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  1. startline sid

    Fixture shambles - An annual event

    still don't see how the (official) fixtures were allowed to be altered - if I remember correctly Peterborough continued to stage their matches after being asked to cancel them - a pity the other clubs didn't do the same - it would serve the bspa right if a breakaway group was formed (I am told a similar thing happened in darts a few years ago) - it has happened before (anyone remember the provincial league being formed?)
  2. have to say rain stopped and getting brighter here now
  3. rain just started again (not much help I know)
  4. I know exactly what you mean having been in the same situation myself i live 10 miles away from track and the rain stopped here about 11am - has been a lot of rain before that but I notice the meeting is still on so here's hoping (sorry can't be anymore helpful at present)
  5. thanks I have found out there are some others who know as well
  6. how do you know its non speedway reasons? - you are speculating about something again - when it is announced (I don't know why it hasn't) you will understand - I will say no more if you all want to carry on and stir things up that's up to you but you will feel a bit silly afterwards if you do
  7. do you fans not support your riders - you all seem so fickle to assume such things - (just see my earlier post - perfectly genuine reason just not my place to say)
  8. why the hell do people just assume its anything to do with commitment? - (don't think you will find a more committed rider at present) when you find out you will regret saying that - why do people have to speculate and assume the worst of people?
  9. injury if I remember correctly - nothing to do with it being Oct I can assure you.
  10. please don't speculate any more - I do know what is happening but not my place to say what it is - when it is announced you will all see it is a very genuine reason - can def say Brad is not going home
  11. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    ok see what you mean - nothing about it on Lakeside website (still not surprised by that as this sport is not re known for keeping fans informed of anything) - we will see what happens
  12. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    have read it again still nothing - from what I have heard fair chance that Lakeside will still be at their old track next year. Looks like we've finished - all those years of great racing just thrown away
  13. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    perhaps people know something I don't but still can not see it happening this year (would be great if it did happen)
  14. startline sid

    Rye House 2018

    Yes same here am going to various tracks at present ( always did anyway). P Boro Friday and Sunday and Brit sidecar champs at K Lynn on Sat

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