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  1. Argos

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Surely the Promotion will be inviting all past riders to this meeting,
  2. Just out of interest who was the ref last night
  3. How disrespectful to a young British rider
  4. Anyone know who the Poole Team Manager is tonight
  5. Argos

    Eastbourne 2020

    Not looking good for Eastbourne, See on the Birmingham website, 1st September should have been Brum v Eastbourne is now Brum v Poole,
  6. Argos


    But there was 24 races last Wednesday, 15 in the main match, and 9 in the second half, So the council can’t be that fussy.
  7. Message for Speedway fan, I’m arranging my work schedule and thinking of going to Birmingham next Wednesday is the meeting On or Off ?
  8. Argos

    Swindon Robins 2020

    As we are now in the middle of Summer does anyone know if any work as started at the Stadium? If not surely that is the end of Speedway there, very sad,
  9. Not looking good Saturdays meeting at Eastbourne OFF
  10. There’s no doubt there will be a good turnout tonight, but they will not get the same for the remainder of the season, So 1st poor turnout and that will be the end, very sad but understandable
  11. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    So does the statement mean there must be a good attendance next week and we carry on till the end of the season, or does it mean the 1st bad attendance during the season and we finished
  12. Argos

    Brummies Season Halted |

    I thinking about buying a ticket for Wednesday as I don’t like Football, But is the meeting 100% on ?
  13. Out of interest who is the Track Curator at Birmingham is it still John Priest and Big Arthur

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