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  1. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    You must be sleeping Cliff, AGM News release has been up on website for a while now.
  2. Although that's the gist of it, the rule actually says the following 18.10.6 No Rider, whose Team is in the Play-Offs may appear as a Guest in the Play-Offs. So as Swindon are out of the play offs, Musielak in eligible to ride as a guest in the final
  3. I'm not getting into an argument with you, as no matter what I say, you are always going to be right, as you've proved so many times Just for the sake of balance, you were clearly right here too weren't you......NOT! You have quoted entirely the wrong match, this was over a MONTH ago, and you have the cheek to tell other people to do their homework. For your info, Summers retired from his first and fourth ride on Saturday and withdrew from his final ride. Doing a little homework on your part, would have provided you with the correct info from the official refs scorecard http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/18results/berwick_29.09.18_res.pdf but hey, why let the facts get in the way of trying to prove you're always right.
  4. How so? The only riders eligible to take rides for Holder were Howarth (excluded for starting offences when he took the IRR ride), Covatti (who replaced the excluded Howarth for the IRR ride) and I'll come back to him again, Lawson (Who took the IRR ride) & Allen (who also took an IRR ride). So those are Holders rides covered, except Heat 13. Obviously Garry May couldn't use Howarth or Lawson as they had already taken replacement rides for Holder, so his only other option was the reserves, of which Allen had already had the maximum 7 rides, leaving Covatti, who still had one ride left, but he was due to ride in Heat 14, so had he ridden in Heat 13, the Rebels would have had to go with only one rider in 14. So no, he didn't take a chance on it, it was purely down to rider availability and using that in the best possible way.
  5. Congratulations to Poole on getting through to the final. Stunning match, we just ran out of riders at the end. Guys all rode their hearts out. At the beginning of the season, would have been pleased just to get into the play offs, but have to say just a tad disappointed now
  6. Waiheke 1 is absolutely correct, it's certainly been in place for the last two seasons (2017/2018)and the referee can award a race in a GP. Heat 2 in Melbourne last year was awarded, Heat 20 in Cardiff this year was awarded, ironically after Craig Cook had a fall
  7. My thoughts exactly, as the race was in the late stages and was virtually decided, with Vaculick well clear & Hancock a long way behind. I've seen races awarded with much less distance between the riders, without the crash it's unlikely that order would have changed.
  8. That's probably because the tie isn't over yet. The BV fans were congratulating their opponents AFTER the tie was completed. Just saying
  9. womble53

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    What nonsense, could still have qualified for the playoffs if you had won tonight
  10. Garry & Doyley went fishing that night & it looks like they reeled in some whoppers
  11. Better angle on this one (from centre green), front wheel down a great big hole right next to the kerb https://youtu.be/dV03-yTjpuE?t=12m7s
  12. womble53

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    This is the rule: If the Referee stops a heat, following an incident or accident, where the rider causing the stoppage and his team partner were in third and fourth place and a re-run is called with one of those riders excluded, the Referee has the sole discretion to order that the remaining team partner will start on a 15 metre handicap in gate position c or d (the opposing team does not change positions). Note that it says at the referee's discretion, which may fall in line with this explanation, posted on Speedway Updates earlier tonight, in answer to the same question: Referee's choice, if he feels the rider had a chance to pass in this case the second place rider he will not be put on 15m.....no chance and the 15m comes into play Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/18026/wolves-somerset-premiership-july-2018#ixzz5KnJEFUZH
  13. womble53


    Incognito, there's the crux of the matter. Najjer is entirely correct, as recent events have shown, there are clubs out there who don't work with any kind of financial prudence, they have a surfeit of ambition, which isn't matched by their financial ability to support it, and those clubs who do 'Cut their Cloth' accordingly are being asked to lower their standards yet again. If you think it's a £10 sport as you have stated, please, please, please, throw your hat in the ring and come and show the existing promotions how it can be done. I think as Grachan has suggested, you'll soon be looking for another solution.
  14. womble53


    When you consider that the preferred FRN's were Monday & THURSDAY.......Simple answer....Yes!
  15. No problem, it's all about opinions, no offence taken

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