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  1. Glasgow 2018

    Full marks once again to the facennas. The Tigers official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/glasgowtigersspeedway/ over the past few days is full of photos and stories about the team all decked out in team jackets/polos/and t shirts. All the team have been up for a few days at boot camp/go ape training days, a fun go kart day including fans; and finishing with a big meet the riders night last night organised by the supporters group at Ibrox. The place was packed. A lot of money has been raised - the supporters Group donated £5,000 towards additional medics/ambulance. I suppose every club is doing this and we just don't here about it?
  2. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    For those not aware of what Nike Lunna can do
  3. Glasgow 2018

    Michael was a promoter last year
  4. Glasgow 2018

    Its the new year but nothing changes. Two Berwick fans having a disagreement, I'm with you on this one screm, assisted by a worky fan, who else but jenga. Happy new year to all fans, owners, riders and sponsors especially if they are rich
  5. Belle Vue 2018


    I don't like the concept of doubling up/down BUT it appears it is necessary at least for the next year or so. I seem to remember someone suggesting that if you have doubling up/down it should be limited to those riders that are 100% committed to UK speedway, no matter there nationality, and that to me would be fair. If Scott/Eddie can't double up they will either retire which is no use to anyone or seek to ride abroad which doesn't help UK speedway.
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    Read it carefully, it says Minimum and maximum converted averages being 3.00/12.00. Converted averages refer to riders who don't have a 'proper' average in the league and so a converted average is used e.g. Jake Allen at Scunthorpe.
  8. Ipswich 2018

  9. Glasgow 2018

    Enough names have been quoted for 2 teams
  10. Berwickbandits2018

    The alphabetical list has jpb as being 2 point average so you could use him
  11. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    The alphabetical list has riders with a 2 point average
  12. Team Makeup’s

    For everyone that asks the question - don't know if this team will fit when suggesting their ideal team - you can work it out for yourself as the averages are on the Speedway GB site. Here is the link to the riders listed in alphabetical order http://www.speedwaygb.co/files/downloads/c17_issue_final_alphabetical.pdf I'm not the best speller but you would have thought that someone would have proof read this important document before issuing it. Even I have spotted 3 basic errors so there's bound to be more
  13. Glasgow 2018

    Surprised if Schlein was signed. It rains a lot in Glasgow 😋
  14. Glasgow 2018

    Not surprised. If Swindon stick with Doyle Nick won't be able to ride for them. Not sure if any other Premier team could fit him in which means a championship team and as he is riding in Poland his options are really limited to Thursday or Friday night teams. He showed he can ride Ashfield winning the riders championship and with James grieves at his side could be a clever signing