymac, Leicester could win at Kent. Massive loss in perks.. Morley should suffice but he’s not the revelation perks has been this year

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