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  1. Fred Flange

    Somerset 2018

    I appreciate your honesty but as my handicapped stalker once posted "Feel free to not read them or stick me on ignore. Either way I couldn't care less." It really does work! I've got seven blank posts in the last page or two in this thread which, judging by the ones that have been quoted, are about being ignored, lol! To be fair I blocked him (not the stalker) for liking and quoting a homophobic post (homophobic scum are as bad as racists in my book but each to their own I suppose?) rather than the crap he posts, but it still does save me from seeing the crap. By strange coincidence when I searched for the 'feel free' quote another of your off topic moans about people posting off topic appeared!
  2. Fred Flange

    Somerset 2018

    Just remind me what your post referring to jeremycorbynfan had to do with the Poole v somerset meeting, because it really is tedious reading off topic crap moaning about off topic crap by clowns who post off topic crap, isn't it?
  3. Fred Flange

    Somerset 2018

    It was promptly removed by the mods due to it being a homophobic insult but not before it was liked by three forum members and quoted by one. To read a homophobic insult and then to actually like it enough to quote it is beyond my limits and I will have nothing to do with people like that.
  4. Fred Flange

    Somerset 2018

    Big mistake with that one. There is no place for anyone who likes a homophobic insult (he even quoted it before the mods deleted it!) in my world.
  5. Fred Flange

    Poole 2018

    It's probably worth pointing out to Somerset fans that your team isn't being singled out as a victim of a strange decision which appears to favour Poole. This sort of thing has been going on for years. Ashworth, Lyons, Kildermand (twice if you believe the Adams/cvs lie about GP riders being given a 9 point average to stop wolves signing woofinden and pawlicki) readily spring to mind, where other teams have been hampered when it comes to signing riders who then sign for Poole.
  6. Fred Flange

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    It depends who's opinion it is and whether it really matters. I wasn't going to bother but someone suggested it wasn't that bad so it made me wonder. Some people get a bit excited about racing at their own track when in reality it is crap. I remember reading the updates from an Aces meeting at wolves. The updater was gushing about how good a particular race was but it was described on the Belle Vue army website simply as ftg (like so many at wolves) and someone put a video of the race on the Belle Vue fans Facebook page and it was utter dogrubbish completely showing the updater as a proper bullrubbishter. That updater doesn't bother much now but still posts utter crap on here. lol! vvv
  7. Fred Flange

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    I've not bothered watching the recording based on the comments in this thread, it actually sounded worse than the wolves v Leicester TV meeting which I watched in 20min mainly due to the interviews. Was it as bad as that?
  8. Fred Flange

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    Indeed, even brum is now laughing at his "decent job" comment, ha ha!
  9. Fred Flange

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    To be fair thorsell has done much better than I expected. http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/85588-agm/&do=findComment&comment=3060351 According to wolves official figures he's only managed to knock 1.19 off last seasons CMA. http://www.wolverhamptonwolves.co/_mobile/statistics18 http://www.wolverhamptonwolves.co/_mobile/statistics17 "Decent job", Ha Ha!!
  10. Indeed but once the Swindon lads got their gating gloves on from around heat 7 I can only think of one race won from the gate with Fricke in brilliant form. Not many Swindon fans considering they were top of the table before Somerset won at the probable 2018 wooden spoon team, which isn't that surprising given that their qualification only rests on home wins now. Not a bad turnout from Aces fans on the back straight, impossible to tell how busy the grandstand was from my seat but if it reflected the south stand it wasn't a disaster after all despite the lack of interest on bsf.
  11. The top of the table visiting and no real interest. Shame really, oh well soon be the knockout bit of the league cup.
  12. Fred Flange

    Rye House 2018

    I don't think you appreciate the precarious position Belle Vue find themselves in thanks to Chapman's slimeball behaviour with the last promotion and the absolute lack of trust that has generated. If Belle Vue had done what you suggest, Chapman would have hotfooted it round to Manchester council (behind our backs obviously) to tell them how Smith has ballesed up and can he have Belle Vue now. When the council ask Smith to explain do you think your explanation (quoted above) of why he didn't accept the majority vote will save the day? No, neither do I!
  13. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2018

    Ha ha! Despite keeping your laughable 'suitable quality' criteria a secret it is just not the case that there aren't enough riders. Need it or not (you do come across as incredibly needy, lol!) it won't stop people pointing out your stupid mistake, again.
  14. Fred Flange

    Rye House 2018

    I've no doubt had DG still been involved we would not have risked losing any of the 100% increase in attendance the new stadium and Friday, Saturday and Wednesdays gave us. Besides the bleedin obvious issues with Monday, the business plan which led to so much of Manchester council tax payer's money being spent on the construction relied on the extensive research into how rubbish Monday was for speedway. Sadly we didn't have a vote and therefore, despite what you think, we had no say and Smith doesn't strike me as someone who would be belligerent enough to do what you suggest, but then again it seems nobody did, hence the issues which I predicted as soon as frn was announced.
  15. Fred Flange

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Another massive failure for the dangerous swede will do but another English win will make it better.

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