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  1. PaulS

    Newcastle 2019

    'Agent Pijper' to Berwick would be my guess. Robson retired. Think you will be correct about Wilko and Kus. Both can win races, so I don't think these are joke signings as you seem to...? Would love to see Lewis Rose in the team - too much talent not to have another go at speedway IMHO.
  2. PaulS

    Newcastle 2019

    Yes good post, I would just add: Richie Worrall - the number 1 we were missing this season. Lewis Rose - would love to see him back in the team next year; at number 3 or 5. Josh Embleton - agreed, it's good cover to have a number 8 in case of injuries and to give some track time to a Diamonds asset. He will probably get a regular NL place next season and so should continue to improve.
  3. Ashley did well at #2 in the past. I'd put him back at 2 and Ludde to #4.
  4. Kyle Howarth and Erik Riss both crashed attempting overly aggressive overtakes that were never going to end happily...
  5. There is more chance of me guesting and scoring a 15-point maximum than there is of Lindgren being replaced this season. The team we have seems to be about the only 7 speedway riders who actually want to ride for Newcastle, not counting Lewis Rose who I am sure would be interested in Newcastle if he did want to make a comeback. Critical to a speedway promotion is entertaining riders and being expected to win most home matches, based on this replacing Lindgren (with....who???) makes no sense. The solution to the failure to get away points so far, as I have suggested earlier, is to strengthen elsewhere (Wilkinson or Wethers) with an out-and-out number 1, using those spare points of ours. Now all we need is a number 1 who is available on Sundays...
  6. 3 points for a rider of Ludde's ability is frustrating but the bigger picture as I see it is that he is part of an under-strength team with a fair few spare points to play with. The most obvious way to start getting points on the road would be to replace Wilkinson or Wethers with an out-and-out number 1 rider to take some of the pressure off Lindgren. Both have done their jobs pretty well, so whoever had to make way for the numbers game would hopefully get fixed up elsewhere soon enough. For Ludde's own good, he then needs to score closer to his average on the road to supplement his home performances, with a view to taking his average up to 8, which someone of his ability and experience should be capable of. Given how, supposedly, very few riders are willing to ride for Newcastle, we should probably count ourselves lucky to have him!
  7. A classic match. Feared the worst after expected 5-1 win in heat 12 turned into 1-5 disaster, but great character to get the win. Bandits point very well deserved. Another strong home performance by Ludvig, and Carl should be feeling very proud of his performance tonight.
  8. Good post. 7 times British Champion Scott Nicholls did well guesting for...Sheffield? last year. Despite not riding the track for several years and being up against quality home HL opponents (Lambert and Worrall). Oh, and another good performance by Barker tonight. So the track is obviously rideable. Perhaps it sorts the men from the boys?
  9. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    A more relevant question: is the rider concerned now riding well, or not? I don't think his earlier poor scores will be the difference between winning or not winning silverware. The important thing for the team is the real Ludde turned up last Sunday and hopefully that will continue.
  10. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    Lindgren last scored 17+1 - maybe it will now start to happen for him...
  11. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    Lindgren had a good performance this evening - in racking up his 17+1 he defeated some quality opposition. When a rider scores 17+1 it's not really the time to be concerned about his form. It seems his major mechanical problems are sorted. Let's see if he can trouble the scoreboard at Scunthorpe...
  12. I think the decision in Heat 10 was absolutely right, no effort by Heeps to get off the track. I think it's the best rule change for years. Josh Pickering - what a racer! We did well to avoid defeat and it was probably the fairest result.
  13. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    Still time for him to change his mind...?
  14. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    It's still early in the season - I think Wethers and Wilkinson are doing OK and have decent starts to build on. Robson has simply not been on a bike long enough to assess although I was pleased when he was announced...Rose has, yes, underperformed, but his crash with Danny at Brough Park and his accident riding for King's Lynn shortly after seem to have taken their toll. But for those 2 accidents he might have been working towards #1 - what a shame. Tero looking a very decent rider this season. Can't comment on Ashley as I have run out of superlatives. My biggest concern so far is my favourite rider Ludvig - big machinery problems, but if he's riding in the Swedish league that won't help to make time to sort them...I expect the promoters will give him more time, but he can't carry on scoring only 5 on home shale...
  15. PaulS

    Newcastle 2018

    Ludvig's heat 1 win on Sunday was a fine ride, just needs to get his machinery issues sorted...

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