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  1. I supported Ged in his positive attitude and action in making changes because I thought something needed to be done. He now has my sympathy because some of the new riders and an old one let him down. Top three were good to watch and scored 37 points between them. Other four should have scored more than eight between them, they really were very poor. Comets weren't exactly brilliant either but had a great start and hung on well to get a deserved win.
  2. Not what I was expecting. Ully, Hall, knight and Halsey 8 points between them after 12 races. Will never win those returns. Can't understand what has happened to Ully. Comets deserve it. Panthers lose yet again at home, end of play offs I think. Sad and disappointing end to the season after such a promising start.
  3. I am oddly looking forward to this one (or two) with yet another new exciting panthers line up (please forgive the sarcasm, I actually think something needed to be done). I expect us to win both but then again I expected us to beat Ipswich, the then bottom of the league Scunny, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Redcar, so what do I know? Not very much obviously. However, I live in hope that the mighty Panthers finally produce a good performance for the suffering home fans. I have no doubt Cookie will do the business and hope Ully finally regains some form and as for the rest I really don't know but as an optimist, albeit a slightly pessemistic one, I forecast a huge three point victory against RH and a sound thrashing of Workington by 46 points to 44. Anyway, I look forward to some good racing regardless of the results and can console myself with a visit to my home town team Wolves v Pirates on Monday. PS - absolutely bostin (Wolverhampton slang) SGP final last Saturday between Woofy and Doyley.
  4. Tony501

    Peterborough V Redcar 29/8/16

    Oh dear its not much fun being a Panthers fan at the moment, yet another poor result. The Bears deserved the draw they looked more like a team fighting for a play off place than we did.
  5. Tony501

    Peterborough V Redcar 29/8/16

    I am pleased that Panthers had the courage to replace some riders who were just not performing and likely to cost us a play off place. That gives me faith that management are ambitious and trying hard to create a successful team.I do find it difficult however, to understand why so many riders lost form so badly towards the end of the season, particularly at home, after such a promising start.Fortunately all is not lost and I am looking forward to the Bears match in a couple of hours time. My only concern is that we have a newbie accompanying us and based on recent experience that is a certain home defeat. Come on Panthers!!!!
  6. A 17 year old Edinburgh boy gets as many points as four Panthers riders combined. Its not consistency that's the issue, it is a lack of ability and commitment. It was a stroll in the park for Edinburgh. We were thrashed on our own track and if it wasn't for Craig Cook it would have been even more humiliating.
  7. Bought two newbies along tonight but not sure after a disappointing performance and result like that they will be keen to come again. Can't remember MPT ever riding like that for the Panthers. Scunny deserved it, gated better and wanted it more. Would have thought Scunny were the team at the top of the league and Panthers at the bottom. All in all a shocking home defeat to team at the bottom of the league.
  8. Thank you again for so petulantly demonstrating your your self-centered, egotistical arrogance. As you say you are not a Panthers fan and obviously incapable of understanding anyone with an opinion or view contrary to yours.
  9. Said with the self-centred, egotistical attitude of the truly arrogant. As I wrote in my original post, there are some members on this site who lack consideration and respect for their fellow Panthers supporters. Thank you for for so clearly demonstrating that.
  10. It was a very disappointing evening, I expected better from the Panthers. Tigers were by far the better team and deserved to win. The starter was pernickety and irritating from the beginning. Overall a dismal first home meeting of the season for me. I hope for better at Scunny on Sunday. Also, I sympathise with the people who wish to stand on the back straight and see nothing wrong with them complaining about it. They are Panthers supporters and deserve better than having their wishes ignored and being rudely spoken to by H&S or security men who don't give a damn about speedway or Peterborough Panthers. The comments from some about "it's not worth being concerned about" or "get over it" are both patronising and insulting. They should have more respect for their fellow Panthers supporters.
  11. Tony501

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    I am surprised about the posts on here speculating that Lambert could be dropped. He had a good season this year and I for one am pleased that he has been signed up again and hopefully will remain with the team all season. However, I do think that Panthers success next season depends quite a lot on securing the services of a high scoring number one. Thinking back to this season one of the most disappointing aspects of our home matches was the often poor gating. MPT was arguably the most consistently poor but all our riders seemed to struggle in some matches. I can't think of a logical explanation for this but we could have picked up a lot more points on occasion had we matched the gating of our opponents on our home track.
  12. Tony501

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    Great to see MPT back for 2016. He is usually entertaining and if he could improve his gating he could easily increase his average. I hope to see his compatriot Ulrich back as well, along with if possible, Barker, Grondal, Thomsen and even konopka who I think shows promise. As for a new rider/s I don't know. 2015 was pretty good year considering all the injuries but it would be nice to topple the Monarchs next season.
  13. On paper the Monarchs are clear favourites but I think the Panthers can win this. They have nothing to lose and despite huge injury problems throughout the season Ged and co have put a very good team together who I think are capable of going all the way.
  14. Being a Saturday evening also took my other half who is not a speedway fan and she asked me towards the end why I was looking so miserable! Actually, I expected a Rebels win but not such a disappointing and weak performance from the Panthers. In particular I cannot understand why so many of our riders are continually so bad at gating. I have now seen Ipswich, Plymouth, Edinburgh and now Somerset take us to the cleaners on our own track and invariably their riders being in front from the first corner. (Our guys perhaps need a training session from Greg or Nikki.) Sadly,I think we don't stand a chance against any other team in the play-offs. On current form we do not even deserve to be there and before anyone jumps down my throat I am not a defeatist, just a realist. To be fair to Barker and Thomsen they did O'K but the rest have completely lost their early season form and most disappointing of all is that it appears their determination and will to win has disappeared.
  15. Tony501

    Peterborough Panthers 2015

    I agree with this assessment of four of the play-off teams. I have seen us well beaten at home by three of them and we only just got the better of Glasgow. Also, on recent form I think we are unlikely to beat anybody home or away. I would therefore be pleasantly surprised if we won more than one of our remaining league fixtures let alone progress in the play-offs. After a great start to the season it is just unfortunate that we have lost so many riders to injury and retirement and end of season form has been poor. I look forward to the meeting tomorrow evening but expect that Somerset will be too strong for us.

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