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  1. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Went back and watched Palm-Toft decision in Heat 12 at Poole, and my interpretation was MPT was willing to go down there and that's what got him excluded. Yes there was contact, albeit slight. MPT then runs a little wider and then makes a tactical decision a split second later to lay it down as he knows he's lost the position, and there was contact, so nine times out of ten he thinks a ref will exclude Jacobsen. In my opinion he should have been able to withstand the contact and ride on - we see much bigger contact in the first bend without incident all the time. It's not right to call it a "dive" by MPT, it's more a veteran move by a savvy rider expecting a decision to go his way, which the ref didn't give him. I can totally understand why Poole-haters and Kings Lynn fans are aggrieved, BUT, I'd like to see more ref's take Ackroyd's stance and exclude the falling rider for making not enough effort to stay on his bike after incidental contact. Please note I am NOT accusing MPT of being a cheat. What he did is part and parcel of the way speedway riders act because it's ingrained in them. As for the Woryna incident at Kings Lynn, my take on the matter was that he lost control as he was pushed wide by the clean pass on the inside. Zero contact, but in his efforts to defend the move he went down. Seemed like he was slightly shook up, but it's highly likely if Poole weren't being 5-1'd he have found the adrenaline to at least try and get off the track. He defo had a look to see the rider's position's and that made him stay down. Do I like this? No. I always cheer ALL riders who clear the track after a crash, but is it part of speedway tactics - yup. It's one of those where if the rider does clear the track when being 5-1'd he'll be labelled naive by fans of his team!! I'd add that while Kings Lynn were on a clear 5-1, isn't the rule that the rider had to purposely lay it down to draw a re-run, and that's what triggers the 15m handicap? I don't think that's what happened here... Just wanted to give an attempt at an even-handed Poole supporter's opinion...
  2. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    <applause> great ride by Lambert. Meeting over if he didn't do that
  3. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Kings Lynm look in charge but aren't pulling away. Pirates are doing enough so far. Track looks tricky. A smart decision to make it grippy
  4. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Quick, someone screenshot their TV as indisputable evidence!!!
  5. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    It's ALMOST like bias is playing a role in how we all perceive things
  6. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Is this when I'm supposed to start screaming that Kings Lynn have bribed the ref for missing that? Or shall we just acknowledge it's a close call that fans will disagree on...
  7. By excluded did you mean he still was in the race? I am pretty sure he was only 15m back in 13... He was warned in ht 1, then jumped again. He's jumped/rolled in EVERY heat he has been in.
  8. 5 races and 5 jumps for Ellis. Finally ref takes action.
  9. Barely touched him. Professional foul by laying it down.
  10. What about letting Ellis get away with rollers in every heat? Just ignore that one did you?
  11. Bad bait. Back under your bridge
  12. Ellis has jumped/rolled in all four of his heats. Palm-Toft took a dive after a minor contact. Right decision there too. You all hate Poole so much it clouds your judgement. I wish there was a way to harness all your bitterness as we'd be able to stop global warming and switch to renewable energy
  13. I was clapping a correct exclusion of a rider the Pirates have zero chance of beating, because Doyle clearly laid it down
  14. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Poole 2018

    It's the reprobates all around that character I am worried about
  15. Bleeds Pirate Blue

    Poole 2018

    @Steve Shovlar Do you recognise anyone in this photo? http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/16180754.GALLERY__70_years_of_Poole_Pirates_speedway/?ref=mr&lp=11#gallery58

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