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  1. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    You've got a new stadium then? Hope its got terracing and can fit in a speedway rather than a slowway track.
  2. can't help thinking the panthers were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. No way theyd have won at Lakeside. And now they know they have the beating of Lakeside at Rye they will surely pick them for the play-offs and the final beckons.
  3. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    Despite an up and down stop start season Glasgow won all of there 10 league home matches in 2018. The only other team to do so, so far, is Workington (well done to them) who have still one home fixture to complete. Every other team lost at least one match. So well done to everyone that rode for the stripes and good luck in the play offs
  4. SharpenRake

    Play offs

    Just because you keep on saying it doesn't mean its true as other unbiased fans have repeatedly repeated. realise you are trying to emulate Jenga but at least Jenga can be funny. What is it about Workington fans, I blame the nuclear power station
  5. SharpenRake

    Play offs

    Just a reminder to all the anti- Cook Glasgow posters. Glasgow lost Lewis Kerr (great guy) to a really bad injury. rather than run with rider replacement all season which would be cheating the fans they chose to sign a rider but not many out there with Lewis ability and average c7pts. So they did something radical they let Richie Worrall go also c7pts and replaced these 14 points with Craig Cook (c10pts) and Nathan Greaves (c4pts). Its not as if they signed Cook for a reserve, we didn't break any rules, some fans even thought Glasgow had weakened there team. In the end, Craig has been good for Glasgow and Championship speedway and Richie Worrall has been good for Edinburgh. Nathan Greaves has sadly got injured, looked a good prospect, and Lewis Kerr is slowly recovering from injury.
  6. SharpenRake

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Presumably having Cook and Harris in opposition would have helped a wee bit
  7. Right you just need one draw and you are in the play offs. Don't let everyone down
  8. SharpenRake

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Could lakeside be the first team to have 3 home meetings in the same day. At this rate tonight's match will finish tomorrow and then they have two in the evening
  9. Wasnae far out. All ex tigers did there bit. Well done bandits
  10. SharpenRake

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Look, all Glasgow fans want lakeside to qualify at Edinburgh expense but calling Claus a lunatic isn't helping your cause.
  11. SharpenRake

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Must win? For sentimental reasons yes but a draw tonight and 2 wins at rye would get you in the play-offs
  12. SharpenRake

    Ipswich v Glasgow Thursday 13th

    Good to see Richard a Glasgow asset scoring well against us, almost but not quite like Rory Schlein when he guested for us earlier in the season
  13. The BBC forecast suggests light showers so probably dry and sunny
  14. SharpenRake

    Ipswich v Glasgow Thursday 13th

    He even borrowed Jordan Stewarts bike against the moanarchs and clearly it was an ex-cookie bike as he swept by the opposition with ease
  15. SharpenRake

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Can't see the Tigers spoiling the Hammers emotional departure from Lakeside. An away point wouldn't be out of the question though. Also good luck to the hammers at there remaining league matches at Rye House

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