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  1. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    Sounds like every meeting I've ever watched there?
  2. Well that showed how good Poole are, only losing by 4 against the injury ravaged Aces. No complaints from me when it comes to Starke, Bjerre and Gapmier but it should be noted that in the last home meeting (which was just as close) the riders they replaced scored exactly double what their replacements scored tonight. The track was dry (they were watering between heats) and a bit slick which made gating crucial with not as many passes as usual, heat 13 wasn't bad though.
  3. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Thanks Ivan.
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Always liked Auty and when I first saw him race (getting on for 15 years ago?) I thought he would be a future world cup international and maybe even a GP rider. I can't say that I thought the same about Cook or Doyle when I first saw them ride. I think Auty has more natural ability than both put together but he seems to be so far behind Cook in terms of professionalism and attitude it is embarrassing and obviously Doyle is on a different planet. I just get the impression that some riders work hard and their youthful enthusiasm sees them reach a level where they think speedway owes them a living+. When the money doesn't flood in they, for whatever reason, fall away and instead of pushing on and trying to get a ride in Poland or Sweden they become the archetypal British speedway journeyman. Who knows, Auty might still step up but as each year passes it looks more and more likely that he has found his level.
  5. This meeting will tell us more about Poole than The Aces. Had The Aces been at full strength I'd expect a narrow home win but it now looks, on paper at least, like a comfortable away win. Theses early season qualifiers rarely matter in the big scheme of things, so with nothing at stake (for The Aces, a Poole defeat will see this thread go into meltdown) I'm looking forward to another great proper speedway meeting.
  6. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Apparently 'all the riders were happy to start' so is it normal for the clerk of the course to offer riders the opportunity to 'try the track b4 the meeting' when none of the riders have complained about the track. Maybe it is standard practice when the clerk of the course is concerned for rider safety even if the riders are 'happy', otherwise it doesn't really add up does it? A more plausible explanation is that at least one (or more?) riders expressed concerns before the meeting prompting the offer to try the track. There is a precedent, woofinden moaned about the nss on opening night, all the other riders were happy but the clerk of the course offered everyone a practice, which was successfully completed, but woofinden still wasn't happy and the meeting was abandoned.
  7. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    The usual suspect at it again, he even called Hans Andersen a liar!
  8. Wolves 2018

    Trust me, I understand the embarrassment of taking a friend to a crappy greyhound stadium with a far from ideal speedway track compromised by it being inside a dog track. When Belle Vue had their stadium demolished we had no choice but the dog track was a showpiece stadium for the gra and the track PC helped to design was a fine example of a compromised track. Sadly the gra left the stadium to rot, (even demolishing one side due to it falling unsafe) to the point where it became as bad as wolves! (the 'stadium', not the track) That didn't stop me taking friends. I've no idea how many people I introduced to speedway at Belle Vue over the years but I do know only one, yes just one, has become a supporter, and he doesn't go every week! So I do understand your difficulty. BUT, just think about it for a moment, if every fan managed to replicate my pathetic attempts to bolster the crowds at Belle Vue and only manage to introduce one new fan, the fanbase would be DOUBLED!! Surely you wolves fans can at least manage that? It doesn't matter how crap your stadium and track is at least try, like I said just do your best.
  9. Wolves 2018

    Okay? Why is it relevant to me being right about the wolves no1 and Adams actually going on the radio to broadcast his dissatisfaction with wolves crap support? Try and take a friend with you on Monday, get posters in shops do anything and everything you can to get people to turn up, just try your best.
  10. Here's a picture from your last visit
  11. Wolves 2018

    As I predicted, financially they signed the best No1 they could from woofinden, Lindgren, pawlicki and thorsell. The writing was on the wall when they spent all that money buying the league cup and then a few months later Adams went on the radio moaning about the crap support after they had shelled out £thousands on the team again and the fans still didn't turn up. So so sad.
  12. With their wretched financial position wolves would have been desperate to run, the comments from CVS back that up. Nobody should be shattered when a speedway meeting is called off. Trying to blame the fixed nights is a bit daft given the meeting at Belle Vue has already been rearranged. Worrying times so I hope the crap wolves supporters (the ones who don't bother going) get off their backsides and turn up in numbers and back their team.
  13. Gardening Back !!!!!

    The rule itself delayed the start when otherwise the start wouldn't have been delayed. At least it gave us the brilliant heat when Fricke went off 15m and still won. It also made me giggle when he reacted to the green light by looking down at the gate as though it was next him, lol!
  14. Wolves 2018

    Ha ha Well I did post that wolves would keep most of last season's team, only replacing Lindgren with an 'old favourite' due to not having a pot to piss in. The talk of woofinden and pawlicki was always pie in the sky. http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/85588-agm/&do=findComment&comment=3060351 To be fair I wasn't quite right, they did indeed discard the dangerous swede for financial reasons but they also surprisingly replaced another of the team defeated in the league cup final (despite being 8 points up at home with only a few heats to go, hilariously winning choke of the century AGAIN!). In comes a 'not so old and not so favourite' and a.n.other as replacements. The whole sorry mess is just compounded by CVS making up (did he really say what he is reported to have said?) this gp 9.00 thing, now blown away by a fellow promoter and Poole being allowed to sign a gp rider without the fictitious 9.00 average being applied! He should take a leaf out of Adams book and just say it how it is, the wolves fans have let them down by not turning up despite another good season on the track. Who knows though, Belle Vue were nearly put out of business by Chapman but still managed to keep most of the league cup runners up team, bringing in a 'not so old and not so favourite' and a couple of NL riders, and had a fantastic season. Hopefully they will be okay and the crap wolves support won't crumble again.
  15. Wolves 2018

    No money. It's baffling that we are still reading reports of how disappointed he was with the gp 9.00 rule which never actually existed.