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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Luke Harris doesnt ride for Glasgow
  2. Glasgow 2018

    Still talking nonsense. You said he was travelling to Poland. Now your saying he was listed. It must be great being a Edinburgh fan where every rider listed actually appears
  3. Glasgow 2018

    Totally agree that your post is nonsense Hes not riding for Pila - check there web site
  4. Glasgow 2018

    Looks as if its a marketing agency called Too Gallus and presumably there not doing it for nothing. Wonder what they'll come up with to positively hype rider replacement and guests. Tomorrow could give us a clue with r/r/ for Paul Starke and Charles Wright guesting for Chris Harris
  5. Glasgow 2018

    Does anyone have any idea who is responsible for the Official Tigers Facebook previews of matches? This week's a cracker
  6. Redcar 2018

    And I BET you know which one (does that help TWK?)
  7. Swindon 2018

    Thoughts with Mitchell Davey and his family after the horrific crash last night. Seemed a right decent lad when he rode in Scotland for both Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  8. Redcar 2018

    Bet you are
  9. Redcar 2018

    Don't know why you're asking the question, bet you know the answer
  10. Yes shambolic but I'm not sure why your suggesting the referee had some part in this. Jack Thomas came out in correct blue helmet colour well on time and lined up at right gate, gate 2. Sarjeant came out late also with blue helmet colour. Someone runs across centre green, don't know who but wearing tigers colours so presumably a pit member of some sort and rips off jacks helmet cover and replaces it with a red one. al this with the clock ticking down to zero. Thomas wearing the red colour then gets told to move to gate 4 and sarjeant goes into gate 2. by now the 2minute clock has expired and the ref has no option to disqualify both as they had wrong helmet colours and in the wrong gate position. A pity jack is just a young lad as a more experienced rider would have told the guy changing his colour where to go. And to compound the farce Jack is the one that gets taken out of the race. So sarjeant makes mistake , pit staf make mistake in changing Jack's cover then team manager basically shafts jack. I hope the promotion/team manger/sarjeant or whoever compensates Jack because at least he would have earned something from the race by getting the third place point!
  11. Enjoyed tonight. Took a few heats for us to get going but after that we looked good. Harris and Worrall seemed to have shaken off there bike problems and for Sheffield Wright was excellent. Main talking point heat 14, what was that all about?
  12. So how did it go and was the crowd better due to this extra attraction. Genuine question nothing more....
  13. Whats that got to do with this thread. Start a new topic or post it in Glasgow 2018
  14. Awe that's nice. Bet he's a bigger fan of those that pay his wages
  15. Workington 2018 .

    in addition to the ones I suggested? Ok, how about having a 3 week break in your initial fixture list; who thinks that is a good way to attract and retain a crowd . as another poster pointed out you will be playing catch up and could even be out of the competition before you've really got started, which is sad cos on paper you are better than Berwick and Edinburgh and with our tentative start to the season you would likely beat us on Saturday. But hey I'm not really bothered when the match takes place but when it does I hope you get the crowd you deserve