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  1. Lindgren 100 more Doyle 100 less
  2. Dudek 100 more Woffinden 100 more
  3. Share Your Bets.pre Match.beat The Bookies.

    Simon Stead 25/1 for the British Final 1pt ew Danny King 12/1 for the British Final 1pt ew
  4. Betting For Whole Season

    Simon Stead 25/1 for the British Final seems big to me. Danny King 12/1 also big don't you think?
  5. Betting For Whole Season

    Is Jason Garrity +2 vs Brady Kurtz @ 4/6 with 365 a bet tonight seeing as he has an extra ride?
  6. Typically backwards of a speedway game to be named FIM Speedway GP 15 with less than a month of 2015 left making it seem old & out of date from the get go. FIFA 16 was released back in October, the latest FM game was FM 2016. That's the way sports games are titled. It is apt that the people behind the game managed do such a simple thing quite badly wrong I guess.
  7. Betting For Whole Season

    Questionable whether they will honour it but 365 have left e/w up, can back Hancock at 4/1 e/w even though hes already made the final.
  8. Betting For Whole Season

    Which firm offers bets on the heat winners in EL matches mark.1?
  9. Betting For Whole Season

    Which Luguta Panthers89?
  10. What is everyone's feelings about there only having been 14 heats at BV surely Swindon getting 15 heats at home is a slight advantage seeing as they have more races in the favourable condition of their home track. I know is only a very small difference here and I'm not suggesting it is that wrong in this case but presumably if it had been rained off after only 10 heats a result would have been declared then the team who went first would have to defend their lead against a home team with 25 more points possible to get.
  11. Betting For Whole Season

    365 still +10 3/4 about Swindon for the match only gone +6 on the after 8 heats market. I'm quite found of Belle Vue today and have backed then -6 at William Hill. I wish I'd found this earlier in the season.