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  1. startline sid

    Is anyone losing interest

    sorry did i misunderstand something? the match was called off
  2. startline sid

    Is anyone losing interest

    nothing bland about the meeting at Peterborough last night (or any of the other ones i have seen there this year)
  3. startline sid

    Rye House

    mine lodged lets really get this going
  4. startline sid

    Wolves Closure

    can't see much getting back to normal in Oz for a long time - the figures i have seen only 5% of the population have had any vaccine doses (at that rate you will be there for another 3 years) - it is not a bonkers decision HERE(over half the adult population have had both doses) as its not just speedway but everything (theatres cinemas clubs racetracks etc are all opening and there would have been many complaints if speedway had not tried to open. Many of the riders from Oz are here and enjoying their racing. Its a vastly different situation here to Oz.
  5. startline sid

    Premier Sports, worth the money?

    yes recorded it and watched it since (was at K Lynn) - good to see the sport back and well presented on tv (have e-mailed Eurosport to thank them - think they have a 5 year contract )
  6. startline sid

    Premier Sports, worth the money?

    seems good for me - only showing Polish speedway on Sundays this year (2 matches) and will be doing Sweden again when they start - only costs me £10 per month through Virgin tv
  7. not really a fair thing to say - i don't even know if i am doing things correctly - for all i know it may have started and i haven't set things up correctly
  8. no nor have i (but it could be me as i do not mix with technology too well)
  9. well said my feelings exactly - will be buying the stream (did actually have a ticket as well but that's the way things go at present)
  10. totally agree BUT in this case i will subscribe to help support the sport - i think i saw somewhere if successful this service will be available next year for some matches that people can'y get to
  11. Yes have signed up if only to support the people who put so much effort into organising the event
  12. Sorry misread your post
  13. B B badge holders do pay £1 parking charge along with their admission fees
  14. startline sid

    Nicki P

    of course lets hope a few other quality riders also come back
  15. startline sid

    One League

    I am sure there will be few Swedish/Danish lads who would enjoy riding here -

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