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  1. Swindon 2018

    Andy, not trying to be picky or anything, but my son who works for them tell me they have just changed their name to Sports Information Systems.
  2. Poole 2018

    Steady on, I only go to read SS. Waitrose don't stock it.
  3. Poole 2018

    Same here, but I think you are right.
  4. Poole 2018

    Know I read it somewhere. As I don't live anywhere near Poole it wasn't in the local press. Could have been Speedway Star or maybe someone on here mentioned it.
  5. Is There Hope For The Future.?

    Always thought that was in the original plans for NSS, and was to include not just riding tuition but courses on bike maintenance and fitness. I assume this has all been dropped since Messrs Morton & Gordon left.
  6. Long Eaton Track Record 1950

    Might still be the same person. My info came from a local paper, and as we all know the press don't always get it right. Interestingly I also found an advert in a Scottish newspaper from 1947 of a Billy Galloway inviting people to "Come and see Scotland's Speed Men" at Torrance Grass Track every Saturday. Maybe this was also the same person.
  7. Long Eaton Track Record 1950

    Not sure if it is that Billy Galloway, but the officials of Long Eaton at the time were listed as S.H.Lish - Manager of the speedway company, Bob Peett - Promotor & Racing Manager. Also members of the speedway company were W.A.Galloway from Hanley and W.Boyer from London.
  8. Not an expert on Rugby League, but I believe they have a salary cap, which acts as a limitation.
  9. Rugby League certainly does. The bottom four in the Super League play off with the top four of the Championship for four places in Super League. Scottish football also has play offs to decide promotion/relegation. It was tried once in English football, as my team managed to beat Leeds United from the second division to retain their place in the top flight. Can't remember if we got a trophy for it though.
  10. Crystal Palace 1939 Season

    Just to add that Alf Markham made four appearances in the English Speedway Trophy and Fred Wiseman appeared once. Also in the league Bronco Slade rode in the home meeting against Middlesborough. Also Harry Saunders appeared twice in the English Speedwy Trophy.
  11. Crystal Palace 1939 Season

    Crystal Palace competed in the Second Division in 1939 along with Bristol, Hackney Middlesborough, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield and Stoke. They completed 10 league matches (won 1, lost 9 ) as well as riding 6 matches (won 1, lost 5) in the English Speedway Trophy before closing in July due to falling attendances. There were rumours of the club transferring to Edinburgh to complete the season, but this never happened, and their record was expunged from the league. Likewise Middlesborough were rumoured to move to Glasgow but that fell through and they closed, while Stoke finished the season at Belle Vue.
  12. Stan Mauger

    If you go to the SPECIAL FEATURES section in SPEEDWAY RESEARCHER and look in RIDERS AVERAGES 1929-1962 it shows that Stan Mauger made a single Southern League appearance for Coventry in 1929 and nine in 1931. It would appear from 1931 newspaper reports that he rode mainly in junior or handicap races.
  13. Fixed Race Nights For 2018 Season

    Don't think Swedish speedway will collapse. There seems to be a few top flight teams in trouble, and Ornarna of the second tier are pulling out at the end of the season, leaving the league with just 3 teams. A merger looks likely with a lowering of standard of the top teams. Might mean some riders be looking to Britain instead.
  14. King's Lynn V Rye House 19/07/17

    Took a big hit in the SEC. Looked to be a very painful leg injury.