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  1. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    You don't do irony do you? Look at the dates
  2. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    They tried to upload it on 18 June 2021 but for some reason it didn't work.
  3. SharpenRake

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Such loyalty to the whiter than white gaffer. You'll be driving him around the country next
  4. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    Tosh1218 What an appropriate name and yes we've all spotted your typo at the end.
  5. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    I'm really pleased had convinced myself he would have moved to a track closer to home. He comes across as a decent lad as well as being a brilliant prospect. His decision to stay with us also shows loyalty to the Glasgow fans and owners. Did I say I was really pleased
  6. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    I don't know what you've done but nothing from the pilates fan since your last post
  7. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    You have the power. It is your thread just change its name (maybe you are allowed to delete it?) and start another one 'The Real Glasgow 2022' thread
  8. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    It's only right that we try and wind you up.
  9. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    Good start with the team building in signing Connor Bailey. Wonder if they are going to announce the team in reverse order? If so Connor would be a strong no. 7
  10. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    He was a nodding dog. He nodded then did his own thing. Got found out and then walked out.
  11. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    You are an Edinburgh fan; your expectation of how Glasgow have performed or not is of no interest or value to any Tigers fans and for that matter most speedway fans.
  12. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    That's nonsense.
  13. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    You are on the wind up or seriously not well with your comment about the current owners.
  14. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    Spot on. Would imagine we'd get lots of positive PR and I'm sure the younger riders would benefit AND if he was signed as a second string could probably do a decent job.
  15. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2022

    And Mark Loram isn't English

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