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  1. 2 hours ago, lisa-colette said:

    Maybe it was a typo! I did google it and only articles I could find about a possible return for Southampton were from 2008 and 2011.

    There's a Facebook site called Bring back Southampton Speedway, run by a supporters group who have ambitions of bringing back speedway to Southampton. Not much information about how or where this may happen however.

  2. 41 minutes ago, cinderfella said:

    Can't remember who but there was a rider in the late 60s/early 70s used to use an old hearse to transport his bikes around and dressed appropriately.

    Do you mean Tyburn Gallows who I believe was as undertaker. He used to tell people he was a former Hangman's Apprentice. A real character.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, rjsj9803 said:

    I do admire Bojos inane trust in the UK public "Christmas will be very different for many people" 

    No sorry Boris i suspect some will carry on exactly as they have since March 23rd and do sod all different from any other day and carry on regardless.

    I think you are right. Two weeks ago we were hoping our area would go down to tier 1 from tier 2. Now we find ourselves in tier 4 even though our rate of infection is and  always has been less than the national average. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, DC2 said:

    A table for two couples cannot meet the criteria whether they claim to be in a support bubble or not!

    A loan adult carer looking after an adult could meet another household inside but I doubt that the four of them meeting in a pub would wash.

    Although, of course, if two couples live together as one household that’s different and acceptable.


    49 minutes ago, DC2 said:

    A table for two couples cannot meet the criteria whether they claim to be in a support bubble or not!

    A loan adult carer looking after an adult could meet another household inside but I doubt that the four of them meeting in a pub would wash.

    Although, of course, if two couples live together as one household that’s different and acceptable.

    The new regulations on support bubbles for Tier 2 (which I assume Swindon is) introduced on Dec 2 allows an individual, under certain circumstances, to form a bubble with another household of any size providing that household is not part of another bubble, so two seperate couples from different houses could not meet, but if three were from a single household and the other from another then yes they could under some circumstances.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, DC2 said:

    Just wondering whether local businesses are aware of the Covid rules or have any duty to enforce them or face a fine if they don’t?

    Earlier in the week a pub was allowing groups of people to book tables if they claimed to be in a “support bubble” and today some Swindon cafes were hosting groups of ladies, no questions asked.

    Certainly pubs have a duty to inforce the rules which apply to them. Big fines if they don't. Our local authority has written to all the pubs explaining the rules, so no excuses. As for bubbles, that's more for the individuals. The landlords can't be held responsible if people lie to him unless he knows they don't meet the criteria, in which case he should refuse to serve them. Otherwise if found out the individuals face a fine. I assume the same rules apply to cafes which are a single household/bubble indoors and a maximum of six from mixed households outdoors per table.

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  6. On 11/28/2020 at 12:20 AM, norbold said:

    42 riders entered on the day in 8 different events, each with scheduled heats, semi-finals and final. In all  50 races were programmed. I do have a few more results than appear on Speedway Researcher (should I send them to you, Tiger Owl?), but nothing like 50 races and in those races that I have records of, there are only about 20 - 25 different names mentioned, leaving something like 20 who don't get a mention. Norman Lewis may well have been one of those.

    Oh, just to add, DC, the meeting WAS advertised with posters, in the motor cycle press and in the local press.

    The meeting was also heavily advertised in the Daily Mirror the week leading up to the meeting. If you have access to the British Newspaper Archive website they also published some terrific photos after the event showing both singles and sidecar action during the day.

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  7. 27 minutes ago, The Third Man said:

    No, the BBC news says we now ordered 100million, increase in 10million since it was announced this morning, of the Oxford vaccine only

    Perhaps we will put 34million of them on Ebay when we realise we don't need them

    Edit - We have also ordered 90million each of two other vaccines, so we have ordered 280million doses in total



    Sorry, didn't check the amounts bought. The reason for buying so many of the Oxford vaccine, is nobody knows yet, presuming it works, if a single dose is enough or whether a booster will be needed later. They have also bought ànother  vaccine which is at a similar stage of development as an alternative  to the Oxford one, ie whichever works best, assuming either do. There was an article on the BBC  website earlier today but don't  know if it's still there.

  8. 25 minutes ago, BWitcher said:

    Brilliant.. line up for multiple vaccines.

