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  1. Ipswich 2018

    What has Covatti achieved so far this season points wise I haven’t been following that closely but of someone on a 7.49 avg couldn’t you swap him for the likes of Kennett Then run the riding order King,Hartel,Kennett,Heeps,Schlein,Mountain,Hune
  2. Isle Of Wight 2018

    At home they will be hard to beat at Atkins is good enough to be the 3rd heat leader there, away from home I don’t think they will always be that amazing. Roynon - out and out number 1, RTD at 2 should be hitting 6 Home and away. Bradley Andrews I think may be a bit out of his depth at 4. Cockle is a good number 5 not the best but will best pretty much all second strings and a majority of his races at home against other heat leaders based purely on his gating ability and size as a rolling road block. Andrews has been around a long time and at reserve should clean up all heat 2s & 14s. Leek isn’t going to get any better. They’re best of swapping leek and Andrews round
  3. Coventry Promotion

    Surely it’s just Neil & Mick?
  4. British Under 21

    I see the Eastbourne riders were practicing - nice home track advantage for those 3
  5. British Under 21

    It is at Birmingham isn’t it?
  6. British Under 21

    Not really sure if this is the correct place to have this topic but couldn’t see it anywhere else and most of the field is National League riders anyway. What are everybodies predictions to join Bewley & Lambert I’m going to say: Eastbourne Wajtknecht / Clegg / Shanes / Bailey / Brennan / Mountain / Kemp - edging it over Jenkins & Edwards Newcastle Greaves / Smith / Thomas / Bickley / Bowtell / Flint / Lawlor
  7. Colts v Bees - 30/3/18

    I think Halder could be the godsend Coventry need this year at reserve as no disrespect to McDonald he isn’t going to ever make that jump from Mdl to nl
  8. Eastbourne 2018

    He spannered for Bowtell all last year there didn’t he?
  9. Buxton

    Long ol journey for shaneo every week
  10. Birmingham 2018

  11. Predictions

    Dugard has far more ability than Kinsley I just don’t think he will ever get much better than what he is due to lack of effort
  12. Eastbourne 2018

    Agree completely he was piling in the points before his injury
  13. Stoke

    Around lakeside both are better than Clegg and waj has more growth than both
  14. Birmingham 2018

    He does work for David mason doesn’t he?
  15. Birmingham 2018

    Got to be grasstracker