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  1. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2020

    Sorry I'm not sure, 2019 seems such a long time ago and 2020 I would rather forget.
  2. hammer1969

    Eastbourne 2020

    Eastbourne Management are really good at keeping fans informed. There is an update on the Eastbourne website explaining online ticketing, double header pricing etc. I'd suggest anyone who is thinking of possibly taking a trip to Arlington this season reads the article asap and pass the word round as basically it's online tickets purchased in advance entry only as there will be no pay at the gate for probably the whole season. A short bit from the update is below, just wish other promotions were so pro active:- "We will have to work under ONLINE pay in advance Ticketing Arrangements for most, if not all of the 2021 season. We are trying to make as many supporters as possible aware of this via the Club website and social media, and to all fans who registered for updates via our website, which is free and easy to do."
  3. hammer1969

    Rye House

    Just signed. There has been over 1,600 signatures so far, the majority objecting with only a few hundred in support. Would be good if we could get over 1,500 or more objections. It's especially annoying that the new owners can start digging up the track before they've even got their planning permission passed (hopefully to be refused) total arrogance.
  4. hammer1969


    Here's a novel idea, more info and details etc on the Berwick Website. I'll be watching it and donating, wonder how many others will? the event is now scheduled for Wednesday the 21st of October at 7pm. * Pay what you like pay per view: Watch the British Under 21 Final from the comfort of your living room on your SmartTV or your household devices. Before, during or after the event head on over to www.berwickspeedway.com and pay what you feel the event is worth
  5. hammer1969

    Corona virus

    Or how many realise how much they miss live speedway, I'll be at the first meeting of my team definitely.
  6. Hope they've remembered to tell the company doing the live stream and more importantly the riders !! 2021 can't come quick enough for me surely it won't be any worse than 2020 - will it, I'm totally p....d off with 2020.
  7. hammer1969


    People have to buy a TV licence and lots of stuff the BBC put out doesn't interest everyone at least paying to watch a live stream you can choose if you want. I'll be watching on Saturday regardless of line up, one a race starts anything can happen at least you get a result unlike a football match where you watch for 90 minutes and it's still 0 - 0 when it finishes.
  8. hammer1969


    Not sure of the rules etc but once you've paid you can watch on demand after the meeting has ended, probably from the next day, don't know how long it would be available for though. I watched live last night and just after the meeting started I emailed them with a question expecting to get a reply probably today but they answered within 20 minutes, there's a link to email on their website they may be able to advise you.
  9. hammer1969


    I watched last night's stream from Belle Vue and really enjoyed it but I'd always choose watching live over streaming. On saying that with no local derbys as in years gone by my nearest track is at least a 2/3 hour round trip which I do for all their home fixtures if the weather's OK. I'd love to go to all the away meetings as well but thats impossible so I'd happily stream them for £10 each probably up to twice a month but I think to make it viable for watching regularly for most people and to encourage others like me to also watch streams of other than the team they support £5 would be nearer the mark. It would be much cheaper for 2 or more people to watch from home even at £10 a time but nothing can replace watching live, so alongside streaming Promoters need to find ways to get new supporters into the stadiums first.
  10. No consistency anywhere, no wonder people are fed up, as I said this Virus doesn't know whether fans are watching, speedway, football or any other sport so surely a percentage of the stadiums capacity could be allowed in and it would also help keep people employed.
  11. I've always wondered this exact same question "whose labelled them Elite Sportsmen". Yes it is a skill and not anyone can ride a Speedway bike it takes years of practice but also I expect a great majority of them have other jobs to supplement their income as it is only a summer sport as well, especially I would have though the riders who only ride for teams in the U.K
  12. We all know that the noise, smell, etc. that only live speedway can give is part of the enjoyment and that also many fans would have put in a lot of effort in to be at this meeting in travel etc but just think of all the effort the Promoters have put in to try and get this meeting on, first with 2,000 fans then to have it slashed to 1,000 then a couple of days before it takes place the rug is whipped from under their feet with no fans allowed at all. The riders who agreed to take part I am sure would prefer to have fans there instead of riding in an empty stadium to what for some of them might have been their only ride this season (whether they are top riders or not is irrelevant). I have paid for the live stream and I hope as someone else said that 1,000 fans sign up to watch and even more than that would be great. At least by watching it will show to the Riders and Ipswich Promotion that we do care about Speedway and even though there will only be 2 of us watching in my house we'll be cheering on our riders (Eastbourne). As for the noise and the smell of the bikes we'll just have to use our imagination and old memories. Roll on Saturday and please dont let it rain.
  13. "Imo if it is allowed to go ahead its absolutely fricking rediculous that 1000 can't go to Speedway in the same stadium a week before " EXACTLY RIGHT ! and I would add there's probably more people wandering round supermarkets every day than attending a single speedway meeting. I assume Ipswich get a percentage of the live streaming money on Saturday, I'll be watching and I hope others do as well after the Government's latest stay at home announcements yesterday ie if I'm in a pub after 10pm I'm more likely to get the virus than before 10pm, bloody rules are getting so confusing they are becoming a joke. Roll on next year - I hope.
  14. The Government don't seem able to grasp that fans watching professional sports and fans watching non professional sports are still people and possibly the same people ie they watch stock cars and speedway, surely reduced capacity for stock cars should also apply equally to other sports, speedway, football etc. The Virus doesn't know the difference between fans at amateur or professional sports or is it that clever it can pick and choose which venue it decides to strike at, no it can strike anywhere we just all need to take precautions, hands, face, space then perhaps we can all enjoy a bit of life as it used to be.
  15. I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket but feel gutted for the fans that did but now can't go. Whether it was a good or mediocre line up is irrelevant it was a speedway meeting and that's what counts. I know this virus is serious but for goodness sake do this Government have any idea at all what they are doing. A speedway meeting with 1000 fans watching in a stadium that holds thousands more than that gets cancelled yet there are more people shopping in a Market close to me 4 days a week and not wearing masks and social distancing is unheard of. For goodness sake Boris get a grip and let's have some sort of life back.

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