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  1. crowd will be down tonight as noone from felixstowe can get out of bloody town due to all 3 roads out of town being blocked. nightmare!!!
  2. stu219

    Witches Vs Tigers

    yep it does look a good call after all. damn British weather!
  3. stu219

    Witches Vs Tigers

    one thing I have learnt is never listen to weather forecasts. I was racing at Cadwell Park last weekend and forecast was appalling. Barely a drop or rain fell the whole weekend. who would be a Speedway promoter hey?
  4. the problem is the local councils actually do not have any idea?
  5. crossing the white line with both wheels apparently
  6. stu219

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    here in Felixstowe the roads are damp but that's it. looking at the radar it all looks OK ish
  7. That could well be correct but heaven help us if we have to take orders from local councillors. Here in Felixstowe they must be the most incompetent bunch of fools that ever lived lol
  8. to be fair mask wearing outside is pointless and not required by law. It seems local councils have been given powers to make their own rules up which is never a good idea as most of them are totally clueless and that comes from dealing with my local council lol
  9. the greatest risk by far for those who attended last night was getting in their cars and driving especially the drive back to Ipswich lol. Standing in the open air and socialising with mates you not seen for over a year has to be more beneficial than sitting at home I would have thought but then everyone is entitled to their opinions. certainly Covid has divided the country as much as Brexit lol. All in all a good meeting considering and made even better with an Ipswich win
  10. As far as I am aware stadiums can hold 50% of capacity. I was there and if that is the case no problems with braking covid rules as although a good crowd it definitely was not more than half full. some just want to slag off promoters
  11. so ordered tickets for Ipswich v Belle Vue next week. tickets came through within minutes. Did the same with 2 tickets for Kings Lynn v Ipswich on Monday. Got the ref number but no email in return with the 2 tickets. Anyone else having the same problem? Odd as they both using the same ticketing system I assume?
  12. And just a side note. If the admission is £20 remember 20% of that goes to good old Richie sunak as VAT ,so actually the money the promoters get is less than £17. A side point I know but please people don't think the promoters are getting the full £20 in their pockets
  13. wow that's an expensive pub lol. value for money is for everyone to judge. Business across the country either thrive or fail by the opinions of their customers. Speedway is no different.
  14. agree an all the above apart from the last line lol. be great to get in a stadium again for a night out and what ever the result let's hope we all have a great evening !
  15. It may or not be overpriced but what are we comparing it to? a pub meal and a pint is 15 quid but watching Ipswich football club( before lockdown) was over £30 . At the end of the day it's all about what we all feel is value for money. I guess time will tell on what crowd levels will be this year hey?

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