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  1. Glasgow fans unhappy with Etheridge taking Harris wide. Take it they didn't see Harris's (Poole) move on Hans Anderson last week. That's racing!.
  2. Washing the fence and drinking tea does not constitute track prep, Saturday am or pm = too late to make a difference.
  3. Doesn't look like they are doing anything at all. Strange set up, to think they can just turn up from one week to the next with virtually no preparation in between and expect the track to be right.
  4. More passing of wind from the ducket tea bar than riders passing on that track.
  5. I agree. Speedway at Berwick is dying a slow death. They say they have a fantastic product but I don't see it.
  6. The way it's going, I will be amazed if there is Championship Speedway at Berwick next season.
  7. The enigma that is Gappmaeir is keeping Berwick afloat, 42-42.
  8. Quote, "Back on track for the league title".
  9. Pod


    Raining hard in Berwick and sky very dark.
  10. I agree. I have thought the same for a long time now. That crowd last night tells you what the fans think, I have seen a bigger crowd on a tuesday night at the stanks. You reap what you sew Mr Anderson.
  11. A young rider like Bates or Garcia may not know how to prepare a track. An experienced rider like Stead, Hall or Doolan wi know what is required. Rymel used to help with track prep when Peter Waite was promoter as did Stefan Mell. Rymel getting into the tractor mid meeting and doing figurs of 8's on the 3rd and 4th bends topull shale down.
  12. It has been said that a couple of riders had offered their services on track preparation. The promoter declined the offer.
  13. I have stopped going to shielfield as I feel let down by the Promoter.I am not fbe only one by any means as a few hundred more feel the same. As for the abuse toward Cook well there will be none next season as Berwick wont run. Well done the Andersons, holding a World under 21 final to closure in 2 years. All the while whining about everything but never actualy promoting. Good luck in finding someone to put money in, they will be either blind, stupid or both to put up with you.
  14. Fromafar is spot on when he mentions "throttle control". Lets hope Josh Bates and Jason Garrity can find theirs before it's too late Bates in the past is either punching a wall or threatening to punch riders, or actualy punching them, should have been banned a long time ago. Cook knows Berwick react so obviously winds them up, he is not a villain.
  15. Cook always complains about the Berwick track. To break the track record it could not have been slick, Ian Rae prepared a decent surface. Cook probably meant that the track has never been the same when he rode here. Give him the benefit of doubt!

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