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  1. TurnTwo

    Eastbourne v Mildenhall 22/9/18

    Just having looked at the ‘avereages’ section on the SoeedwayGb site after noticing on another post that hurry’s average drops next month I thought I’d have a look. I see kemp goes to number 1 with Ayres average dropping to second and bailey third (not sure if his season is finished) but if it is then bailey can be replaced other than Clegg nobody that really stands out for me especially round Mildenhall. As well as that Powell drops to reserve with Spiller at 2 making the eagles much stronger just from previous track expirence. Powell taking potentially one of Spiller rides and one of brooks too. Maybe a shake up in the title race across a two legged tie?
  2. TurnTwo

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Kemp - massive improvement mountain - improved out and out number 1 thomas - establishes heat leader not quite a #1 yet but expect him to be at that stage end of this season. Rowe - has impressed me, can’t see him going much further in the ladder but done better than I ever imagined - well done Atkins - very impressive especially around Plymouth & the very slick tracks. Hume - I wonder if he will ever get a crack at speedway as he always gets injured unfortunately. Spooner - definitely stepped up as one of the better reserves Marson - a good reserve I can’t see him being much better than a second string away from Mildenhall though, has quite an awkward riding style I noticed at Cradley. Kinsley - heeps of improvement. Still really a second string though I don’t think he’s a solid heat leader yet especially away from mildenhall lawlor - very inconsistent but he can ride bv as quick as Bickley brennan - watched him round Eastbourne he can be untouchable. Expect him to make the jump up a league next year. Brooks - looks to have learned how to gate, he does get very close to the fence at times. Edwards - overlooked by many as not quite flint or Kemp but he is very good makes it look effortless. Jenkins - looking back to his best, doesn’t seem to be as potent away from west row but still puts in a strong shift future looks bright for these kids you think you could have an U18 team of kemp brennan Bickley Jenkins
  3. TurnTwo


    Also made the European u19 final I think Kinsley is yet to ride on the continent
  4. TurnTwo


    I understand he is 3rd but he’s a better rider than Kinsley...
  5. TurnTwo


    Bit harsh..
  6. TurnTwo


    How did Kinsley get in over brennan
  7. TurnTwo

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    2019 him and Ablitt Eastbourne reserves? He has been there with reading all year after all?
  8. TurnTwo

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    I think you could add Georgie wood to the list of impressive riders has stepped up like Bacon an out and out number 1 has recorded: 9 maximums at home this season just from looking at speedway updates (not sure if he got many away)
  9. TurnTwo

    Birmingham 2018

    Wolverhampton? Surely they have one spare week from now til 31st October?
  10. TurnTwo

    Birmingham 2018

    Challenge match v Cradley? Home and away revenue for both clubs with two big crowds?
  11. TurnTwo


    As stated above surely it’s got to be: 1 Kyle Bickley BV 2 Ben Wilson BUX 3 Georgie Wood EAS 4 Jack Thomas (Hurry injured) KEN 5 Henry Atkins (Perks injured) PLY 6 Leon Flint (No Brum rider available higher) BRU 7 Connor Mountain COV 8 Alfie Bowtell IOW 9 Drew Kemp (Ayres injured) MIL 10 Max Clegg (Atkin hasn’t ridden half the season) STO Then the next top 6 averaged riders: 11 Ben Morley IOW 8.98 12 Jack Smith BV 8.30 13 Nathan Stoneman KEN 8.29 14 Mark Baseby EAS 8.24 15 Tom Brennan EAS 8.13 16 Tom Perry BV 7.67 17 Local reserve 18 Local reserve Next available would be Jon armstrong and Ryan Kinsley
  12. TurnTwo

    Play Off Run In

    I agree but credit where credits due, Adam Sheppard’s return to the sport has been his best yet even if he is only scoring a couple of points he’s getting faster be a good addition to a team next year on a 3 point average and some help
  13. TurnTwo

    Play Off Run In

    Eastbourne now confirmed unless something weird happens, Dugard Jnr didn’t need his extension. Mildenhall v Eastbourne in both finals. I reckon mildy will pick Kent
  14. TurnTwo

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    What a ridiculous comment. Although rivals you should not want to see any team not racing next season. The Cradley following is massive and one that I’m sure any West Midlands club would welcome with open arms. At the end of the day this sport needs fans not to turn them away the revenue they generate for the Home team when racing away is massive for the club I’m sure it was Birmingham biggest crowd this year when they were there?
  15. TurnTwo

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Unless chattin retires from the meeting after heat 2 in which Andrews can take 7 rides?

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