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  1. 2018 Celebration of Speedway

    I'l get it right in a minute it should have read 10% not 1% so £1 donation per entry - never mind sure we'l enjoy the day as long as the weather stays dry
  2. 2018 Celebration of Speedway

    Ooops my maths never was any good but one things for sure the money raised for speedway will be a lot less than last year, surely Paradise Park can afford to donate a bit more than that especially as the speedway fans paying £10 entry each on Sunday probably wouldn't be there on a cold February day apart from attenting this event.
  3. 2018 Celebration of Speedway

    Last year it was a voluntary donation with a suggestion of £5 a person which I believed was all donated to the speedway association. This year it appears to be £10 entry to Paradise Park 1% of which will be donated, this works out at £1 per person. I imagine most if not all who went last year were probably giving £5 each it seems to me speedway will lose out, unless the Park are donating 1% of all visitors entry fees on Sunday as there are probably many people visiting the zoo only who would not have been going to the Speedway Celebration.
  4. Coventry 2017

    www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/diy-sos-bid-save-brandon-14285947 Article in Coventry Telegraph tonight
  5. Rye House 2018

    As expected it's KK
  6. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Exactly the point. If a rule is to be implemented it should apply to all riders fairly - 6 average or above no doubling up. Am I right in assuming that this rule will also stop Nicholls, Kennett and others with an average above 6 who are only riding in the Premiership from guesting in the Championship in 2018. Looking further ahead I reckon it's going to be an almighty mess in 2019 when riders have to choose which league to ride in - or possibly not as the rules will probably change again and again and again before then. For goodness sake BSPA get your act together.
  7. Rye House 2018

    Scott Nicholls just posted a short statement on his twitter re the ruling of doubling up it makes interesting reading - wondering if it will have any affect on his decision about riding for Rye - sincerely hope not.
  8. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Scott Nicholls just made a short statement re decision on his twitter account makes interesting reading - would have copied and pasted it here but not sure if that's allowed
  9. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Solution to doubling up. 2 leagues only, a junior league/national league with their best riders allowed to progress to the higher league reserve positions. Put all the premiership and championship teams in the same league, the fans would then have their team/riders to support, more local derbys which usually generate bigger crowds, proper knock out cup competition ie put all the teams names in a hat and draw them out so that they don't get the same first round team year after year. While I'm putting speedway to rights how about the British Final on at the weekend so that more fans can attend - still dreaming I'll wake up in a minute !!
  10. Nichols/kennett Rule

    And if they keep their averages down (could we blame them) the whole team suffers as well as the fans, the promoters, their sponsors and then another nail in the speedway coffin.
  11. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Interesting point Sings4Speedway I'd like to know the answer to that as well.
  12. Nichols/kennett Rule

    I quite agree with you, your point makes it even more discriminatory against Nicholls and Kennett. Also this year you have Craig Cook riding for Premiership, Championship and he's a GP rider the rules should be the same for all (I have nothing against Cookie just using it as an example). To get even sillier when all the British riders doubling up get their new averages after a month will those who are doubling down to Championship but their Premiership averages increase to above 6 lose their Championship place - of course they won't. If I was Nicholls and Kennett I'd be furious at this discrimination let's hope they don't decide to retire Rye House will be in dire straights then as their 7th rider has yet to be named (KK?)
  13. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Stupid decision by BSPA to uphold a rule that only affects 2 riders. I totally get the reason for bringing in a rule of this nature in the first place as doubling up caused too many problems and supporters didnt like it but surely when many riders that are doubling up this year have higher averages than Nicholls and Kennett the only thing this rule appears to achieved is to discriminate against these two. Nicholls and Kennett both ride for Rye alongside Chris Harris who I think has a higher average than both but he doubles up because he did last year. If a new rule is brought in it should be the same for everyone 6 average or above no doubling up. Does this mean riders with high averages at the end of the 2018 season and who doubled up can still double up in 2019 if so will riders who don't double up this year but want to in future try to keep their average low to enable them to. At the end of the day who benefits - certainly not Speedway that's for sure - no wonder it' in decline.
  14. Rye House 2018

    Bloody predictive text I must remember to turn it off
  15. Rye House 2018

    Did bring a smile to my face. I agree with you I think attendance will suffer. I'm in the fortunate position of being retired so work commitments will not be a problem but I've found in the past that travelling from East London to Rye during the week takes much longer, I will probably have to leave a lot earlier and risk the fish and chips for my meal - on second thoughts I may bring sandwiches. Seriously I hope week night meetings don't lead to the demise of Rye House we've lost too many teams already.