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  1. A bit of general info for those of you who've not been to Rye before. Personally I don't think the catering is as good as you had at the Arena, also the toilets aren't good and lastly I saw a few people with dogs last night they aren't allowed in at Rye even if kept on a lead. That said let's hope we have a good night of Speedway, that Lakeside can win both meetings and fingers crossed the evening will end before 11pm.
  2. I applied and got a refund for the Newcastle meeting, I sent off the original tickets but kept a photocopy and also sent them recorded delivery so they had to be signed for but as the home meeting at Lakeside tonight will be the last one there I'd either phone or email them ASAP if I was you and check the address of where to apply for your refund.
  3. Arena Essex have had The Rolling Thunder Show advertised as the 8th for months so as Lakeside only rent the arena for Speedway meetings and they don't have the 8th down for a meeting it seems somewhere along the way wires have got crossed but whatever it is the problem needs sorting fast so that fans and riders know what is going on http://www.rollingthundershow.co.uk
  4. How is the weather in Leicester looking for this evening and is the track OK after yesterdays downpours as we're thinking of making a trip up from London
  5. Re the Worrall who is to blame situation surely it's about time the riders were up to speed with the rule book as well then they ie Stevie Worrall in this instance could have pointed out he was ineligible to ride and saved himself a wasted journey. Best wishes as well to Dan for a speedy recovery.
  6. hammer1969

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    Never stayed there but there are also 2 Premier Inns and 2 Travelodges a few minutes drive from the track.
  7. hammer1969

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    As people began to leave the stadium I'm pretty sure they made an announcement that they are hoping to race against Peterborough next Friday but that it was still to be confirmed and there doesn't seem to be any mention of it yet on the Lakeside website or Twitter.
  8. hammer1969

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    It says on Lakeside twitter " Tickets from tonight are valid for all future meetings, alternatively refunds are available by sending tickets along with your name and address to the Speedway Office (address can be found in the Our Details section on the Hammers site) Problem I see there is once we part with out tickets we have no proof of payment so I would suggest sending them by recorded delivery, and if possible keep a photocopy, surely it would have been much better to re-open the payment kiosks and let people get refunds on the night, I know the queues would probably have been quite long and it was pouring down but it would have been our choice whether we wanted to queue and get wet or apply for a refund by post.
  9. hammer1969

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    And the weather is against Lakeside as well at the moment its chucking it down and very windy
  10. hammer1969

    Lakeside v Peterborough 10/8/18

    Definitely check again as I'm 7 miles as the crow flies from Lakeside and its hammering down again at the moment.
  11. For years now that land has been earmarked for more housing and I for one think it's awful that we have to keep losing Speedway and Motorsports tracks. I know people have to live somewhere but these people also need places of entertainment its about time that where developments are planned existing entertainments should be built into the plans ie Arena Essex should stay (as should Swindon? and Coventry). People moving into the area should be made fully aware of the arena and not have the right to start complaining about noise etc after they've moved there.
  12. hammer1969

    Ben Fund

    Oops sorry for the mistake need to put my brain in gear before opening my mouth, I was at Lakeside last night and comments made about Mr Godfrey and messing with the fixture list wound me up but am I right in thinking he still had a hand in where it is being re staged. Unfortunately I still won't be going as the travelling is too far but I will still be making my donation via the Ben Fund Website. Sorry again Redcar and Mr. Keays.
  13. I do hope Lakeside can continue but it's all over the BBC and local news items that the stadium will close after the last event there on 4th November. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-essex-45044933
  14. hammer1969

    Ben Fund

    Well I for one definitely won't be going to this meeting, I support the Ben Fund 100% and had it been re-arranged at any other track I would have made the effort to go if it was within travelling distance. The money I would have spent going to the meeting at Peterborough i will now donate directly to the Ben Fund online. Sorry Redcar supporters nothing against you or your team personally.
  15. Probably because we are true Speedway supporters and the track is within travelling distance of where we live and unfortunately we do not have various tracks in the area as we did years ago ie West Ham, Hackney, Wimbledon, etc to name but a few. It is far from the best way to see speedway but I'd rather be at Arena Essex that watch no Speedway at all considering we now don't even have Rye House.

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