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  1. archie21


    As I said in a previous post IT is not the fault of Speedway Star. I complain to the Royal Mail via there complaint syatem every time my mag does not arrive on a Thursday which they have to reply too. Now if everyone whose mag is late does this every time Im sure that the Royal Mail would soon get a message that a lot of people are not happy with the service and you never know may be the P.O. Regulator my see and get involved.
  2. archie21


    The R.M. must have got some more ponys as my Star has just been delivered ( 11-05am on 26-11-20 )
  3. archie21


    Mine arrived today (25-11-2020 ) it traveled by donky express as the pony express was made redundant in the last R M cuts. I wonder if I will get the next issue on Thuesday???
  4. archie21


    Every time that my star is delivered later than Friday lunch time I send a complant in to the R M . I bet if we all do this they MAY get the message that we are not at all happy with the service that they are providing . I feel very sorry for Philip and his staff who are trying to keep us up to date with excelent articals, storis of the past etc BUT are let down by the R. M .who are not providing the service which they are paying for. I live in hope that sometime in the future all the complaints that the R.M. receive and the finds that they have paid MAY change things. Again to Phill thanks for an excelent mag in these hard times and we all know that late mags is out of your control.
  5. archie21


    I bet you would feel different if it was your business and you are paying for a service that you are not getting. This has been a problem with magazines and the post well before the Pandemic situation, so please dont sound like a politician and blame the virus.
  6. archie21


    Hang the flags out The Royal Mail Snail arrived with my Speedway Star this morning !! After talking to the posti he told me a couple of interesting things. 1: He said that magazines are now a low priority and could be held back if there was a lot of other mail 2; The fact that the Star was in a clear packet made it easy to spot, even though it has a first class stamp it could be held back. 3: He also said that magazines in brown envelopes ( even known as mags ) would not be held back. It makes you wonder what the point of paying for first class mail
  7. archie21


    Thanks for the offer BUT I can only hope that by Friday I will have the 12th and the 19th copies, do you know if other publications have the same problem ?
  8. archie21


    Its now 18-30 Monday 14th and my Speedway Star must be traveling by SNAIL Mail.. SO much for a first class postal service that is supposed to deliver first class post the next day. Is it possible for the magazine staff complain to the G P O about this very poor service that they are paying for??
  9. Today ( 07-04-2020 ) I received a copy of the above magazine which I enjoyed reading BUT in 2004 the vikings won the triple with a photo in the middle page of the mag. The caption for the photo names a Garry Astras . I can never remember a rider of that name ever riding for the Vikings. A bad mistake when the photo is clearly Garry Stead a Vikings favorite. If you use team photos at least get the riders names correct !!!
  10. It would be too sensible to have the 4s in May, at Somerset in July and CLRC in September but our sport promoters seem to think that they know best and to h---l with the supporters who pay to keep the sport going. If this is there attitude I can see another Workington happening in the very near future.Why -o-why wont the promoters use the old saying "if it is not broke why try to fix it", BUT they know best!!!!
  11. archie21

    Leicester Lions 2020

    A great event BUT why hold it at a track that is known for its lack of parking problems. I bet if anyone gets a parking ticket from the shopping center car park due to an over run meeting Leicester Speedway will not pay it. Come- on MR Godfrey get a grip and get this meeting to a track that has better parking !!!
  12. archie21

    Predictions thread

    After reading all the various predictions that have been posted I would like to draw your attention to a score from last year when Glasgow suffered the heaviest defeat at home to Scunthorpe ( Scuni won 53 to 37 ) At the start of the 2019 season no one would have predict a home loss like this, so its all ifs and buts again for 2020. All i want to see is some good racing,all riders leaving meetings in the same transport they arrive in and that Scuni make the play offs and the go on to be the league champions AGAIN.
  13. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Sorry but your crystal ball must have got foggy, still 6 out of 7 aint bad. I personally like the change, Tero instead of Ryan, and wish all 3 of the riders who are not in the team a successful 2020 session with who ever they sign for.
  14. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    So its now 3 correct|| will you be able to make it 4? or even all 7, I hope you will.
  15. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Well 2 correct up to now, will it be 3 after the next team member is announced ?

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