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  1. I'm sure the greyhound stadium would have been the first place The Bombers looked at after they were kicked out of Brooklands. Far too close to housing for it to happen.
  2. HertsRacer

    Fay Taylour the greatest woman rider.

    Try http://www.historicspeedway.co.nz/Fay Taylour.htm or just type Fay Taylour speedway into your search engine. There's lots available.
  3. HertsRacer

    London History Site

    It is generally thought that the decline in pubs, cinemas, theatres and sporting venues, can be blamed directly on the Queen. Her Coronation in 1953 led to thousands of people buying or renting television sets to watch the event, and meant that in future they no longer needed to leave their houses to find entertainment.
  4. HertsRacer

    London History Site

    Being a Charlton Athletic supporter, I remember the greyhound stadium very well. Was on the corner of Woolwich Road and Anchor and Hope Lane which is now a Makro's store. Never went inside, but from the outside it appeared a pretty large stadium. I do have a photo of it somewhere, will try and find it. I also remember getting excited that as well as a football team, I was going to have a speedway team to support as well. Sadly the owners changed their mind at the last minute, ans sold the stadium for redevelopment.
  5. HertsRacer

    Swindon Stadium

    Nothing wrong with your memory, Romford did have a mesh fence on the home straight.
  6. HertsRacer


    On another site someone has actually confirmed the dates of the magazines on the wall, and they actually match the year the latest series is set.
  7. HertsRacer

    George Mudgway, Bradford, 1947

    This might be of use to you http://bobandrewsspeedway.tripod.com/georgemudgwaycontents.htm
  8. HertsRacer

    Former London Venues

    West Ham was always considered be in the East End of London even though old parish records gave it as being in Essex. Try telling any Hammers supporter he's an Essex boy and see what response you get.
  9. Non Polish teams are not allowed in the Extraliga. Latvian side Daugavpils have been denied promotion on several occasions for this reason.
  10. HertsRacer

    Plymouth 2019

    Bradford ?
  11. HertsRacer

    Plymouth 2019

    I'm sure everybody wishes you the best of fortune for the future. We can't afford to lose anymore tracks. On a lighter note the name Gladiators will be Plymouth's sixth nickname in it's history after Tigers, Panthers, Drakes, Bulldogs and Devils. This must be a record.
  12. HertsRacer

    Plymouth 2019

    Can't say I like the changes much, but there you go. Just hope they bring you better fortune than when my old team changed it's name to Gladiators.
  13. HertsRacer

    Ipswich 2019

    Is Eddie Kennett still riding? Haven't seen his name linked to any Premier or Championship club for next season. Might be a useful signing.
  14. HertsRacer

    1948 season new applicants

    Of the tracks mentioned I know that Crystal Palace was deemed to be too close to New Cross, probably the same argument applied to Charlton. The Local Council refused planning permission to stage speedway at Romford, and the stadium owners turned down approaches to run at Nottingham. I assume any application from Clapton was to be at Lee Bridge Stadium which during and after the war was used for allotments and never hosted speedway again. The owners of Staines Stadium introduced Midget Car Racing in 1947 which probably explained why speedway did not get off the ground. I suspect many of the applications to join the league were made before obtaining necessary planning permission or agreement with the stadium owners which in the end was not forthcoming.
  15. HertsRacer

    Commentator of the Year

    Well done Dave, well deserved. A different type of commentating. Agree with you Steve re his interaction with the fans during meetings.

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