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  1. womble53

    Somerset 2020

    Here is the full club statement, for those who have only read the British Speedway release................. CLUB STATEMENT: REBELS RELUCTANTLY WITHDRAW FROM 2021 SEASON Somerset Speedway has made the decision not to declare their intent to compete in the 2021 season, amidst ongoing concerns regarding the financial credibility of the club.Club promoter Debbie Hancock announced, "It is with a truly heavy heart that Dad, Garry and I have reached the decision to put our licence on hold, and we have informed our fellow promoters at today's Annual General Meeting of that fact."As a family-run business, we have always prided ourselves in ensuring all riders and suppliers are paid in a timely manner and not run up any debts, but our concerns are that our income streams could be tested too greatly for that to be the case in 2021. We have first-hand knowledge of how The Oak Tree arena operation has been greatly hit financially with no regular income as a consequence of the pandemic, and indications are that it will be a while yet before indoor functions are likely to be sanctioned again by the Government. So, from our own experience alone, we fear that there will be many other businesses with a similar story to tell and whilst some of our loyal sponsors have indicated their willingness to continue to back the speedway, it is all too evident that many organisations will have a different view on their sponsorship budgets. "The world remains very much in a perilous state right now and even though there are green-shoots of a health recovery by virtue of the vaccines that are being rolled out, we feel that there will still be too much uncertainty in respect of lifting restrictions sufficiently to allow a normal season to run."We respect the beliefs that a number of clubs hold for a return to a season of racing at some stage in 2021, but from our perspective, unless we could be assured of a full campaign, and it is obvious that nobody can give those assurances at this stage, then as promoters of Somerset Speedway we cannot commit to the risk of operating at a loss, and therefore have decided to withdraw and allow the riders as much opportunity as possible to find alternative team places."We must emphasise that this decision was not reached lightly and was the matter of great deliberation, not least because we really didn't want to let our fans down, but we had to face the hard facts and there can be no-one more disappointed than I am and I can only conclude this statement by saying a very big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the 20 years of racing that, both on and off track.
  2. womble53

    Somerset 2020

    Not all all, that was the situation at the time, and the information I gave you came directly from a member of the management team. Since then the situation for everyone has changed drastically and the club has quite rightly reassessed where it is & how to protect the financial future of the club, which is something it has always had in the forefront of how it operates. the likelihood of a full season in 2021 is very much in doubt, despite what some would like you to think. So, no, the facts were not fiction but the facts available from the club at the time but if you wish to try to score points, go ahead, it's no skin off my nose, as I know that what I posted was correct at the time.
  3. womble53

    Somerset 2020

    So opinions are more valid than the truth? I also know my two-penneth is safe Lewy and my box is very warm and cosy, thank you
  4. womble53

    Somerset 2020

    I haven't looked in on here for a while now but I find some of the post on this thread, in particular the last few pages, are nothing more than speculative & presumptuous. I also know for a fact that those post are totally inaccurate to say the least. Obviously Lockdown is affecting some people more than others So let's put a few FACTS on the table............... 1. The 2021 One to Seven is exactly the same as the 2020 One to Seven, so NO CHANGES there. 2. Henry Atkins is a Club asset but has NOT signed for the Rebels 2021 line up (See Number 1 for clarification) 3. Race nights are NOT changing from Wednesday. If you read the previous planning application, which is referenced in this latest one, you'll find that the wording is exactly the same as that one (From Pete Toogood's time as promoter), I'm led to believe that as long as the club doesn't exceed the 30 race day restriction, the wording of the application is not relevant to the actual race night, as the club can use any night as an alternative from Wednesday, subject to the 30 day rule. The Oaktree needs to use Friday nights for functions to offset the economic problems most businesses have suffered this year, so the last thing they would want is to use up a night that put's the hospitality side of the Oaktree business back on an even keel. To finish off, just a personal observation from the last few pages, this is a Somerset thread but it appears to have been transported to Plymouth for some reason, although I shouldn't be surprised with Lewy throwing in his two-penneth worth all over the place .
  5. If my memory serves me right (which it may not as I get older), I seem to recall that Somerset & either Poole or Swindon did something similar for some matches during the time the Rebels were in the PL in 2017/18 Can't recall if it was a discount, or that each club's Season ticket holders would have there season tickets honoured at the other track for those particular matches.
  6. Not sure if this is the right section to post this in but if not, I'm sure an Admin will move it to the correct place. For any Chris Harris fans out there, the following has just been posted on the Somerset Website http://www.somerset-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2612....... BID FOR BOMBER ARTWORK Although the 2019 skipper Chris Harris has been snapped up by Birmingham for 2020, Rebels’ fans have the opportunity to secure a wonderful one-off piece of memorabilia featuring the Bomber in Rebels colours.The club has been donated a splendid signed painting by Mel Affleck to raise funds for the excellent SREF (Somerset Riders’ Equipment Fund).The artwork will be placed on Ebay for auction. Painted on a cradled panel, 70cm wide by 50cm high with painted and varnished edgings, the painting has been done in acrylics, and based on a photograph provided by club photographer Colin Burnett, can be hung as it is.SREF organiser Di Phillips said “it is a truly wonderful painting that has clearly taken a great deal of time and attention and we are grateful to Mel for donating it to us. Chris may not be back in Somerset’s colours next season but he gave us many enjoyable moments during his year as a Rebel and this will make an ideal very special Christmas present as it is a one-off. Of course bidding is not restricted to just Somerset fans, it would look fabulous on the wall of any Chris Harris fan and we all know there are hundreds of those around.” CHRIS HARRIS PAINTING - AUCTION NOW LIVE Mel Affleck's superb painting has now been listed on ebay for auction. The starting bid is £150, and the listing will stay live for 7 days. Anyone wishing to bid on this fantastic painting can do so here: http://ebay.us/cZ6Hts?cmpnId=5338273189
  7. womble53

