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  1. Barney Rabbit

    Celebrity fans

    On The Chase yesterday, after the question 'what sport uses motorcycles with only one gear and no brakes' (which was answered correctly), Bradley Walsh added that he used to go.
  2. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Yes, that's probably what will happen now. But if it was regular practice the #8s would have ridden several matches by now and would have come in at reserve with the reserve moving into the team. That would have evened things up and given NL riders experience at the higher level. I remember a time when many #8s could hold their own against lower order riders in league matches but that was when they had second half rides firstly against their peers and occasional rides against better riders if they won their junior scurries. They were used more often in league matches too back then and guess what, there were more riders coming through the system to hold down places in BL teams.
  3. Barney Rabbit

    Somerset Speedway.....

    Was Teesside a county in the early/mid 1970s when Middlesbrough rode as 'Teesside Tigers'?
  4. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    That, unfortunately, was always the danger when Sky started their regular transmissions that the ones you mention would be joined by speedway attendees staying away from the tracks and getting their fix on tv. It made the break for me and Mrs R easier when we decided enough was enough after the events of a few winters back. That only lasted a few matches though before we gave the whole thing up - in this country, at least.
  5. Barney Rabbit

    Leon Madsen

  6. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    That's not what you asked and that's not what I answered. I agree that Woffy, if he were available, would put a few bums on seats but he's not available so not in the equation.
  7. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I don't know because I haven't gone round and canvassed folk at a meeting where a guest #1 was used and asked them if they'd still have been there if a junior rider who could ride the track, doubling-up anyway and possibly every bit as good as the team's regular #7 had come in at reserve. Many 2nd highest average riders are capable of beating an opposing #1 anyway, especially at home, and there was a time that people would turn up to see the top men beaten by 'lesser' riders. And, quite frankly, since Woffy isn't an option, I can't see any rider currently riding in the top tier making much difference to the crowd anyway. And, as I posted, Doyle would not be replaced by a junior since that junior would not ride against the opposing #1 in a programmed ride as Doyle would have done. In effect, there would be a series of replacements culminating in the junior replacing the #7.
  8. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Because Doyle could come in and score points for a team that's vying for his own team's qualifying spot and could score the point that puts his own team out of contention for the play-offs. Surely you can see the lack of credibility in that. And the junior will replace the #7. The heat leader will be replaced by his team's next lowest average rider.
  9. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I point I made some time ago but was told in no uncertain terms by an ex promoter on here that if I could just stop going for the reasons I did it was because I was never a fan in the first place. That despite having been to every track in the country, gone to most GP tracks, watched domestic speedway in Australia, Poland, Sweden, USA and New Zealand over a period of over forty years.
  10. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Whilst many others have found other things to do after getting peed off with what happened in/to the sport and now go bowling, pass the light summer evenings in their gardens or allotments, play walking football, do any amount of things they found happen whilst they've been attending speedway meetings all around the world in the past. Not all older people who quit watching speedway are ready to sit and vegetate at home!
  11. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    They wouldn't be taken by a junior, they'd be taken by the next highest average rider in the team. The junior would take the #7's rides and, as far as I know, isn't programmed to ride against the opposing #1.
  12. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    You don't. The missing #1 is replaced by the second highest average rider, the junior comes in at #7. Don't go now so don't know who rides in which heat but will the junior (at #7) even ride against the opposing #1 in a programmed ride?
  13. Barney Rabbit

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Before just about giving up on British speedway I attended a match at Alwalton and took a friend with me for his first taste of speedway. The match itself was non-descript really but had one noteworthy moment - Panthers reserve Ricky Ashcroft up against World Champion elect Jason Crump. Ricky jumped out of the gate first, got in front and stayed there, using everything he knew to keep Jason behind. Ricky took the flag first to tremendous applause, everybody on their feet cheering at the finish and on his well-deserved lap of honour. My mate Rob didn't see the point of the applause, to him, it was just a case of first away won!!! Reserve beating World Champ, ex home #1, ex track-record holder meant nothing to him. Ricky started first and won. I found that, to most newbies, it doesn't matter how good the speedway is, how good the team riding is, you need passing. Without it they're less likely to come back.
  14. Barney Rabbit

    Poole 2018

    I also don't recall Matt Ford taking the credit for Chris's original appearance on these shores back then. He was instrumental in bringing him back over when he started riding here though. It wouldn't be impossible to confuse the two issues ten or so years down the line.
  15. Barney Rabbit

    Poole 2018

    Course they were. That's why he had several spins round Peterborough and stayed with a Whittlesey landscape gardener when Mick Poole (not Poole Speedway) brought him over here. Mick's intention was for Holder to sign for Panthers. Yes, more fool Peterborough, but don't make out every rider coming to this country that Ford gets his mitts on is discovered by him.

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