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  1. womble53

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    This is the rule: If the Referee stops a heat, following an incident or accident, where the rider causing the stoppage and his team partner were in third and fourth place and a re-run is called with one of those riders excluded, the Referee has the sole discretion to order that the remaining team partner will start on a 15 metre handicap in gate position c or d (the opposing team does not change positions). Note that it says at the referee's discretion, which may fall in line with this explanation, posted on Speedway Updates earlier tonight, in answer to the same question: Referee's choice, if he feels the rider had a chance to pass in this case the second place rider he will not be put on 15m.....no chance and the 15m comes into play Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/18026/wolves-somerset-premiership-july-2018#ixzz5KnJEFUZH
  2. womble53


    Incognito, there's the crux of the matter. Najjer is entirely correct, as recent events have shown, there are clubs out there who don't work with any kind of financial prudence, they have a surfeit of ambition, which isn't matched by their financial ability to support it, and those clubs who do 'Cut their Cloth' accordingly are being asked to lower their standards yet again. If you think it's a £10 sport as you have stated, please, please, please, throw your hat in the ring and come and show the existing promotions how it can be done. I think as Grachan has suggested, you'll soon be looking for another solution.
  3. womble53


    When you consider that the preferred FRN's were Monday & THURSDAY.......Simple answer....Yes!
  4. No problem, it's all about opinions, no offence taken
  5. It could pay you to talk to a few of your Poole/Somerset contacts regarding the actual truth behind your above assertion!...........In the meantime, I think you should file it along with all those America didn't go to the moon theories.
  6. Firstly, thanks for your reply, but please tell me where I said it was ok? Secondly, the quote above was in reply to Tellboy & was about Michael Palm Toft in Heat 14 & not Doyley, so it may pay to read the post correctly before jumping in with both feet. Thirdly, regarding Doyle's retirement in Heat 13, you wrote this........ To which I replied, "Appeared to come out on his second bike for Heat 15, certainly looked like a fresh bike to me", which I now believe to be true. If you have a problem with Doyle's performance, fine, I don't have an issue with that but please at least read the posts correctly if you're going to try & dig me out over them.
  7. Definitely correct Naj. Before tonight, the one & only away rider to score two maximums at the OTA, and now it's three
  8. Appeared to come out on his second bike for Heat 15, certainly looked like a fresh bike to me.
  9. He was way behind at the time & even without the retirement, he would never have got in a scoring position, the rest were too quick for him on this occasion.
  10. womble53

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Teams, which he is personally responsible for building!
  11. You're right I wasn't there, but I do know how poor they were on the night, my point is that Rebelwonderkid's post appeared to be made on the basis of the one meeting, and is not the first time he's made such posts. Whilst I wasn't at the Abbey, I have seen the team on the road this season, and from that, am sure that this was not a typical away performance, but a poor one against a very strong team on their own turf. I think tonights win at Kings Lynn might go some way to proving my point. The first team to score 40+ pts at the Adrian Flux & first home defeat of the season for the Stars, so yes they were shocking on Monday, but that's only one meeting.
  12. So on the basis of this one meeting at Swindon, the Rebels need to make changes, do they? In that case, so do the Robins last three opponents at the Abbey...... Rye House LOST 59-31 Wolverhampton LOST 51-39 Poole LOST 50-39 Even Belle Vue lost 52-38 in the Charity Shield In fact, only Kings Lynn posted a score in the 40's. I think you're confusing being well beaten by a very good team on their own patch, with the Rebels being a bad team, which they certainly are not. If you go back over the seasons, this is a typical overreaction by yourself to a poor performance by the Rebels, although one which is in keeping with most other visitors to Wiltshire this season. To be honest, the Rebels five performances away from home have been mixed, but OK & no worse than expected in some cases, they took a point at Rye House, with Jake Allen injured & withdrawn after his first ride. They took a point at Belle Vue, in a meeting they could have drawn, or even won, with a little good fortune. The others are not pretty reading, I'll grant you, but apart from away to Leicester, I certainly wouldn't have expected more at Wolverhampton, where the Rebels have been humped on most visits (or, in fact, all visits), and last night, which I've already covered. So for me, no they don't need to make changes, and if they did, I'd certainly trust Garry May to choose the right time to do it, which for me is not now. Wake up Kelvin, and don't be so soft!
  13. Well that's it, the race is all done. The Rebels made the podium, with joint third place, after leading in the early stages. The Winner was Hot Fuzz, The Wurzels were second, with the Rebels & Carnival in joint third. It was all a bit of fun to promote the county, and I guess it reached a lot of people, which can't be bad, especially if it put Speedway in front of a whole new audience. Now we just have to persuade a few of them through the gates. many thanks to all who vote, and helped keep the Rebels in with a chance for so long. Cheers Dave T
  14. Things not going so well for the Rebels in the World Cup of Somerset. They've dropped back to third place, although not too far behind, just a few percent. There's still time, so if you haven't voted, please give the Rebels (and Speedway) a chance. If you have a twitter account, you can vote on the link below & please Retweet to everyone you know. https://twitter.com/SomersetCouncil/status/994827145242431491?s=19 VOTING CLOSES AT 4PM Many Thanks, Dave T
  15. Thanks Aces51, it all helps

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