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  1. Boston v Stoke NL 17 June 1979

    I attended this meeting and can confirm from my marked programme the results of heats 7 and 13 were as follows: Heat 7: Hollingworth, Lomas, Turner, Mallett Heat 13: Hollingworth, Gledhill, Mallett, Turner
  2. 16th May 1977 Scunthorpe V Coatbridge (nl)

    The Speedway Star may be correct about Scunthorpe using 8 riders without using rider replacement. I attended the Peterborough v Boston (New National League) match on 31 May 1976 where Boston used 8 riders without using rider replacement. The riders were: No1. Billy Burton 5 8+1, No2. Stuart Cope 5 5+1, No3. Rob Hollingworth 5 11, No4 Steve Clarke 2 1+1, No5 Paul Gilbert 4 3+1, No6 Dave Allen 2 2, No7 Ron Cooper 2 2, No8 Derek Harrison 1 1+1. Derek Harrison replaced Ron Cooper in heat 2. The 1977 Speedway Yearbook concurs with the 8 x Boston scorers for this meeting. According to the Boston programme of 6 June 1976, Ron Cooper somehow got lost traveling from his Leicester base to Peterborough, missing one ride. Therefore it must have been in the rules at that time to allow for this situation.
  3. Long Eaton At Melton Mowbray Speedway 27/8/1950

    From the British Newspaper Archive I have found details in the Grantham Journal for 3 meetings held at Melton Mowbray in 1950. 16 July 1950 Melton Lions 50 v Tigers 34 Melton Lions: Geoff Godwin 12, Joe Bosworth 11, Bob Ibbotson 10, Max Rech 6, Bill Smith 4, Alf Greer 3, Eric Mason 2, Reg Farrer 1, Bob Kent 1. There is a mention in report of Bill Davis and Ted Rawlinson riding for the Tigers, but no scorer details given. 27 August 1950 Melton Lions 39 v Panthers 45 Melton Lions: Wilf Plant 12, Humphries 7, Smith 5, Farrar 5, Greer 4, Lish 4, Davies 2. No details given of the Panthers scorers but Cyril Page, Johnny Jones and Owen Greenwood are mentioned in the report. The report also mentions a last minute decision by the Speedway Board of Control prevented Pedlar Palmer the Long Eaton skipper and Harwood Pike Leicester's crack rider taking part. 17 September 1950 Melton Lions 37 v The Rest 47 Melton Lions: Plant 12, Carvil 6, Godwin 5, Perkins 5, Greer 4, Hilton 3, Lish 1, Farrar 1. The Rest: Page 11, Greenwood 8, Jones 8, Kent 7, Inwood 6, Hilton 3, Medlock 3, Jackson 1. There was also a mention in an article on 15 September about Lions hoping to challenge an all-Australian team for their fixture on October 22nd. I have not been able to find any further details about this meeting.
  4. Skegness 1997 And 1998

    compost I believe I have copies of all the Skegness home and away programmes. The following link hopefully provides what you are seeking. Fixture list scans from the Skegness home programmes dated 8 June 1997 and 13 June 1998. https://app.box.com/s/tm5qw0ntqt22nieqwaromg2x97xowqne
  5. Anglia League (junior) 1985

    Jason The programme I have for 1 May has not been completed, so unfortunately I cannot assist with that one. The programme I have for 3 July is completed. The requested details are as follows: Long Eaton 18 - Mike May 3+1, Derek Cooper 5+1, Ian Stead 4, Phil Rickets 6 Mildenhall 6 - Stuart Thompson 2, Ian Lawrence 2, Andy Steward 2, James Clark 0 Heat 1: Cooper, May, Lawrence, Thompson, 67.1, 5-1, 5-1 Heat 2: Rickets, Steward, Stead, Clark, 66.7, 4-2, 9-3 Heat 3: Rickets, Cooper, Lawrence, Clark, 67.8, 5-1, 14-4 Heat 4 - Stead, Thompson, May, Steward, 66.1, 4-2, 18-6 Regards. Gary
  6. Anglia League (junior) 1985

    As David says there is very little readily available information about the 1985 Anglia Junior League. The Speedway Star included very little AJL information that year. The Long Eaton programme of 25 September 1985 had the following league table: Long Eaton 14 9 2 3 20 Wimbledon 12 9 1 2 19 Peterborough 13 7 0 6 14 Mildenhall 11 2 1 8 5 Stoke 10 0 2 8 2 In earlier Long Eaton programmes, AJL fixtures were shown against Arena Essex, but these were subsequently removed prior to Long Eaton racing them. The limited information I have been able to find about the Mildenhall fixtures is as follows: From the fixture list in Long Eaton programme of 2 October. 1 May – Long Eaton 16 Mildenhall 7 12 May – Mildenhall 12 Long Eaton 12 3 July – Long Eaton 18 Mildenhall 6 11 August – Mildenhall 11 Long Eaton 12 From Speedway Star 26 July – Peterborough 18 Mildenhall 6 Regards. Gary
  7. 1982 Anglia Junior League

