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  1. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    Yes same here am going to various tracks at present ( always did anyway). P Boro Friday and Sunday and Brit sidecar champs at K Lynn on Sat
  2. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    fully agree but it still means our speedway team is lost after early 20 years since its rebirth
  3. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    so do you think that racing will continue this year? - sorry up until now I have been very optimistic about the whole new set up but I am afraid I am not now (unless you count a couple of dragons club meetings - no offence to them but they are hardly likely to pull any crowd in). I would love to keep my optimism going and will support any resurrection of the team but...………...
  4. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    well said Ben the fact that our club has gone (and how it has happened) is far more important than all the rubbish being spouted on here. Would like to see some discussion as to how the situation can be reversed as all the hard work getting the club back etc seems to have just been thrown away - I don't care about money/politics etc all I know is somehow the real fans of the club seem to have been taken for granted and I guess we could all see problems coming with the way things were going but didn't ever think that everything would be thrown away in 2 years. My real disappointment is that I do not see any way back for the club and as for seeing any speedway there this season there is not a hope in hell
  5. startline sid

    William Dunlop

    yes don't think Daniel races and yes William pulled out of the tt this year as his partner was having pregnancy problems (he posted these details to his fans just to let them know why he pulled out) - still can not really take it in myself yet.
  6. startline sid

    William Dunlop

    yes they are a different breed both his uncle (Joey) and father (Robert) were killed racing - his brother Michael (18 times tt winner) is the only one left - he is entered for the meeting tomorrow but don't know if he has decided to race or not. Both brothers did race in the NW 200 after their father Robert was killed in practice (the organisers did try to stop them but to no avail) - Williams bike broke down at the start but Michael actually won the race in memory of their father.
  7. startline sid

    William Dunlop

    not speedway but William died today following a practice crash in Ireland for the Skerries road race - the third member of the family to be killed racing - RIP
  8. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    Once again our sport has been hit with a so called 'business man' who has loads of money and will change everything 'for the good' (what happened to the 5 year plan) and then the usual thing happens the money isn't there and club is finished. Do these people not realise while they are on their ego trip what they are doing to the lives of people who have supported their club for years (win or lose home and away) - they are not usually interested in the sport itself (its history etc) and somehow manage to destroy something that has taken years of hard work (often by volunteers) to build up. I am sure of one thing if Len still ran the club (and I know he didn't always get things right) we would still be watching speedway at Rye every week because quite simply he still has a passion for the sport which many so called promotors do not have these days.
  9. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    exactly what I was thinking and because of that I can not see there will be any speedway at Rye again this year or in future until all debts are paid
  10. startline sid

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    so you definitely ARE running next Friday - so that means that I can DEFINATELY book and sort out my travelling (I will obviously accept things if it rains)
  11. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    no they are not scheduled this year (good job after last years dismal effort)
  12. it doesn't happen very often BUT have to fully agree with you - can not see any positives at present
  13. Have to agree thought things were bad but .......... think we need a wholesale rethink of the team - not going to say who I would drop but (and I don't know about the averages) I would be talking to Tai / Freddie Lindgren Ricky Wells and James Shanes - many more matches with this team and our season is over - we could have actually won our match at Poole last week but failed to use the TR when we had the chance (quite simple really do you want to see Summers and KK have 4 rides each or Summers 3 and KK 5)- expected to lose at Swindon but last night was a complete disaster (to actually say that we stand a chance of winning on aggregate on Wed well what can one say?)
  14. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    also forget about 3 on the trot so to speak seem to remember there was a 15 min interval before heat 11 - during that time all the Poole fans were discussing how KK would be out in heat 11
  15. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    3 on the trot or not giving him at extra ride ? - a no brainer to me - or course we would have still lost the meeting (but NOT if bomber hadn't hit the rut and fell) but by not using KK for extra ride when we could there was then NO chance of winning (especially when you consider the line up in heat 14)

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