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  1. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I told you Gazc, just ignore him
  2. At least you can rely on Richard Lawson. It's a funny old game though with Richard I believe now booked to guest for the Lions in the playoffs as his average has dropped to 8.24 compared to Richie Worrall 8.25.
  3. SharpenRake

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Just ignore him, Jenga I mean. I have and the forum is a much better place. The only thing is you need to stay logged in otherwise it doesn't work.
  4. Some cracking racing once again tonight with the Glasgow youngsters getting in amongst the points. Sam Jensen what a find, totally fearless. Connor Bailey is learning all the time and is really going to be a star with Kyle unlucky against Sheffield but getting his reward against the bandits. A mention also for Ben Barker. He tried his heart out but wasn't rewarded with a big points total. Just a pity a lot people seem to have been put off by the weather forecast.
  5. SharpenRake

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    I blame his great great great grandparents, if they hadn't got together none of this would have happened.
  6. SharpenRake

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Totally agree. Interesting to see who Leicester pick. Puts pressure on there management team to get it right. Nothing worse than finishing top and getting knocked out in the semis.
  7. I can see why you picked your forum name
  8. I'll give you a few clues and see if you can work it out. Tonight Rasmus unbeaten by an opponent in a match curtailed by rain, last night at Peterborough on a track frequently described as having had a lot of rain and difficult Rasmus was superb. Against Scunthorpe he couldn't turn the bike.
  9. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    So is that c1000 people
  10. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Can't see what's wrong with me having an opinion. I take it you think the berwick track isn't too narrow?
  11. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Equally, I hope that Berwick close down over the winter due to having a track that's too narrow. Nothing against Berwick team, management or fans, of course.
  12. Living up to the Comics nickname I see
  13. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Perhaps it's a cunning plan to get him to reserve and then the true MBA will appear, 7 rides and double figures in the playoffs . OK I've had a few beers but wouldn't it be good if I was right for once
  14. Your spot on about entertainment value and I suppose the trouble is those that don't enjoy what they are seeing just stop going rather than come on here and argue the toss.
  15. So you were there last week and you thought you got your moneys worth. A track that was grippy in places, spongy in others, that rutted up on the bends, that had riders two wheeling in to the bends. All of these things meant the whole of the track couldn't be used safely resulting in a match that bore no resemblance to speedway we've enjoyed this season. Now this may be the norm for other tracks but we are trying to build our crowd by producing an entertaining evening. Just watch the videos on our Facebook page. Having ridden on the track rather than postponing all that happened I believe was the track needed more work than normal and that would require dry weather which we didn't get. The track staff posted photos late on Thursday and hoped for a dry night and Friday. It rained off and on till around 15 minutes after it was called off! Of course its dry and sunny today but surprise surprise rain is forecast for Tuesday evening and guess what is meant to be happening on Tuesday yes another home match. Are we p'd off yes and people sitting in the warmth of there home typing dog poo does not help.

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