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  1. Thank you. Apologies for appearing to be angry with you but our performance got to me. I did not think we'd win but didn't think we'd be embarrassing
  2. And your point is. what does my post say? they gave him an extra ride at heat 15. His 4 programmed rides plus heat 15 =5 rides.
  3. Feel sorry for Workington they could do with a good crowd on Saturday will be amazed if many Glasgow fans bother to travel. I won't be there
  4. Oops we did give him an extra ride heat 15 along with Paul! Just what he needs gets confidence back and ruin it by giving him an impossible race where he has a last place, great
  5. Sarjeant 8 from 3 and we don't give him an extra ride
  6. A tacky sub by Glasgow against howarth and kurtz who had a 5-1 in there first race. Gimme strength
  7. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    You really don't like Sarjeant, does he owe you money or something
  8. Rene must be getting close to dropping towards 3.3?
  9. Jenga's account has been hacked. Agree with virtually everything he wrote.
  10. Apologies for the lack of comments but I did say we are gonna try the Workington approach, plus we had no updates either. So it's good to see some positive comments from worky fans especially those sat behind the computer, glad you enjoyed it. Klindt best I've seen him ride don't know why he's been criticised. Also excellent at anticipating start. As for Mason you got a real bargain there scoring good points for a reserve. Anyway off to bed after celebrating Tigers win and some proper speedway with Paul Starkes heat 8 win one of the stand outs
  11. You really are something else. Not sure what that's got to do with the last few posts which is about canceling a match in June with 'riders missing' so we can hold it in October with 'riders missing'. But since you mention it im sure you would have rather beat us in front of a big crowd (remember them) so that lots of people would have witnessed your tremendous victory but by the end of the season (27/10) nobody cared, nobody came to watch but hey Glasgow lost that's all that matters.
  12. That's my point you haven't cancelled matches cos of injuries so why should we and yes we want regular speedway and that doesn't mean whenever 2 teams might be willing to meet each other provided all 7 riders are free that day!! If we race tonight it will be the first time we have had 3 Friday meetings in a row and Friday is meant to be our race night and you think we should cancel! There may be 'free' dates but I take it you magically know these free dates will be suitable to everyone? We offered to race at Workington on a so called free date but it didn't suit Workington so no match - and before jenga jumps in I had no problem with that. but so called free dates aren't necesarilly free. Doubling up might not be a problem but Poland still is and workington have I believe at least 3 riders contracted to ride in Poland and Glasgow at least two. These fixture would take priority over any rearranged Uk matches.
  13. What a lot of tosh. Have you cancelled matches cos Worrall and others have been injured. Injuries go with the territory. Can anyone guarantee that all 14 riders would be available if we postponed it at Workington request and to my knowledge they haven't. Last year teams refused re run dates cos they would not be at full strength and eventually they raced with teams full of guests at the end of the season in front of pitiful crowds. Is that what you want
  14. I thought we should adopt the Workington approach from a PR point of view, you know the let's not tell anyone we've got a good team and let's not hold any home matches, that way no one will complain about the food and drink and we won't lose more money. A brilliant business model! And of course if we race tonight that's saved you c20 points of points money. Win win for everyone
  15. Don't worry jenga if we win we'll not publicise it for a week and even then just put out a few words to say we were lucky and that it was a pity that the Workington management agreed to this match when t fixtures came out as it was obvious Bewley would be missing and proctor injured.
  16. An easy win for moanarchs. You can't expect a team like this to not have a blip or two and last week was one of the blips. Back to normal this week.
  17. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    Well interesting comments by MD but I really enjoyed last night. I like to win but Id rather have a close meeting than a runaway bore fest and last night was close. Nichols was classy and hard but could do nothing in Heat15. BWD was spectacular and did well to pip Paul on the line. For us our top 5 all chipped in without any being a stand out although Chris and Richie did what was required in heats 13 and 15. And a word for Jack Thomas who crucially won heat 2 again and with the way the team is set up has the 'harder' rides thereafter. Hopefully something similar next Friday and we get revenge on Workington and maybe see a few worky fans as they don't seem to want to race at home
  18. Surely there was something you didn’t like☹️
  19. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    Think thats the teams for the away match at Peterborough on Sunday. Think MB Andersen is guesting at no.2 tonight
  20. SharpenRake

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    It could be worse...
  21. SharpenRake

    Workington 2018 .

    Spot on but for which team More to follow, as jenga likes to have the last word
  22. SharpenRake

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    Thankfully a Friday evening meeting, start time 7.30pm, so hopefully dust won't be a problem. Looking forward to clashes between Harris and Nicholls should be worth the admission money on there own.
  23. SharpenRake

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    You really do talk a load of dish water. I realise you don't think things have moved on since 2017 since you don't seem to want to run any meetings this year but the free tickets promotion happened last year
  24. SharpenRake

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Come to Glasgow probably 40% are new or returned
  25. No need to think. A quick look at the speedway gb website and being up to date you can easily see what is required

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