    Somerset 2020

    You might think so but after pleading abject poverty at last years AGM, and being one of the prime movers in bringing the team building points limit down to 38pts (they allegedly wanted 36pts), on the grounds that anything higher would possibly lead to them not running, that's exactly what they did!
  8. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    I'd rather blame those at the AGM, who pleaded poverty & insisted on such a stupidly low points limit, which people like Garry May argued against, stating that 42.5 should be retained so as to not dilute the product. In fact they wanted it even lower at 36, saying they wouldn't run if it wasn't brought in. In the end it was compromised at 38, with the increase to 40 this month. Guess what those same 'Poverty Pleaders' are still in the league at 40 points, when apparently they couldn't run unless it was 36, strange that isn't it.
  9. This meeting has been cancelled this morning, after overnight rain and a poor forecast for the rest of the day From the Somerset website: http://www.somerset-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2482 Tonight's scheduled meeting against Redcar in the SGB Championship KO Cup has been postponed.Heavy overnight rain and a none-too favourable forecast for later in the day, prompted the club to make the early decision to postpone the meeting, thus hopefully avoiding the risk of unnecessary travel, especially for the visiting side.Promoter Debbie Hancock said, "Whilst it is never easy to have to call off a meeting, we just felt that it was in the best interests to make an early decision. The forecast for later today is none too promising and with the rain we have had overnight the risk to racing is far too great. Looking at the long-term forecast next Wednesday it is far more encouraging and with the co-operation of the Redcar management we have agreed to re-schedule this fixture for then, so we will be back at the Oaktree on Wednesday May 15th."Friday’s meeting at Redcar still goes ahead as planned, although will now, of course, be the first leg of this cup-tie.
  10. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    It's not as easy as you think Naj, I know, as I try every year and getting small businesses to sponsor/advertise with the club is getting harder by the year. Whilst getting supporters to fund the suits sounds great, and might work in Glasgow or Leicester where you have a much larger conurbations to gather support from, it's a lot more difficult in somewhere like Somerset, you only have to look at the kind of support you get when asking supporters to support events at the arena, away from normal race night, even when the cost is negligible, it's the same old small hard core of people who attend & spend the money. As to your point about it not being appealing to sponsors, the club attracted several new sponsors last season and that was without race suits, as they were more interested in the hospitality side to entertain their clients and staff. One of those sponsors have increased there spend on sponsoring with us this season and the lack of race suits never entered the equation with them, they just wanted more visibility at trackside and around the arena, in addition to the hospitality side of things. If you speak to new sponsors coming into the sport, in my experience, it's more to do with networking & hospitality, somewhere to bring clients or potential clients as a way to tie up their business. If you and others want to come forwards and offer to buy the race suits for the team, and to keep for yourself at the end of the season, then I'm sure the promotion would be very happy to talk it through with you and anyone wishing to do that. If you look at the reasons the promotion took the decision to take the club back into the Championship, you'll realise that it was done to safeguard the long term future of the club, and not to take a huge financial hit that would see us in the top league, only to have a limited life span. It was also a decision that was taken at the actual AGM, and not beforehand, as the intention was to run in the Premiership again, but decisions made at that AGM made it financially impossible for that to happen and for the club to continue into the foreseeable future. The promotion's ethos is to ensure they don't do anything that puts the club in danger of big financial losses, so if that means that we run in the Championship for now, and no race suits, that fine by me, as I would rather the club survive, than join the likes of Rye House, Workington & Lakeside on the proverbial speedway scrapheap. Next year is another year, and if the terms are right, I'm sure that the promotion would look at moving back to the Premiership (If there is one to move back to that is), and if they can be funded, I'm sure race suits would be on the agenda, but until that happens, we are where we are. I know for a fact, because I've talked to him at length about it, that Garry sorted out a really good deal for Wrighty, and I know how it was going to be funded. Wrighty stated at events he attended at the Oaktree, before the season, that he wanted to come back, he virtually told the fans he was coming back and had accepted the deal Garry put together. He agreed to rejoin the team, and it was the best deal he could have got from us. However, a team that came to the AGM, and pleaded abject poverty, saying that they couldn't run if they didn't get a 36pt team building average agreed by the rest of the promoters, then went and offered him far more than we had offered or could afford. So despite the fact that you feel he will be a top rider in the league this season, which I don't disagree with, he is not at Somerset, and that isn't the clubs fault. I'm not saying it's Wrighty's fault either, as riders will go where the money is, but when a team tells you it can't run unless you dumb down the product to something that is totally unrecognisable, and then acts like that, something's very wrong with this game.
  11. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    He certainly has form on that score, considering similar departures from elsewhere, when you consider his ongoing Longtrack commitments etc and the varied race days in the Championship, I'm surprised he agreed to sign in the first place. with that in mind, I'm not surprised he is still in the BV line up, with the fixed race nights. Maybe in the future, Championship clubs with give him the very wide berth he deserves, based on his history. Blotted copybook and all that
  12. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    Because he had already committed to Scunny and the loan had been agreed with the promotion, before they made the decision to step down.
  13. womble53

    Somerset 2019

    You must be sleeping Cliff, AGM News release has been up on website for a while now.
  14. Although that's the gist of it, the rule actually says the following 18.10.6 No Rider, whose Team is in the Play-Offs may appear as a Guest in the Play-Offs. So as Swindon are out of the play offs, Musielak in eligible to ride as a guest in the final

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