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  1. Ben Fund organisers are you reading - people like Ricky is what this fund is about I'm sure the fans would love to see him do a lap at Leicester, on a tandem or on the tractor, as much as us fans would love to see him.
  2. Amazing - well done Ricky - will we see him at the Paralympics one day?
  3. I see Kevin Jolly is stepping down and the club is up for sale so I doubt there will be much in the way of punishment from the SCB that will have any effect on the current owner.
  4. Sorry just one man - dog's aren't allowed in Rye House Stadium (seriously they are banned)
  5. If the SCB originally gave permission but it clearly wasn't allowed and they write (make up as they go along) the rules what point is there in us fans trying to enjoy a sport we love but end up arguing about it on forums.
  6. Theo Pijper is riding in place of Ostegaard (Panthers website)
  7. Perhaps they are thinking of putting Peterborough through but then again will Peterborough have enough riders to make up a team if that is the outcome. Sensible solution perhaps they could put through a Lakeside/Peterborough select (joke). I think it was obvious to all supporters at the meeting the Peterborough select side were never going to win last night's meeting. Personally I know injuries etc are part of this sport but should last night's meeting actually have taken place as it wasn't really against a "Peterborough" team, which I don't think was fair to anyone especially the Peterborough supporters.
  8. Panthers might be on the prowl but i dont know where they are prowling as they are certainly not against Lakeside today - you've only got two riders and you had to borrow the rest
  9. The 're staging won't be on Friday 19th as both Hammers and Workington say on their website their meeting will be at 8pm on 19th at Rye House - just hope someone tells Rye House to unlock the gates as on their website they are showing next speedway meeting there will be Sunday 21st !!
  10. After last weekend's debacle when 9 out of 10 people would have said the meeting would not go ahead because of the weather I reckon they will lose money whenever it's restaged
  11. I expect the referee had to agree to the meeting being curtailed and a reason was needed so he's just as much to blame and he certainly had the wool pulled over his eyes if he fell for the "curfew time" excuse when one doesn't exist. Perhaps Rye/Lakeside would like to tell the paying fans what action was taken against them 2 weeks ago by the local Council when they over ran the (imaginary) curfew !
  12. I meant flat track, but with so many "improvements" going on at Rye including the piles of mud on the centre green anything could be possible (lol)
  13. Unfortunately there is a Long Track meeting at Rye during the day on the 29th so that ideas a no go - they could always toss a coin to decide the winner though (lol)
  14. A bit of general info for those of you who've not been to Rye before. Personally I don't think the catering is as good as you had at the Arena, also the toilets aren't good and lastly I saw a few people with dogs last night they aren't allowed in at Rye even if kept on a lead. That said let's hope we have a good night of Speedway, that Lakeside can win both meetings and fingers crossed the evening will end before 11pm.
  15. I applied and got a refund for the Newcastle meeting, I sent off the original tickets but kept a photocopy and also sent them recorded delivery so they had to be signed for but as the home meeting at Lakeside tonight will be the last one there I'd either phone or email them ASAP if I was you and check the address of where to apply for your refund.

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