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  1. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Why would they do it? Only they can answer that, the track was fit according to the ref. They had a strong team, Eastbourne seemed to be the underdogs, Glasgow hadnt even changed up to 10 minutes before the start, i feel they threw away a possible win and all the handbags regardless of the talk of who did what and who was right or wrong spoilt what should have been a good meeting.
  2. hammer1969

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Or have the SCB decided not to risk giving him a spot in case he doesn't like the look of the track and starts digging it up like he did at Eastbourne.
  3. Totally agree with you but unfortunately it won't happen as Danny King and Chris Harris have just been announced as Cardiff reserves. I've no objection to King but Harris sorry no, he's had his time give it to the youngsters.
  4. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    The only thing that started this whole sorry affair was Craig Cook and his attitude and the only thing wrong with the track was the holes Cook and his team mates dug in it after the referee had already inspected it and passed it.
  5. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Surely better to have posted nothing at all as it's under investigation as people on this forum who weren't at the meeting to see/hear all the events/comments etc from 6pm onwards leading up to the fracas on the centre green, the following 15 heats and the interviews with Ian Jordan and Mr Facena so they are working out their own take on the proceedings, ie adding 2 and 2 and coming up with 5
  6. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Excuse me - a deliberate attempt by fans to whip up opposition riders - you clearly weren't there your going by what others have said. Yes us Eastbourne fans did boo the Glasgow riders and they deserved it, this incident started from 6pm when Glasgow kept digging pot holes in a track that had already been inspected by the referee and given the go ahead to race on and then at 7.15pm they had still not changed into their kevlars, presumably to try and get the meeting cancelled, WHY? We were clearly the underdogs in this meeting Glasgow threw it away. As for the people who said they were glad to get out in one piece, what utter rubbish, there was no incidents on the terraces just some audible booing, which as I said was thoroughly deserved.
  7. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    How long are people who were there and those who weren't there going to keep arguing about this. I've put what I saw with my own eyes I'm not repeating it again what I will say is how totally stupid to put part of a video clip on here. That clip will be picked apart second by second and people will interpret it as they see it not how the whole incident and unpleasantness actually started (well before the parade) and finished an Saturday. Also just to point out if the person taking that video had been standing a few yards either way from where they took the video the incident would look totally different.
  8. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Avoiding action or to go round the marshall and carry on riding round the track? Only Craig Cook knows the answer to that, but I know what I saw and NO RIDERS, Glasgow or otherwise should have started riding round that track with introductions still taking place and Eaglet Mascots and many other people on the centre green, completely idiotic and dangerous and I would add all the Glasgow riders came out to the parade with their helmets already on covering their faces, thats no way to be introduced its ignorant. Anyway I had no feelings for or against Craig Cook to me he was just another speedway rider but after witnessing ALL of his antics on Saturday, and I was in the stadium from 6pm watching from the back straight not far from the pits it was obvious from that time onwards that there was going to be a fuss made by the opposing team lead it appeared by Craig Cook. The referee said the track was fine to ride, Craig Cook never fell off, there were a couple of other falls by others but nothing out of the ordinary (yes Eddie did get excluded but only because he hit the air fence, carried on riding for half a lap and then the air fence deflated where he'd hit it so the referee had to stop the race). Eastbourne had a 4 point deficit going into this match and we were the underdogs, Glasgow could have made a good meeting out of it and possibly come away with a win but they threw it away even before the meeting started, the fans from Glasgow who travelled down deserved better and I hope the referees report was accurate and that appropriate punishments are dished out.
  9. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Yes, it did happen, i saw it as did everyone else in the stadium.
  10. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    I was there last night and I've read all the comments on here, most being pretty accurate. I was in the stadium from 6pm and the only thing wrong with the track was, as Jon Cooke said, all the holes dug in it by the Glasgow riders, which I was witness too. I was watching from the back straight and it was obvious to me and others that Glasgow were going to make a fuss, but that said I didn't see Craig Cook fall off or have any problems riding the track he was complaining about. The referee said the track was fine for racing and that should have been the end of the matter, unfortunately it wasn't. I've only been supporting Eagles this year since losing my local teams (my original team West Ham years ago and then Rye House). Not since West Ham have I actually felt I really supported a team, Eastbourne management and the announcer make us fans feel really a part of the club. I've never booed an opposing team until last night but after the antics I saw Glasgow deserved the boos they got but good on their owner at the end of the meeting apologising for the antics, I hope he throws the book at Craig Cook. Re our announcer, it seems to me he, like all the fans, supports Eastbourne and good on him. Over the last few meetings he's managed to increase the use of air horns and now there is a really good atmosphere, isn't that why we go speedway to have a good night out not sit in silence like a load of zombies, and us home fans always usually applause good rides even by away riders last night being the exception.
  11. hammer1969

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Eagles were being introduced along with 7 young team mascots on the centre green, numerous mechanics, track staff etc and Glasgow riders start riding round on their bikes, hope they get a fine from the BSPA, by I doubt that will happen
  12. We are, what a meeting worth the long drive up the M1.
  13. I think most of the Eastbourne fans will agree with you re Morley hope the promoters will now think seriously about replacing him. Don't know if Tom Brennan will make it back from injury this season but he would be my choice, a real tryer and the fans love him. That said what a meeting well worth the long journey up from London.
  14. Been there done that, many years ago supporting West Ham - oh for days long gone!
  15. Help needed please, is there a particular spot where Eastbourne supporters might be standing/sitting as we're coming to support Eastie and we're hoping for the right result in our favour. Sorry Leicester fans but we're hoping it's our turn to go home smiling.

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