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  1. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Maybe so I was just pointing out that 3 riders had meetings abroad that weekend when someone asked why not have a meeting when all your riders were available.
  2. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Who would you have picked? Plus why do some people have difficulty with getting Justin's name right?
  3. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    13th May weekend - Tom was reserve in the Team GB European Team Championship final in Poland and Danyon and Connor were selected to represent GB in a 4's meeting in Germany.
  4. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    As Tyretrax says below someone has been filming and footage of one race was on the official Facebook page earlier this month. So maybe a chance of something happening.
  5. You really need to go to your doctor and get another prescription.
  6. SharpenRake

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Or perhaps just text the result.
  7. The dilemma of a Speedway fan. Most fans want to see passing yet when it's one of your riders that's getting passed it's a different matter.
  8. Exactly, famous last words. If we go through the season injury free and other teams don't strengthen up we can then think about the playoffs but for now great result but let's see what Sunday brings.
  9. That was quite good last night
  10. Kye Thomson looked good last year and James should do OK provided the ref ignores his reputation and realises that he does occasionally make a fair start. Hopefully Ulrich has got his new engine and all goes well. If so 51-39 to the Tigers. Not so sure about Armadale.
  11. And Glasgow wish BSN had been at Ashfield for Berwick's visit rather than the Newcastle meeting.
  12. SharpenRake

    Leicester vs Glasgow 23/04 7pm

    For the benefit of everyone. Benjamin is Danish, he rides in the Danish league on Wednesdays, Danish riders have to fulfil their commitments to their Danish team, Poole race on a Wednesday night because that is the best night for them from a fan/commercial point of view, so not practical for him to ride for Poole, Poole wanted Richard Lawson, to make things simple Glasgow agreed to swap Richard for Benjamin. Benjamin has moved from one club that pays its riders on time to another club that pays its riders on time. Richard is a recognised championship No.1, Benjamin isn't, albeit a good prospect. So in some ways Glasgow were taking a risk but team building wise it suited them so everyone was happy. Ok
  13. I see that 'allthegearbutnaeidea' felt that my post deserved a 'haha'. Hopefully, you were at Ashfield last night, enjoyed proper speedway and admired the skills and confidence of a brilliant young prospect Connor Bailey.
  14. What an excellent night's entertainment. Berwick riders never gave up and the Tigers didn't have any weak links. And as for young Connor Bailey simply brilliant.
  15. SharpenRake

    Leicester vs Glasgow 23/04 7pm

    Sadly the Lions will win this. Despite some excellent scores on his return from serious injury, Ulrich has admitted he is struggling for speed. So think something like 50-40.

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