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  1. What I don’t understand is this, Last season I went to Perry Barr 8 times the attendance’s were abysmal, and that was with a Team including Bomber and Riss, But the new Promotion say they need 1000 to break even and that’s with a team without the calibre of Bomber and Riss, and to compound the situation they have LR putting a team together the man that was team manager of the worst team in British speedway history, Mildenhall, He has been in the sport for decades can someone please tell me what as he ever won in this time please, I really hope I’m wrong but I can see this ending in a catastrophe, but please what as Rogers every won,?
  2. Fantastic idea but he would refuse
  3. It’s all very well when supporters say it’s great we are running we will support the Brummies, But the minute you start loosing at home the so called fans will disappear, and unfortunately the Team so far looks like they are going to loose a lot of home meetings unless they pull a rabbit out of the bag, but there’s no rabbits out there
  4. Just out of interest has Lawrence Rogers ever won any thing in Speedway? He as been in the spot for a very long time been in charge of lots of Teams, but can’t remember anything, Which if that’s the case is CV doesn’t look very impressive, but maybe I’m wrong
  5. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Take it from me it a huge success I visited it this year and there more fans there than what was at Birmingham on the following Wednesday, and the handicapping made excellent racing
  6. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    That’s the Problem I can’t
  7. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Hum, well 4 of them riders are fixed up, and if they did field a team of that status they would need to average 1500 per home meeting
  8. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    3 questions. 1 Is there anyone who really thinks that Birmingham can average 1000 fans per meeting? 2 Can Birmingham run 20 meetings next season (If not the rent will be higher per meeting) 3 Can anyone give me a competitive 1-7 with riders that are not already fixed up. Now I want the Brummies to run next season as much as anyone, But what I don’t want is to see them start the season then collapse part way through the season.
  9. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Vital question: Would the BSPL allow a new entrant (Which the consortium would be) into the League with only a 1 year lease which the consortium have, I would unfortunately very much doubt it
  10. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Yes they should give up now rather than building up us supporters hopes, I have seen the Statement about last nights meeting, It states we must run 20 meetings but how?, if there’s 11 teams in the league that’s 10 home league meetings say 2 KO CUP meetings, were do the other 8 come from ? We all know unfortunately that there is absolutely no way we can average 1000 per meeting. We have lost Bomber and Riss, Can anyone name me 3 heat leaders that are not fixed up? But the thing that really has got me worried is it’s only a 12 month deal with the new the new owners, How can’t anyone invest in a Business when at the end of next Season the Lease holders can say that’s it we are not renewing our 12 month agreement, The reason I say give up now is because the worst possible outcome is to start the season and fold during the season ie Phillips
  11. Looking at this weeks Star front cover doesn’t Garry Havelock look well,
  12. As David Tattum is no longer with us, do Newcastle need an Experience Promotor, as I believe you need to be a Promoter for At leased 3 years before you don’t need one
  13. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Would it be possible to have a live stream from the meeting on Tuesday?, It would be of great interest to fans around the country, and if the potential promoters are asking for donations which I’m sure is the reason for the meeting it may help to get fans to donate
  14. Who was Pooles Team Manager tonight? Niel of Havelock
  15. I see in the local Newcastle under Line newspaper there was no Chairman or Vice Chairman or in fact any Directors of the BSPL in attendance at Dave Tattum,s funeral, that’s a poor show

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