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  1. New Yorker

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Hi Racers and Royals, Being in the US and usually working Saturdays about eight or nine Eastern time I would go to Youtube and at least find a foreign language version of the GP's. Now by Tuesday they still don't seem to be there and I have to go to the forum to find your link to the short version and of course see who won in the search! Do you know what's going on ? I really can't thank you enough for all your effort sharing the many links!!!
  2. Thanks R&R for the great link. I feel sort of guilty not having to pay for the great entertainment! If anyone says that Speedway is not a sport refer them to above link. If anyone says that you don't have to be in good shape and train also see above. In the little "jerk water" town in New York State (pop. 5,000) where I live I'm the only one that I know who follows speedway and also the only one who knows what everybody else is missing!
  3. Would love to see MJJ anywhere on the Podium. I thought that he added a LOT to a Speedway of nations in need of some excitement. The way Laguta rode in the SON, and of course Woffy, one would have to expect either or both to be there too. My corn is all popped.....
  4. Am looking forward to this series. Looks like a good mix of riders that could produce some good races and possibly some surprises. I'm glad Leon Madson is competing as he has been a favorite of mine. I stated in an earlier post that I would have thought that Madson would have been a much better "pair" for Jepson Jenson in the Speedway of nations. Seems like I heard that he is out of favor with the Danes.....does anyone know what's going on with him?
  5. This was such a boring series nobody is even talking about it...... Did anyone wonder how Denmark would have finished if Leon Madsen was "on" and on the team. Jepson Jensen in my opinion was the most exciting rider of the series. Of course not up to Tai's standard but he really put on a show. Haven't read all the posts. But not counting the team riding Artem Laguta was just a tick off Tai's great scoring in the series. If he rides like that in the GP for the rest of the year look out. As Racers and Royals said Emil's interview was a perfect ending to an exciting evening. (Not quite what he said but a very nice post) It sounds like the prices were quite high for the two nights of the finals but I would have gladly paid the price and then to see the Russian team singing their national anthem with trophies in hand.....priceless!! Yes there needs to be some tweaking but I really enjoyed it.
  6. I thought Lambert moved on the start in the race before Dudek was thrown out for the same movement. Think it Great Britain's last heat. Haven't read all the posts but wonder if anyone else noticed or commented. Also in my opinion once someone hits the tape no more infractions. In all likelihood he might have drawn someone else off and I don't think it's fair to penalize more than one for the same infraction.
  7. It's sort of strange how nobody is talking about Laguta. Yes, the competition wasn't the GP but he was very dominant. And if Emil can get off the line a little better they will be hard to beat.
  8. Had to go back and watch the final a few times in slow motion. I noticed that Tai kept going the full race but was running at least the last lap just inside the white line and as the riders were setting up for the last turn there was Tai just tooling around quite near the line. Wouldn't this be considered a distraction for the riders who were still racing (as Taicould have been)? Being that there is an ocean between us I will say that was poor sportsmanship. Also if I was the race director Nikki would have sat out the next GP for giving me the finger especially for a call that I didn't make.
  9. After the two semi finals and the final I forgot all about the heats that were boring. I have a question.....shouldn't Tai have kept going in the final in case of a restart? In the case of Majic and Emil I think the fact that Emil was just (about) a bike length ahead might have worked in his favor. On Lingren and Tai incident did anyone see a camera angle from the rear? That would be helpful. No question in my mind that this is shaping up to be a better season than last year. Also want to give a call to Dudek for being a good rider, a good sport and it appears to me a nice fellow.
  10. Do you know why Madsen didn't enter GP qualifiers in Denmark. I would have thought that he would have done quite well the way he's been riding in Poland.
  11. New Yorker


    Freddie is also riding with a confidence that I can't remember seeing before.
  12. Generally boring but interesting at the same time. Takeaways for me: I thought that Hancock looked pretty good and Holder seems to have found something since last year. I would like to see Madsen and Hample in the GP. I must have missed it but could someone tell me why Hample was never considered for the GP after his World Cup injury. Did anyone notice that Chugunov although not scoring many points was running very close to Emil and Hample in one heat and another one or two good riders in another. I think that there's a lot of potential there. Between the Polish leagues and this meet Dudek doesn't seem as quick this year. Speaking of the Polish Leagues.....Woffington looks VERY fast and his heart seems to be in it. Lingren also looks quicker than last year.
  13. New Yorker

    Poland who will break through.?

    Hello uk_martin. Thanks for jogging my not too sharp mind.....in my above post I meant Wozniak. He really was quite impressive in the Championship of Poland!
  14. New Yorker

    Poland who will break through.?

    Sidney, You're right, last year I saw Woryna win the Polish championship (think that's what it was) and one other event both with the likes of Dudek etc competing. I had not heard too much about him and there he was beating all the big names from Poland. Does show the depth from Poland!

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