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  1. Next Seasons Points Limit will be 32
  2. Argos

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    What a complete waste of time this Topic is.
  3. Argos

    AGM November 2018

    Will Buster remain as Chairman at the AGM, I thought I seen he would do it for 3 years, If he does resign who should be the new One.
  4. Argos

    lakeside 2019

    I think I’m right in saying when NL Clubs we’re not allowed assets the Dugards moved all of there’s (and there were a lot of them) to Lakeside, Eastbourne offered there Track to Lakeside for there end of Season Meetings, Jon’s 1st Job in Speedway was at Eastbourne, Eastbourne have just done the Double so there’s no way they can improve next season in the NL more I think about it it’s Lakeside at Eastbourne in the Championship
  5. Argos

    Swindon 2019

    You would have thought the Swindon Promoters would have put out a Press Photo out, Just to show there fans that progress is being made, very strange
  6. Who actually presented the Championship Trophy to Workington, It’s normally the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the BSPA
  7. That’s over the Top, The responsibility lies solely on the Promoters they have a responsibility to put out a competitive team against their fellow Promoters,Mildenhall have failed, The most interesting thing to come out of this matter is to see what action the SCB take against the Mildenhall Promoters. Out of interest who is Jolly’s co-Promotor
  8. Mildenhall Promoters hold your head in Shame, Absolutely no consideration for your fellow Promoters, You should get a life time ban from all Speedway Clubs, Lets now all see how the SCB deal with this it will be very interesting
  9. Is the I.O.W. Team Manage related to Neil Vatcher?
  10. SCB man Neil Vatcher is just not up to the Job
  11. Does anyone know if the BSPA have a Stand at the NEC Motorcycle Live In November, I seem to remember they did last year,
  12. Who is the “Cradley No 1 Management” please
  13. Well,that’s very very unprofessional and cheap,no Team Managers,No Race jackets, and from what I hear not many fans either,I dont go anymore due to that Clown Bossman, as does quite a few of my Mates, what i have heard off one that went was that it was one of the most boring meetings he as ever been to, He was keen on buying a end of Session Do Ticket But couldn’t find any information on it anywhere

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