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  1. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2020

    Or Wiktor Lampart?
  2. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2020

    Really nice to have the same team, obviously depending on the last rider to be named. Last year was my first going to and supporting Eastbourne (and taking in a couple of away meetings, especially the Leicester/Eddie heat 15 "awesome" to quote my grandson, ride) after other clubs I've followed closed, although only been there regularly for 2019 it really feels like the fans are included and wanted and made to feel part of the club, I'll definitely be back next season and some silverware at the end of it would be nice but as long as Eastie have a team that feels like they are happy riding together and try their best and a club that continues to include the fans I'll be happy.
  3. hammer1969

    Poole 2020

    That wouldn't surprise me the BSPA seem to be living in their own little world and not the real world
  4. hammer1969

    Poole 2020

    As a Speedway fan, not a Poole fan or a Pool hater, my opinion is we see on a regular basis mainly the same riders competing in all leagues and most of the riders are of almost equal ability. A top league of only 7 teams is ridiculous so why bother to have Premier and Championship leagues, combine both and have a National League to accommodate up and coming riders and also any older/other riders who maybe want to continue in Speedway but are unable to complete to the standard that they were at in their younger days, also the older/more experienced riders could pass on their knowledge to the youngsters. One larger league would enable more fans to hopefully attend more local derbys and we wouldn't be watching the same riders week in week out surely that would be better for the sport. Let the clubs choose the night they want to ride on, local issues ie other regular sport in the area, transport issues, school holidays etc can have a negative impact on fans attending, surely the best people to decide which night the speedway meeting should be on at their club are the people who are most closely associated with that club and the area it is in. Will the riders like one league? possibly not as it would probably mean a cut in their income and they may have to think about taking on other jobs to supplement that but surely in the long run that would be more preferable than losing more clubs or even the sport altogether in this country. I have lost a number of clubs within travelling distance to me over the years, ie West Ham, Hackney, Rayleigh, Lakeside, Rye House and Rye House amongst other issues being a victim of change of race night causing the crowds to plummet. I have this year been going to Eastbourne and although, as some might say it's only in the Championship, the meetings, the atmosphere, in fact everything about it I have enjoyed and the Promotion are trying to encourage new fans every week and they have also rewarded regular fans with discounts etc. and to me it seems a club "on the up" rather than one on the way out.
  5. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Birmingham 28/9/19

    Yes very well done Eastie. It's Richard I feel sorry for (and the Eastie fans and Management) to use the BSPA's well loved phrased "in the interests of the sport" I wonder if the BSPA will make good on Richards lost income for having to miss out on riding at Eastbourne - I doubt it.
  6. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2019

    I understand what your saying but common sense would be for the Premiership to stick to the Monday and Thursday nights agreed for them.
  7. Surely non official competitions would mean friendlies which neither of the meetings on Saturday are.
  8. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2019

    The meetings are not irrelevant to us fans though, play offs or not we support our team and deserve to see our team regardless of which league they are in. The root cause of all this problem is the doubling up to which no one seems to have a solution.
  9. Is "He's riding for us mate" official confirmation or just wishful thinking by Ritchie Hawkins ?
  10. Richards also rode for Eastbourne all season and us Eastie fans would like to see him riding in our last meeting, even if it's not as Important as a play off.
  11. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2019

    If Eastie move the meeting to 5th October it will clash with BT coverage of the GP and that will affect the crowd big time. The rules say Premiership get priority on Monday and Thursdays the Championship get priority the other days. Why should Eastbourne and their fans suffer it's the last meeting of our season and we deserve to have our team there.
  12. Premiership meetings have been fixed on Monday and Thursday nights. I know Ipswich v Poole is an important meeting but as an Eastbourne fan I shall be very unhappy if Richard Lawson doesn't ride for us on Saturday and I will seriously consider not going if he's not riding and I think many other Eastie supporters may feel the same, BSPA fixed the premiership nights and the Premiership teams should respect that when changing meeting dates.
  13. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2019

    A bit of information for anyone thinking of going to Eastbourne Speedway tomorrow for the Sheffield match, last week there was internet connections problems to credit/debit card readers and it affected not only the speedway but much of the local area as there is a fault with a local transmitter which might not be fixed by tomorrow so anyone attending the meeting are being asked to make sure they have cash with them to pay just in case otherwise they wont be able to to gain entry.
  14. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Why would they do it? Only they can answer that, the track was fit according to the ref. They had a strong team, Eastbourne seemed to be the underdogs, Glasgow hadnt even changed up to 10 minutes before the start, i feel they threw away a possible win and all the handbags regardless of the talk of who did what and who was right or wrong spoilt what should have been a good meeting.

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