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  1. Thanks for clarifying. Doesn't look as if it's that far removed from the rules of yesteryear so probably just my imagination that it seems as though it takes longer for averages to change when big improvements in form or of course dips in form. Although I think it used to be in a new season the new GSA took effect based on was it first 6 matches so I guess that was maybe quicker to show up changes in form in a new season compared with now last 20 meetings and stretching back to matches in the previous season.
  2. Re the above in answer to another poster saying Rory's average on the BSPA website is over 9. I should say straight off that I don't know. I used to understand the GSA averages and unless my memory is becoming even more fuzzy it used to be quite simple. However these days are the averages not on something like a 12 month rolling average (I don't know cos I lost interest in all that stuff when it became too complicated) which seems to partly account for disparities in a rider's actual scoring average for this season so far. Then there's whether it includes bonus points for team building, and reductions for this and that. And of course whether it includes only League matches or also including KO Cup and other matches. Apologies, I'm sure that was of absolutely no help whatsoever. I gave up trying to explain the averages system to friends and workmates a long time ago.
  3. Not so. Many websites would use the word "they" or "the" (name of club) so as to maintain objectivity (if you check you will find that this is more often the case). Different if a person is being quoted within "inverted commas" and only then the word "we" will appear, but not in the words of the reporter which will be "they" or "the" (name of club). The point Bagpuss seemed to touch upon was that Mr Hunter tends to present an all too partisan and personalised approach. While in some ways there's not much wrong with being passionate etc and you know what you will get with Mike (I for one reckon he is an honest chap that tells it as he sees it), however it is also appropriate (many would say more appropriate) to present a less overtly partisan manner and instead a more objective and (some would say) a more professional manner. Part of it may also be who is the intended audience, it seems Mike is only speaking to the Monarchs faithful, while it appears other sites have a wider audience in mind, and yes on checking you will find that the latter approach is more common, including the website of a club further west and whether you love them or loathe them they are reckoned to be clued up on the media side of things.
  4. It appears you did not read my post nor 'get' what I actually said. It appears to have sailed overhead. You answered a question I in fact did not ask. Lighthearted humour (my post) was met with misplaced seriousness (your "response") that had nothing to do with my post at all. Clue: think puns and what was actually quoted from your original post within my post. Tip for today, if you are going to respond to a post do actually read it first.
  5. Redundancy? Retirement?
  6. Hardly. Admission prices in speedway have been in the teens for donkey's years. A quid is worth about 30p these days. It aint the 1970's anymore y'know.
  7. Half a dozen so that makes about 33%? Is that right?
  8. Echoes of Redstripe v the Nigerian scammer
  9. No we all were under the impression you were hoping for a Tigers win
  10. You could write an encyclopedia on it
  11. Shoe on the other foot more like. Gazc actually made a light hearted good humoured post and you come back with that sh*te jeez.
  12. I think SarpenRake was joking mate
  13. For the sake of your club I sincerely hope so. It didn't work that way for Glasgow at Workington. Nor for "Edinburgh" in their one season at Shawfield (yes I know they called it "Scottish Monarchs" but neither the ex-Tigers faithful nor enough of the Edinburgh faithful took to it in sufficient numbers). Though this Lakeside at Rye venture does look more viable and fingers crossed that it works out that way. Best of luck.
  14. So long as they keep it behind closed doors
  15. Blobby you seem to know a lot about grapes recently, are you sure they aren't yours
  16. Correct!! On both counts. Edinburgh is further West than both Carlisle and Liverpool.
  17. Well I guess nobody is expecting this one.... Today's supplementary question, which is further west, Edinburgh or Liverpool. And no it isn't a trick question
  18. No doubt! I guess Wellmeadow Café in Paisley closed a long time ago.
  19. Er, Google "Wikipedia Mrs Donoghue snail in bottle Paisley". Its like something out of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not". Incredible thing. The principle was even adopted south of the border.
  20. Its also where a certain Mrs Donoghue once drank a decomposed snail from a bottle of ginger beer in a Paisley café. A landmark event felt well beyond the realms of Paisley. Sorry I digress. Back on topic the repercussions were probably felt in all of England including Lakeside (apologies I've been on the sauce again)
  21. Sorry I wasn't following the bleedin script
  22. Afaik don't think snapper is referring to Taylorj
  23. You might not believe this, ok you will, the Armadale track always looks terrible from where I'm standing. Although usually you don't actually see the track at Armadale, only the fence and the helmets moving.

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