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  1. SharpenRake

    Championship League Predictions

    As everyone knows injuries will play a key part as will signing riders that may become available particularly when averages change. Does anyone know what happens to 'rising stars', are they protected? How does the situation at Leicester work when they have 2 new rising stars and one old rising star - the Thompson twins and Bates . Could two of then be replaced by non rising stars as long as one remains and if so what are the chances that changes will be made?
  2. SharpenRake

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    The management committee could always bring in a rule that any team that receives a grant from the Scottish government will not be allowed to compete in the UK league because its not fair.
  3. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2020

    After what happened at the weekend in Glasgow there could be a spike in cases at a time when all the sacrifices we have made in Scotland plus vaccinations seemed to be bringing the virus down to manageable levels. And yes it did look as if everything was pointing to a positive announcement just before the Scottish Government elections. With the possible spike in cases who knows what will happen. Just hope that spectator sports including both speedway teams don't end up having to suffer a targeted lockdown as a result of the behaviour of one football teams fans.
  4. SharpenRake

    Championship League Predictions

    Or Workington
  5. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2020

    Just love the word 'suggests' which suggests you don't know but heh ...... So - - I would suggest that as he has a UK passport; didn't need a work permit in 2019; rode for the Belle Vue Colts, a NDL team, in 2019 then that clearly makes him 'British' in the eyes of the UK government and British Speedway governing body. Throw in the fact that he is only 18, having arrived in the UK when only 16, ending up with an 8.55 average for the Colts just after a few months, this alone should be enough to make him a rising star - better average than team mate Danny Phillips who is ranked as a 2* rider. Plus he won't be the first rider to take advantage of being able to ride in Australian championship meetings. For example, Tai Woffinden won the 2006 Western Australian Under-16 title, in Perth.
  6. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2020

    He was due to ride at Cowra for the U21 NSW Title which has been delayed until tomorrow due to rain!
  7. He's suggesting all Premier matches be held at and streamed from Belle Vue.
  8. Can't understand the obsession that some fans have that young Brits should try and get a contract abroad. They then complain when riders like Woffinden stop racing in the UK or complain when our fixtures are messed about cos riders are racing abroad. We should be pleased that Harris, Lawson, the Worralls, King, Barker and the rest prioritise the UK to earn a steady living rather than persue a contract in the grand prix circus.
  9. SharpenRake

    Corona virus

    Wouldn't be surprised if they are also giving advice to Donald Trump
  10. SharpenRake

    Corona virus

    And that of course is why we no longer catch a cold or the flu.... Cos they've gone away
  11. SharpenRake

    Corona virus

    No one did it better than Neil Macfarlane at Glasgow o
  12. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2020

    What a classy statement
  13. SharpenRake


    Too busy helping out at the stadium, looking forward to seeing our season tickets, checking that our tigers jackets will last another year, planning our holidays so we can support our team home and away. I could go on, just excited that's not long before the season starts. Hope all speedway fans have a great time supporting their team.
  14. SharpenRake

    Newcastle 2020

    Why post something like this? Perhaps he's just tired, feels its time to sit back and is really pleased that someone has come forward to take over the reins. Take a bow Mr English for all you have done for the Diamonds and speedway.
  15. SharpenRake

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Totally shocked by this sad news. He was loved by the Glasgow fans. RIP Danny

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