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  1. Lenny

    Ronnie Moore seriously ill

    I'm lucky enough to have watched Ronnie race on many occasions. He was the greatest all round rider and team player and his track craft and skill was amazing to watch. Watching him going from last to first against quality opposition was a joy to watch. In my opinion he was the best.
  2. Lenny

    Best ever Spanish rider

    A Spanish rider brought across by Reg Luckhurst raced at Canterbury (1973 I think). He used to practice at Iwade, but I cant remember his name. He struggled some what and didn't stick around for long.
  3. Lenny

    Crayford Speedway Memories

    A small track that produced some fantastic racing, a highlight being the inter league meeting with Belle Vue in 1977. Watching Peter Collins master the track in his first race and then if I remember correctly breaking the track record in his second. PC was spectacular and a joy to watch on a track, which he had never seen before that meeting.
  4. Lenny

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    I remember Eddie James, but it wasn't him. This guy did just about everything, start marshall, timekeeper, track grader and ran the place with the Thomas brothers.
  5. Lenny

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    good memories of Iwade in the seventies, run by Barry and Ivor Thomas, plus a guy i believe called Eddie (can anyone confirm). Quick riders in 1973 were Pip Austen, Mike Bessent and Alan Diprose. Does anyone remember any other riders at that time?
  6. Lenny


    The Nomads Speedway Club was set up in the early seventies and their objective was to support junior riders trying to break into the sport and arrange social gatherings. I know they met at Wimbledon Stadium on occasions. Does anyone remember the Nomads or have any information on them?
  7. Lenny

    Reg Trott

    I've been meaning to join the forum for a long time and this sad news prompted me. Reg lived close to me when he used to hire bikes at the Eastbourne Training School back in the early 70s. I would go round to his and help clean the bikes, and he persuaded me to get on one and 'have a go'. With his help and guidance I progressed to the National League, where he would still give advice on what I did good and not so good and even excluded me a couple of times when he was refereeing. This usually ended with a telling off after the meeting! Unfortunately, we lost touch after I stopped riding. I have fond memories of Reg, a good steady and reliable rider, a good teacher but most importantly a great guy. My thoughts go to his family and friends.

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