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  1. HertsRacer

    Hoskins 1933 in North America

    Think it was after this tour that Hoskins and Frank Arthur formed a company to run speedway and cars at the Sydney Royale. Jack Ormston took 1933 off to run the family butchers business, returning to Halls Green the next season. Ray Tauser was recovering from a bad injury I think.
  2. HertsRacer

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    His Instagram account says he lives in Somerset. Don't know when that was posted though.
  3. HertsRacer

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    Could this have been Max Rech who was Polish and rode for Fleetwood and St Austell in the early 1950's. I read somewhere that he settled in England after retiring from speedway.
  4. HertsRacer

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    How about Danish rider Arne Pander ? Know he died in a nursing home in Kings Lynn.
  5. HertsRacer

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    Sandor LevaI remained in England until 1989 when he sold his business and returned to Hungary. He died there in 2009.
  6. HertsRacer

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    Go onto Speedway Researcher website under team by team, Swindon, all the details are there. Briggo scored an 18 point max that night.
  7. HertsRacer

    2020 teams

    Thought I read years ago that one of the conditions of the grants received to help build Northside was that professional racing was not allowed. Has that changed or was I just imagining it?
  8. HertsRacer

    The first race you saw

    1st August 1961, Parents (both former Wembley and Harringay supporters) took me while on holiday to an East Anglican League match between Yarmouth and Norwich 'B'. Heat 1 won by Roy Trigg (Y) followed by Clive Featherby (N), Peter Atkins (N), and Johnny Fitzpatrick (Y). The Bloaters won 39-37 after both Norwich riders failed to finish in the last heat. Been hooked ever since.
  9. HertsRacer

    Spencer Morton Norwich stock cars 1954

    Definitely Wal Morton.
  10. HertsRacer

    Who remembers Ernie Hancock?

    Remember him being involved with Rye House. Think there was an individual trophy named after him which was raced for. I remember him being smallish in statue, with black hair and black framed glasses. I may be wrong, but I think he died a lot longer than ten years ago.
  11. HertsRacer

    Brandon Update

    Always thought it was the local council rather than developers who wanted the land for redevelopment, and refused to extend the lease.
  12. HertsRacer

    TV new deal?

    You are quite right in that Quest and Quest Red are both owned by Discovery Inc. Although I can't find any record of Quest Red ever showing sport, Quest have shown Superbikes, MotoGP, Formula E, Le Mans, Darts, Snooker, Football etc either live or highlights. Always thought Eurosport was available on Freeview, but as I don't use it I may be wrong. Certainly Quest is available on Virgin, not sure about Quest Red.
  13. HertsRacer

    TV new deal?

    Not quite. Eurosport is owned by US media company Discovery Inc. The Discovery Channel is their major American channel. Eurosport is their worldwide sports outlet.
  14. HertsRacer

    Joe Neath

    Steve Many thanks for that. I've managed to find the 1955 article (and others) through the British Newspaper Archives. Seems he was a grass tracker before he tried speedway. Once again thanks for all your efforts, very much appreciated.
  15. HertsRacer

    Joe Neath

    Many thanks Steve, some great stuff there. I can only find him riding speedway in early 1960, so he may well have just flirted with the sport and moved on. The fact he appeared at Coventry and Hednesford would suggest he may have been part of the Leicestershire branch of our family.

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