    And if you don't take them... or you get reactions from them? 

    Shunned by society? Locked up?

    Nobody said anything about multi vaccines. A couple being tested involve different methods of stimulating antibodies to recognise and attack the virus proteins. Others are to lessen the symptoms and recovery time for the most serious cases. 




  9. 27 minutes ago, kitten2502 said:

    Genuine question - As most clubs have been selling club masks, if they are worn, does this mean that the social distancing will be reduced to 1 metre+ rather than 2 metres?

    Think masks would be a absolute requirement to combat the additional transmission risk in talking above the noise of the bikes. Also I note that one of the suggestions for outdoor music concerts is payment for entry through E Tickets so there is a contact for you in case of somebody attending unknowingly having the virus. Could be that you may need to sign in at the stadium as is required for pubs.

  10. On 6/28/2020 at 11:20 PM, stevehone said:

    needs to be run very much along the lines of IOW and the holiday makers they target

    Ironic that they got kicked out league prior to the 1954 season because they only wanted to run during the holiday season. Went there for my first ever meeting in 1961, their last season, while on holiday.  I remember there was a big crowd watching. I'm sure it would be viable if they could ever get the stadium owners to agree.



  11. 1 hour ago, BWitcher said:

    Week ending June 19th.

    49 less deaths in care homes than the 5 year average

    782 less hospital deaths than the 5 year average.

    827 more people dying at HOME than the 5 year average.

    More deaths from flu/pneumonia than Covid-19.

    Flu/pneumonia deaths again running close to their normal levels.. UNAFFECTED BY LOCKDOWNS, MASKS or any other measure.

    To clarify.. 

    Flu/pneumonia deaths 1002
    Covid-19 deaths 783.

    316 deaths had both flu/pneumonia and Covid-19 on death cert but are counted ONLY in the Covid-19 figures.


    Just to add that of the 827 home deaths, only 52 were Covid related.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Vince said:

    Unexpectedly high hospital death toll for a Saturday when the rest of the week has been a lot lower than previous weeks

    Not really. More historic cases tend to be included on Saturdays.  Today NHS England reported 78 deaths but 28 were more than a week old leaving 50 relating to the past week. Last week on a Saturday they reported 71 deaths of which 12 were more than a week old leaving 59 for that week, and the week before 67 deaths of which 5 were more than a week old leaving 62 for that week. Remember the figures given are reported deaths and not actual deaths for that day. Hope that makes sense.

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  13. 2 hours ago, ruffdiamond said:

    Easy, just hand out gloves and masks at the speedway venue. ;)

    Would be a must. The 2m rule has not been scrapped, the wording is that you can be 1m plus, but should take a number of precautions eg wear a mask. Also one of speedway's main problems reopening would be noise. Pubs are now banned from having loud music of any sort so as to prevent customers having to shout above the noise, which is thought to increase the risk of transmission, the shouting that is not the music. So again the only way speedway could overcome a similar obstacle with bike noise would be for masks to be compulsory. 

  14. On 6/23/2020 at 2:59 PM, ruckerroo said:

    restaurants and pubs to reopen

    Hairdressers to reopen

    Hotels and campsites to reopen


    Places of worship to reopen


    Surely that's very good news for speedway getting up and running .

    Not so easy. Friend of mine who runs a pub showed me the list (46 pages) issued after the announcement of the reduction as to things he will have to do in order to open. Mind boggling.  Cant see any promoter or stadium owner having the cash to make tracks Covid safe for spectators.

  15. 1 hour ago, cityrebel said:

    There is a lot of snobbery in speedway. When West Ham dropped down a league, it was like pulling teeth trying to get my old man to take me to Custom House.

    In fairness to your dad it wasn't West Ham moving down but Romford Bombers using the track as a stop gap. As a Bombers supporter I didn't enjoy going to Custom House either. Didn't feel the same.

  16. 20 minutes ago, racers and royals said:

    NHS England have just released the latest 24 hour period Covid 19 Hospital deaths    179         total   27044

    Scotland  11 ( 2386 )

    Wales  17 ( 1371 )

    NI  8 ( 534 )

    The highest daily total in 2 weeks.

    Quite a few retrospective cases in the England figures, some going back to March. Only 20 death from yesterday reported.


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