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  1. archie21

    berwick bandits 2019

    You could always ask Dave Howe !!
  2. archie21

    2nd leg play off final

    Sorry I have got the wrong site, my mistake it should have been on Scunthorps page . Have booked an appointment at speck savers.
  3. archie21

    2nd leg play off final

    RE Danny Phillips. The 2018 speedway season is over and done with. What has been said about him is now consigned to the history books. It is about time that all the debates about him are finished. IF Danny wants to ride next year he should be able to do so without any reference to this years scores etc. so just leave the lad to decide What He Wants To Do
  4. archie21

    Ben Fund

    All nice to know Al But it is time that the group 3 and 4 riders are all named, I bet that these riders are first in the queue for a hand out. If you don't contribute you should not receive !!
  5. archie21

    Ben Fund

    I totally agree with naming the riders who have turned down to ride especially if they have had a donation from the fund or should they themselves be required to make a sizeable donation back to the fund if they turn down the invitation for no valid reason.
  6. So it looks like that Mr Bates will be getting "2" wooden spoons this season !!!,
  7. According to the Scunthorpe speedway site it was Redcar at the EDW last night !! Just about sums it up. I recon that there is not one black cat left in Scunthorpe now . After last nights injuries every member of the team has now missed meetings at some time in the season .I feel sorry for Rob, as imo he put a very good side together at the start ,and with all the injuries things just have not worked out. Lets hope that the team progresses in the two semi finals yet to come and something can be saved of the season.
  8. Totally agree I was stood opposite the start line and MOST of the jump starts came from a desperate Sheffield side!!
  9. This should be a good meeting if all the former Sheffield riders are in attendance. That is if it is on as up to now at 09:36 there is NO mention of this meeting on the Scunthorpe Web- site. The last thing on it is telling us that the amateur meeting to be held on Sunday 29 July is off . Not everybody has access to Twitter etc where it seems most information is now posted from Scunthorpe Speedway ! It would be very much appreciated if meetings etc where posted on the web site as they used to be in the past. Thanks Rob.
  10. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I have just been on the Redcars Speedway web page and it has Richard Lawson , Aaron Summers and Joe Lawlor as guests for Scuni on Thursday,
  11. Any one know who the replacement riders are yet and if there are any more changes apart from Danny and Kyle.
  12. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Good morning!! 36 races around Scuni. and only 9 points scored. By now I would have expected at least 3 points a meeting, which is not out of the way considering his experience in the National League,
  13. archie21

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    See my post on page 1 Scorpions v Lakeside 22-6-18.
  14. Sorry but it is time for Danny to go. 5 points from 15 races speaks for itself. A very pleasant young man but it seams to me ( and others ) that his hart is not in the cut and thrust of Championship racing .Racing for Coventry v Cradley 7points from 5 races, and a league 7.49 average shows lad has the ability to be successful, but just seems to have something missing in his drive to be able to present this form in the Championship .
  15. HOW are the two qualifying rounds going to work?? 11 into 2 groups I don't think so. Wouldn't it be better to give the winners of the 4s in 2017 a by to the final and have 2 groups with the same number of teams in them, the winners going to the final with the highest points scoring 2nd team from the groups. If my memory is correct one of the past discussions was that the winners of the last years final should be able to defend the title, and that all teams should be at the meeting ( remember all the fuss when 2 teams were taken out then re-instated ) Why make something so difficult when the answer to a good meeting is so simple!! don't the organisers of these events learn from the past or do they just like to upset the fans.

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