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  1. In My View By Phil Rising

    I remember one meeting at Stoke in 1999 standing with the Worky fans - three coachloads of them. I remember the year because I was wearing a t shirt with the names of Panthers' (eventual treble winning) team on the back. The names on that shirt started many a conversation.
  2. Do We Still Need The Play-offs

    Ridicule it as much as you like, but it shows interest in Swedish speedway was on the rise prior to the introduction of the play-offs.
  3. Do We Still Need The Play-offs

    I notice crowds went up by 65% the season prior to the introduction of the play-offs. How can we know that the improvement would not have carried on had the play-offs not been introduced.
  4. Do We Still Need The Play-offs

    Well, yeah, but the majority of finals are one-off affairs played in a super-duper stadium somewhere with comfortable seats, proper facilities and an excellent view. I'd pay well over qualifying match prices for that.
  5. How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    I (and Mrs R) attended my first speedway meeting in this country for a few years a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it another try today. Since Cradley, the only team operating at the time of my regular attendances at meetings I hadn't seen ride, were at Mildenhall I decided to give it another go. That was before I looked at the (visiting team's) website to see that they were using four guests and R/R - now five guests and R/R. How can I honestly claim I have seen Cradley ride when what they are putting out is no more than a NL select side? That's lost the bit of interest I got back a few weeks ago.
  6. The Best Team

    Peterborough's 1999 treble winners. Managed it with just the seven riders. Crump, Howe, Tesar, Sadler, Sullivan, Andersen and Jirout.
  7. Tai Massive Project

    Now that is a fact. I remember early June 2002 very well, Ryan Sullivan winning at Cardiff. I've never been more animated at a GP than when Ryan hit the front in the final much to the chagrin of the English flag wearing lady on my left (my family were to my right and were just as animated). I was wearing my Panthers' shirt with 'Sullivan' on the back and I couldn't have been happier when he crossed the line in front. My daughter had a Ryan Sullivan banner and she held it up for ages. When we watched the recording the next day her holding that banner was used by Sky as a backdrop when they rolled the credits.
  8. Sky To Pull Out.

    Maybe, but if we are talking free coverage I'd rather it be with the Beeb than a pay-for channel.
  9. Sky To Pull Out.

    Bowls. That's the sport that gets seven days live blanket coverage on BBC2 for it's World Championship. Must be doing something right.
  10. Swindon Stadium

    No, never for Panthers' matches. One I can remember paying more to sit in the stand (other than King's Lynn) was Somerset but that was some time ago and for a Cardiff Eve meeting, possibly an individual event.
  11. Swindon Stadium

    Can't ever remember paying extra for the stand at EoES for Panthers' meetings. It costs more to sit in the stand for shared events, or whatever they're called, like the4s and World Team Cup events.
  12. British Speedway - Dead Or Alive?

    As the majority of folk used to be when happiness was 40-38, with 38-40 not far behind. Someone came top, another came bottom with the rest somewhere in between and speedway folk weren't over-bothered which of those positions their team occupied. Now it's all about winning and there are promoters prepared to do anything to ensure their team is a winner.
  13. When Did Uk Speedway Decline Start?

    That sort of situation was the beginning of the end for me. In 1999, two teams, Peterborough and Poole, were neck and neck for the title (it was done proper in those days, first past the post, no second-chance saloon for second to fourth places). Peterborough were at Belle Vue and needed a guest. Enter Mark Loram, a Poole rider. Where's the credibility in that? Mark, bless him, got a maximum. Now, on that day, a relative newbie came along for the ride (I say relative because he'd been to a GP with me and had watched a couple of televised matches). He thought he'd seen Loram ride for someone else so asked me. What could I say? On here in a previous thread we were advised to tell newbies to shut up and watch the racing but I couldn't do that - a loud shout telling Mark to f off back to f...ing Poole after he'd won a heat sort of gave the game away. A look at the programme showed the relative league positions of Peterborough and Poole. You can guess the rest of the conversation.
  14. Does British Speedway Have Future?

    In the first few years of Panthers' existence, a speedway match used to be the last thing on two of the days of the Peterborough/East of England Show at the Showground and anyone still there from the show could watch the speedway free. You could tell the ones that had never seen the sport before because they always lined up leaning on the safety fence to get a good view of the action. They were warned to get back from the fence but most never heeded the warning. After the parade it was great to see the riders method of moving them back - a few well-executed turns ensured a good shower of shale went out covering these 'newbies' in the stuff. They soon moved back.
  15. I don't know how far back you're going with this but certainly, between 1966 when I first sat (legally) on a Golden Arrow to selling my Kawasaki 400 4 in the mid-1980s and belonging to several motorcycle groups I was very much in the minority for liking speedway, very often a minority of one. Most couldn't identify with the brakeless, single-geared machinery and had no interest in watching short bursts of action limited to just turning left.