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  1. Stoke v Brummies NT Sat 21st April

    Well said UK Martin
  2. Coventry Promotion

    Sorry you do
  3. According to the BSPA rules every Licensed Track must have a minimum of 2 Promoters, Does anyone know who is Mr Hortons Co Promotor at Leicester/Coventry
  4. British Under 21

    UK Martin is a very bitter man
  5. British Under 21

    See someone by the name of Bilbo Baggins as posted on the Birminghambrummies web site that the semi final of the U 21 will take place at Birmingham next WEDNESDAY can anyone confirm this,
  6. British Under 21

    Well that’s it then,Not the council fault, not the BSPA fault, pure and simple lack of experience of the Promoters of Birmingham, I always thought there was something amiss with this “Provisional” date, No wonder there Press Statement said “The Promotion will not be making any further comment on the matter”
  7. British Under 21

    I’m told Birmingham’s historian Mr Buck Posts on this forum and he knows everything Birmingham can he please confirm that Birmimgham cannot Race on a Tuesday, as they have done in the past
  8. Cradley 2018?

    Another kick in the teeth for the NL, See Wolves are off tonight and the rearranged date is 16 July when Birmingham should have been there against Cradley, Wonder if the new Birmingham Promoters have agreed not to go on this Date, Cradley fans must be starting to worry now I would have thought
  9. British Under 21

    Sounds good to me can they run on a Tuesday
  10. British Under 21

    Having just seen the Birmingham Press Statement (not BSPA) It seems to me that Birmingham were asked by the BSPA if they could run the Final on a Tuesday as no other clubs run on that night, The new Promoters said yes, then realised there Planning would not allow this, that’s why it’s always been Provisional in the Birmingham Fixture list, Maybe it was a mistake to ask a new Promoter to stage such a meeting in there first season
  11. British Under 21

    Sorry you are wrong it says “Provisional” that’s NOT a confirmed Fixture
  12. British Under 21

    Yes, but on there Website it says TBA When ever it is it should be a very good meeting
  13. Workington 2018 .

    Any idea we he doesn’t do it now, a few years ago I bumped into him in the Bar under the main Grandstand he seemed very knowledgeable on his Speedway and very passionate on his Comets, if I remember correctly he was also very interested it pigeons, big loss for the club
  14. British Under 21

    Anyone know when the final is.
  15. Cradley 2018?

    As it’s the 4th April and still no meetings at Wolverhampton will this mean that Cradley will have to run some of there meetings at Birmingham