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  1. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    It's off topic, but in these times, who cares!!! My last was a Tuono 1000, before that a street fightered RRX Blade
  2. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    CB1300 Tim. Bit like me. Lardy, reliable, goes ok
  3. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    What you got Tim
  4. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    Motorbike ?
  5. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    Can't see how leaving my home on my bike, going for a spin and returning home, without stopping would harm anyone
  6. Bald Bloke

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Roberts next year could well be a pivotal point in his career. Will probably be 2021 now.. JD is not the norm. Last season he had bike troubles early and a heavy work load. Then came the injuries. In 2018 he was gating much better. Hence his high average. IMHO he needs to be fit as he can be and work with a trapper (bike set up) and reflex work.
  7. Bald Bloke

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I'm a C plus fat n bald. And don't give a nuns chuff
  8. My Daughter works in the health industry, so can still get school care for her 2, but would rather not, so we are Mum n Dad from 8 till 2 week days and 8 till 8 weekends
  9. Big bold statement, but i'd like to think we will see some. Who knows ?
  10. Bald Bloke

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Robert had a fantastic 2018, averaging a whopping 9.32 from his 22 meetings, and he was gating as well. In 2019 it dropped to 7.76 from his 19 meetings. As said Lambo didn't have a great season with bike problems, then injuries last season..I was expecting a fully fit Lambo could/should average around 8.50 this season. At his age he has time on his side.
  11. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    I've noticed it too. I suppose one thing we won't run out of is fuel
  12. Bald Bloke

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I'd pay £2 per bog roll I popped to the Village garage tonight and they had a few bog rolls left. I bought 9 for £6.99 The Mrs went made
  13. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    The care home where my daughter works has stopped visits. Must be hard to explain that to the dementia patients.
  14. Bald Bloke

    Corona virus

    I had to pick my lad up from collage early today, because he has very mild asthma. All sufferers have to stay away for 12 weeks. And one of the schools here has closed it's doors today as well.
  15. Bald Bloke

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    The good old days . Looks like an early Godden maybe?
  16. Bald Bloke

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Cheers Tap.I managed to find one. Agree, it does look dangerous. Apart from the point aspect, I can see elbows getting tangled up in it as well .
  17. Bald Bloke

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Do you know of any pics of Bombers new bikes Taps. I couldn't find any on the Panthers website Edit... Found one. It does look a bit dangerous, if i'm being honest. Could get handlebars and elbows caught in it. Looks good though.
  18. Bald Bloke

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Least of our problems is Bombers seat or was I just had up
  19. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Good to see that Lewis and TJ did well in the Ben Fund meeting today. With TJ scoring 11 from his 5 rides, and Lewis 12 from his 5, and making the final, only to retire on lap 1 due to a chain I believe?
  20. Has been mentioned on the Wolves thread he might be going with him.
  21. Bald Bloke

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    That was cheap https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANDREX-CLASSIC-CLEAN-TOILET-ROLLS-4-x-6-PACKS-24-ROLLS-IN-TOTAL-246577/382153377640?epid=8036089018&hash=item58fa1dc768:g:waEAAOSw8PNeaPvm
  22. Clubs play it as safe as they can. With your statements, you are not
  23. Bald Bloke

    Stuart Robson

    Id go Cookie. How old are Steve Wilcock and Geoff Pussy Scrap that.Just seen it's pairs
  24. Bald Bloke

    Football 2019/20

    That's a decent level Sid. My local team is King's Lynn town. Doing good You laugh ?

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