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  1. Aroundtheboards

    Rye House 2018

    Yes I realise that, I was referring to the Premier league matches !
  2. Aroundtheboards

    Rye House 2018

    FRN have never been a good idea, anybody with half an idea about finances and figures would know that by having FRN's you cut down your potential foot fall through turnstiles as you don't get the floating fans that will pull in a couple or more Premiership meetings a week but now have to be content with only one !
  3. Aroundtheboards

    Rye House 2018

    What a shame there are not more level headed, eloquent people like yourself on these forums. Well written and unlike most of the garbage written on here a good read. Thank you.
  4. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    A bit like his riding career as for longevity !!! Fair enough, his riding career wasn't so fruitful but of course the teams around him weren't that good, unlike the teams he had at Somerset.
  5. Aroundtheboards

    Garry May

    Garry May in his riding days and now, standing next to Charles Wright who he has binned a far better rider than May could have dreamed of being !!!
  6. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset 2018

    This I suspect has been bubbling for the last month or so since the track was in such poor state and the riders showed their displeasure. Wrighty being Wrighty is a nice bloke but as a northern chap calls a spade a shovel and wouldn't have minced his words if he was being gagged by the promotion. The track didn't suit his style and he was being hampered from giving his best and I think that's why it's boiled over and May has cut his nose off to spite his face IMO. Doyle kicked up a fuss but Miss H wouldn't upset him because he is WC. There by hangs another point in question, any WC is only as good as his last ride and he won the Crown last year ! He hasn't come to the party in the guise of WC, far from it !!! There is frustration all around in the Somerset camp !!!
  7. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    I am a Speedway supporter and I like to see things done with common sense. May is no big shakes as team manager he was not a lot better as a rider. A stern talking to would have sufficed. Instead he has shot him self in the foot.
  8. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Where are you coming from with a comment like that !!! He has been a bloody good servant to the club and if he has gripes about the track or tactics he should at least be listened to providing it is without dissent ! He is of good character and a bloody good team man also he is loyal to a fault !!! I think and hope that May will live to regret this move !
  9. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset v Belle Vue 23/05/18

    Brilliant photography !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
  10. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset v Swindon • 16/05/18 • Premiership

    The track last night was DANGEROUS !!! Jake Allen was left to explain to the crowd why the riders had taken a stand on it. Disgusting state of affairs. Hancock or May should have taken the mike and done that but no ! They were hiding ! We didn't see Hancock all night after the stoppage !!! The riders should feedback to May, not talk to, or berate the track staff themselves !!! May, in turn should liaise with the Curator or Clerk of the course about track conditions and remedial work to be carried out !!! It is quite clear that after the Poole match and the track problem then, nothing has been done to address the original problem with the excess shale problem. This brings me to an incident at the Poole Match when John Burrows the start marshal was berated by a rider about the cone that is placed in the middle of the track against the tapes. Lawson visually berated John over the alleged "problem cone" on a special on foot visit to the tapes after a race !!! During which the rider slammed the cone down on Johns foot !!! Nothing more happened and the rider marched off !!! Later in the evening John was in the Bar and was allegedly approached by May and reprimanded about the incident and the upshot was that John has given up the Start Marshalls position after eighteen years !!! HOM MANY MORE TRACK STAFF WILL LEAVE ? Somerset you are shooting yourselves in the foot !!!
  11. Aroundtheboards

    Poole 2018

    A bit like your namesake pal, I doubt you or he could run a bath let alone run or talk about running a Speedway Team !!!
  12. Aroundtheboards

    Poole 2018

    I know as a Somerset fan it is easy for me to say but I think James will come good ! He is delivering his average albeit leading a team mate home or visa versa. I feel there is lot, lot more to come from Smiler ! I have watched his exploits on grass as well and he is dynamic, he needs time to transfer those skills to the shale. Every team has someone they have to be patient with and I believe James Shanes is Poole's, be patient Poole and let the lad work his craft and it will pay dividends. Good to see so many of you at the Oaktree last night. Remember, "Every dog has his day", yours will come again. BE PATIENT with James.
  13. Aroundtheboards

    Somerset 2018

    Has nobody got anything to say about the fiasco that was Leicester Lions V Somerset Rebels last night ???!!!
  14. Aroundtheboards

    Poole v Somerset & Somerset v Poole. Good Friday.

    Hasn't rained in BOS now for 4hrs, still think it's a long shot if it's on ! We've got Tungate in for Lawson. That could make it interesting. Hope the weather gods shine on us all. Have good season Poole, when it starts, eh !!!

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