    Not sure whether the following is of assistance? Mildenhall v Ipswich 15/05/1982 From a google search I have found the following incomplete details of Ipswich 1982 AJL matches http://www.retro-speedway.com/docs_pdf/Juniors.pdf You will see that there is no mention of a Ipswich AJL match on 15/05. On that date there was a NL match held, Mildenhall 62 Peterborough 34. There is however, a mention of Mildenhall v Ipswich (AJL)on 15/08/1982 but no details of result. I have seen a Mildenhall 15/08/1982 programme (Mildenhall v Glasgow) and the second half does have the Mildenhall v Ipswich match, but the second half details have not been completed. Mildenhall v Milton Keynes 28/09/1982 Mildenhall had a home NL match against Rye House on 29/09 which was a rain off.
  8. Uk Results 1965-84

    I can assist with the following information for 3 of your queries. 28/05/1970 Teesside v Canterbury (BL2) Postponed The Speedway Star match result states "When the news came through to Teesside that the coach carrying the entire Canterbury team, apart from Barry Crowson, had broken down on the M1, promoter Ron Wilson had a king-size problem on his hands." A challenge match between Middlesbrough and Northern Select took the place of the Canterbury match with a 43-35 win for Middlesbrough. 07/06/1971 Scunthorpe v Workington (CH) 40-38 I have a Scunthorpe programme from 04/07/1971 and on the fixtures page it confirms the date and result of this match as 07/06/1971 Scunthorpe 40 Workington 38. The Speedway Star gives no details of the result. 10/06/1971 Ipswich v Peterborough (KOC) Rained off The Speedway Star match results for 12/06/1971 states "After winning at Peterborough on Friday night they crushed their opponents in this Saturday afternoon second leg, the original Thursday night date being rained off." The result on 12/06/1971 was Ipswich 57 Peterborough 21. 23/09/1971 Ipswich v Canterbury (BL2) Rained off The Speedway Star match results for 24/09/1971 states "This match was held over for 24 hours because of heavy Thursday night rain." The result on 24/09/1971 was Ipswich 48 Canterbury 29.
  9. 1984 Junior Koc & Other Junior Matches

    The Speedway Star of 13 November 1971 has the result and a report for the King's Lynn Stars of Tomorrow meeting held 6 November. The report states "After riding speedway for only nine weeks, 20-year-old Mike Lanham, from Barham, near Ipswich won the Stars of Tomorrow Trophy, with 14 points. The British Supporters Club Trophy was presented by Mr. Ian MacDonald president of the BSSC and 'Speedway Star & News' foreign correspondent." In Speedway Star of 30 October 1971 the King's Lynn fixture for 6 November is listed as British Speedway Supporters' Club Trophy.
  10. 1984 Junior Koc & Other Junior Matches

    The Scunthorpe programme of 18/06/84 on the fixtures page confirms the Scunthorpe v Rye House (NJKO) match took place on 4 June with Scunthorpe winning 39-37, for an aggregate score of Scunthorpe 68 Rye House 84. The Rye House meeting on 13 May is not listed on the Scunthorpe fixtures page.
  11. 2006 Fixture Queries

    The Belle Vue v Eastbourne on 19 June was abandoned after heat 12 due to rain according to copy of SCB Result Sheet in programme I have.
  12. I attended this meeting and comparing my marked programme there are a number of errors in the Speedway Star report for this meeting. The amendments to the Speedway Star details are: Weymouth scored 16 points not 15. Harry Maclean had 1 ride for Milton Keynes but did not score. Heat 1: Time was 69.8 not 69.0. Heat 7: Humphreys, Hollingworth, Flatman, Woodward, 68.8. Heat 8: Maclean repaced Ashby and did not score. Heat 9: Humphreys, Tulloch, Clark, Mallett, 69.4. Heat 11: 68.0 not 69.0. Heat 15: 68.0 not 67.8. Heat 16: Hines, Humphreys, Coles, Allen (F) 68.0. The team totals, riders scores and races ridden by each rider from my programme agree with the details in the 1980 Speedway Yearbook. If I have done this correctly a scan of the programme can be seen at https://app.box.com/s/cem21wiyq8mq756n1pv8u5lnzpexwoo4 Regards. Gary
  13. Boston V Barrow (nl) 22/07/1978

    Hi Dave I went to this match and can assist from my completed programme. The correct details are: Allen 11+1 (4) Guglielmi 8+1 (5) riding at number 7. Featherby rode at 6 Bloxsome 4+1 (4) Cope 7+1 (4) Heat 4 is the Allen & Guglielmi switch Heat 9 is the Cope & Bloxsome switch Roynon 4 (4) Pusey 9+1 (5) Monk 6 (4) Heat 13 Pusey comes in as T.S for Monk Scan of programme at https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k170n2guvwtyjz/Boston%20v%20Barrow%2019780722.pdf?dl=0 Gary