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  1. Thoughts TJ Lambo. Puck..i wish.
  2. Not sure if Ty will be back in time for this one, but i'm thinking a Lynn win by 12-14 on the night. The last time the Robins were in town it finished 49-41. Since then the Stars have Riss in place of Garrity, and MPT riding at reserve, with Riss taking up the number 2 spot. Thoughts......
  3. I reckon there is few Poole fans who went to this, ain't got home yet. I think we have a few to come . Good job done..
  4. Don't know of any. But if there was a few, I guess it was Snat+h who knocked Lambo off in HT 15
  5. Poole showed they wanted it tonight. First time iv'e seen it. Poole have this now.. I think Lynn peaked a bit to soon. I hope i'm wrong..
  6. It was..Hope NKI is ok and a mention for Snat+h for doing Lambert.
  7. You have this and you know it
  8. Yep. Poole will beat Lynn or BV over 2 legs imho. Hope NKI is ok
  9. I thought Klindt and Josh put a shift in.
  10. With Poole looking to breeze into the final, and Lynn wont win that over 2 legs, it looks like Lynn might well miss out again... NKI withdrawn and Snat+ch taking Lambo out in 15
  11. Looking crap for Lynn. Poole will beat Lynn over 2 legs, NKI withdrawn Not there but TJ may cost Lynn tonight Lambo down heavy in 15, helped by Batch. Gets worse
  12. No need to get cocky son !!!! If you make the final, and it looks like you will, i'd have you as favourites
  13. I'm no Poole fan, but credit where credit's due. Gavan might, you never know.
  14. Job almost done for the Pirates... I didn't see that score at the beginning of the meeting . Well done Poole, never gave up. Some good racing tonight as well.. Thought Klindt and Josh had good ones, but everyone chipped in.
  15. Campos was Lynn's number 8 for tonight.. So was the cheapest/easiest option I guess. Buster must of agreed to help out I suppose.
  16. I think you'll be ok as long as Kurtz keeps it together tonight. Much needed in 13 and 15. I know Middlo will want to win it, but anything less than 10,is very doable for you in your home leg imho.
  17. Bald Bloke

    Betting in 2018

    I'm going to try betting in play on 365 later. But have done Allen -1 v Kurtz @ 2.30
  18. Lynn should be able to cover with NKI, Riss, TJ and MPT taking his rides. RR always risky though. I imagine Swindon will try and find a guest for Ellis if he is missing. Otherwise it will be Tobi, Bellego, Berge x2.
  19. I does strengthen them.. Last time Zach scored 4 for 6 for the Robins ( A 2.77 average).. I would expect Berge to score more than 2.77 from 4 rides. he may well get 5 or 6 rides if it's RR for Ellis and one of Toms... Tom for Jack.... Tom might find it tough, but he will do Smiths job. If the changes are true.
  20. I have it a bit closer than that.50-40

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