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  1. Argos


    Well there’s 10 supporters that now will not be going, Don’t Promoters realises that we have to make arrangements, So with no publicity, no one knows who’s riding, We have decided to give it a miss, With absolutely no news is it actually taking place, or as it gone the same road as the 4TT
  2. Argos


    This event is What I think the BSPA call a Shared event which I think means all the NL Clubs share the Profits of the Meeting, Yet no one knows who is even riding in it, this just shows how much the BSPA think of the NL,
  3. Argos


    It’s now only 12 Days to the National League Riders Championship at Leicester, Have the Riders for this Championship been announced, I have certainly not seen the names,
  4. Argos

    Play Off Run In

    I really do think that the Birmingham Riders and Management wish they hadn’t refused to ride at Buxton earlier in the Season, If they had have ridden they would now be in the Play Offs, As there League Fixture was changed to a Trophy Meeting, But what I don’t understand is they were prepared to ride on Sunday when it WAS Dangerous,
  5. Argos

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    But someone like you who I’m sure have followed Cradley over many Seasons must agree the current setup is a joke,
  6. Argos

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    So who thinks that’s the last ever Meeting for Cradley until they find there own Track
  7. Argos

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Anyone with any sense will see this meeting as no more than a National League Select v Mildenhall, just another Challenge Meeting, All Speedway fans know Cradley are no nearer getting a Stadium now that they were when they started at Wolves, This whole episode is a travesty to the once famous name of Cradley,
  8. Still don’t understand what it’s got to do with the SCB
  9. FOLLOWING an SCB decision what do you mean? What’s it got to do with them what Birmingham’s riding order is, Or as Bossman cocked Up again
  10. Argos

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    That’s unreal, who were the Promoters?, and the Team?
  11. Argos

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    Just out of interest as any team ever gone throughout a whole season and not won a single meeting?
  12. Argos

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Same as you hated Drury in the past
  13. Argos

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Pathetic post
  14. Hope Bacon is not riding himself out of a Team Place for next Season
  15. Argos

    Birmingham 2018

    Agreed love the NL, what makes the New Promotion think they can do what Tony Mole couldn’t, He Promoted at more Tracks than any other currant Promoters, and he couldn’t make the top 2 Leagues pay.

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