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  1. SharpenRake

    Witches v Glasgow 16/08/2018

    Your so sharp, hope you don't prick yourself
  2. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    What has this to do with this thread? No one said that the monarchs promotion described him as worst ever
  3. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    My point was that you have a lot of 6 point men who are happy to stay there. Despite increasing there average by tenfold Etheridge is still only 5.98, Dany 6.08 both damn close to 6.00! Having increased there averages by tenfold over the last 2 years I suppose 2 years ago they had 0.0598 and 0.0608 averages respectfully?
  4. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    Say what you like pal, he was trolling. An honest opinion aye right. Read what topsoil says about him in the post above. And your now making up stories about Claus. He injured his ribs at that wonderful track, known locally as ftg. He wasn't fully fit but gave the Danish championship a go anyway. he scored 0 and suffered an exclusion.to say he did not turn up implying he let the club down is totally wrong. And for you to criticise him when your team apart from Aaron is full of riders who think we'll always get a team if we keep our average at 6 and if not we can always go to Berwick. Having said that good luck tonight
  5. SharpenRake

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    I wasn't there. I am a Glasgow fan so no doubt will be told go back to your page and don't interfere. BUT what is wrong with all you people? Poole fans are upset at what happened even those that never normally say anything against there team and yet they and promoter are still getting stick? The rules are clear only the losing team can ask for a track inspection (not Poole). The referee makes the final decision in consultation with both captains and the clerk of the course. So it must have been Leicester that asked the ref to call it of. If the ref agrees with the Leicester riders then its of and nothing the Poole side do or say will change things.
  6. SharpenRake


    There is a big different between losing and investing. Through there successful, profitable company they acquired land and invested in creating an impressive sports stadium - both are assets. They continue to invest money that would presumably be 'lost' to the taxman therby enhancing there assets and providing a better product for speedway fans to enjoy. The key is owning the stadium. Sadly when speedway was drawing huge crowds in the 60 and 70s the promoters in the uk put the money in the boot of the car and drove off. when the crowds started to drop they sold the club to speedway fans as opposed to hard headed businessmen and its been generally 'fans' that have been trying to keep the sport going ever since. They had a chance when Sky were throwing money at the sport to invest in facilities but chose to pass it on the riders and once the money started to dry up the riders moved on to other countries. It'll' be interesting when the Polish bubble bursts!
  7. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    Your first sentence says it all. But to give you the courtesy of a response, he said that Vissing has always been mediocre and apparently disruptive. That is not someone the fans recognise at Glasgow. Claus has increased his average and is a pleasure to deal with, the kids love him - photos, autographs no problem - as does everyone at Glasgow. He would be number one in your team both using green sheet averages and the speedway star averages! Throw in the fact that the original poster,a Berwick fan is saying who the'd keep if they were Glasgow, frankly who cares and that why its trolling trying to upset and get a reaction based on anything but fact.
  8. Seven points for the monarchs over the 2 days will put them in pole position for the play-offs
  9. I make Edinburgh +5; no offence to moanrchs fans
  10. For all those not at the match there's lots of brilliant photos on Tiger official Facebook page and post match interview and reaction from Sam masters and Craig cook
  11. You've not had a meeting for weeks! It could be worse, you could be a Workington fan - great team and only 2 home league matches so far this season. The problem isn't the same riders and teams week in week out but no teams/riders week in, week out. If your gonna moan at least moan about the right thing
  12. Thanks for travelling up and giving your views. From what I heard, above the noise and general atmosphere, all riders interviewed over the tannoy thought the shape of the track was better but there were a few bumps. Track record was broken with ease by Tai and most races quicker than normal meetings, as you might expect. Cookie showed what could be done when he finally got his set-up right with him getting a standing ovation for his win over holder in Heat 15. Don't think any Glasgow fan could believe that Steve Worrall was in the GB team. I know its good to be loyal but Steve isn't the Steve that rode with style last year. Hes come back from a bad injury and putting him out against Australia can't have done his confidence any good. Finally a well done to everyone that helped get the meeting on plus all the volunteers.
  13. Big crowd expected so suggest you come early. Doors open 1pm. Signing sessions with tai cookie Chris and max also live music. Details in official Facebook page
  14. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    What I meant was emilali's post wasn't worth responding to in the first place as it was trolling at its worst; hence my disappointment that Steve had taken the time and trouble to respond. But I also felt, to be fair to Steve, that I should acknowledge that he was pointing out that the rules will dictate who is at no.1 next year, not the views of a Berwick troll.
  15. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    Disappointed in you, you appear to have taken emilali at face value and responded albeit pointing out his/her lack of awareness of the rules
  16. Presumably Mark Lemon knows
  17. You are cynical....... well you did ask
  18. There is a large manned, you have to pay, car park west of the stadium, no more than 10 minutes walk away. Try scrolling down the official Facebook page. It gives maps, train and other info
  19. Clearly you are a stirrer or not very good at finding information on Web sites. The website has info on the full gb team and rossiters thoughts. It also gives the name of the first 4 Aus riders Chris Holder, Fricke and Brady kurtz and Doyle subject to a fitness test. You can also look at the Facebook site.
  20. im not going to get involved with whose riding or not. Frankly if the riders named wont get people to attend I don't think the addition of Robert lambert would make a difference. However I do think your a bit harsh suggesting this is a hastily arranged friendly. Some thought has gone into this . fans have said they want weekend meetings so they can travel, not miss work or whatever - tick. don't want there riders to miss a league match cos they are representing there country - no Premiership or Championship meetings on Saturday, so tick; want to see riders ride in the UK who currently only race abroad - Tai and Chris, so tick; want to get back home at a reasonable time -3pm start, so tick; want to see proper test matches - tick. so to sum up the Glasgow promoters, the GB and Aussie management have done a brilliant job to get this meeting on, so get your tick(ets) while you can!
  21. Doyle tweeted on 26 July that it was a shame he couldn't ride today (for his Polish club) but back next week.
  22. SharpenRake

    Glasgow 2018

    Be interesting to see what happens next year assuming there are enough teams left to form a league. Since the Facennas took over they employed Stuart dickson as they thought he had the necessary knowledge and skills to pick and manage a team. Will they do better now he is gone. If nothing else he did them a favour walking out and saving them money
  23. Must say it will be a shame if Workington aren't in the play offs due to being unable to run enough home meetings despite it being the best summer in living memory by the cut-off date. Good luck in the cup
  24. Surprised by next rider announced Steve Worrall
  25. Ryan macdonald and luke ruddick are both Scottish, I think.

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