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  1. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    Of course it would have been great to have both cook and bjerre in the team but we need to cut nearly 3 points off last season's team and cut the wage bill. Both objectives have been partially achieved without significantly (if at all?) weakening the team.
  2. Fred Flange

    Barry Hearn and 'player power'

    Hearn went 'all in' at Orient and lost. It wasn't his money he lost though. I posted this on another hearn/speedway thread... I went to that play off final as a guest of a Rotherham director. Orients wage bill was rumoured to be more than double Rotherham's and they owed million(s?) to Hearn in 'directors loans' (still do apparently) he also pocketed most of the money received when their star player was sold just before he sold the club. Defeat in that final was unthinkable financially for Orient and sadly that's how it turned out.
  3. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    Cook only found out on Thursday that he wasn't riding for Belle Vue next season, but he's tied up a deal already! That was lucky and at least The Aces management won't need to feel so bad now after stringing him along all this time.
  4. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    It wasn't to do with not meeting cooks demands, we simply cannot afford riders like cook. Savings have to be made and when the team is announced that will become a lot clearer. Cook and tungate are just victims of Belle Vue need to make savings after being forced to run on the graveyard Monday night. Maybe Belle Vue should have made up some new rule which stopped us signing cook, there are some gullible speedway fans who believe that sort of crap. As far as the statements are concerned, if anyone is that bothered, Edinburgh and someone at the bspa will be able to verify Belle Vue's statement. I'm not sure who is going to verify any of cooks statements though.
  5. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    71% correct, impressive!
  6. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    When you consider the crippling financial issues caused by being forced to run on the graveyard monday night, and that Cook was the highest paid rider, it isnt that much of a surprise that he is moving on. He would have had to take a pay cut to stay whereas he will probably be offered a pay rise at his new team. Another mid table team looks on the cards which, to be fair, is more than good enough to qualify for the league cup.
  7. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    I agree, he would be a great replacement for tungate and a point off the team average as well.
  8. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    Both top scorers from the magnificent 2017 Cup final victory are gone. Tungate seeing off the hapless Masters in the last heat decider to clinch the Cup (he even passed Lawson to rub it in, lol!) is a ride nobody can take away, the race where he 'won the Cup for The Aces'. With the dire Monday night crowds (some looked nearly as bad as they were at the dog track) and being hit hardest by the points limit meant at least one of the top earners/scorers had to go. Hopefully we can find the cash to keep the best of the remaining six lads and see who fancies a regular skid at the best track in the world to make up the team.
  9. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2019

    Neither do I but UK speedway needs him back.
  10. Fred Flange

    Belle Vue 2019

    If garrity had an injury free season I'm sure he'd put at least a point on that average, but his riding style does tend to put him into tricky situations on the track. He did turn up at the Maugers and he was at the Dan Bewley fund raising the other night so if he is riding in the top league next season it wouldn't be a huge surprise if he's at Belle Vue. I'd be looking to build around Fricke, Cook and Bewley and your team looks decent.
  11. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2019

    Indeed, if a rider already had a valid average then it was used. Adams just made up the gp 9.0 bollox as an excuse for not signing woofinden/pawlicki/lindgren, which was to say the least a bit daft. Only the most gullible fell for it anyway. I can't see any significant change at wolves. I did wonder if CVS was going to abandon Redcar to spend more in wolves but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'll be surprised if there's any money available so, like last season, I expect that only another team ravaged by injuries will save wolves from finishing bottom. But, and its a big but, there's no excuses for woofinden not coming back which will be brilliant for British speedway and could well save wolves again.
  12. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2018

    I've just tried to give you an endorsement on LinkedIn for your 'press reporting' expertise but I can't find your 'CV' for some reason? Shome mishtake, shurely?
  13. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2019

    Indeed, I read it and thought it was a shame but it didn't really need to be pointed out or highlighted in any way, so its good that you didn't highlight it or draw attention to it.
  14. Fred Flange

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    Lol! That's the argument squatters use. I didn't say we used it as a 'fixed race night', the fim apparently allocated it and it was used. Why would it make sense to do UK, Sweden, UK/Denmark, Sweden, Poland x3 (not spaced out, lol!) Rather than Sweden x2, Denmark, UK, Poland x3?
  15. Fred Flange

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    We did use Thursday though, maybe not as the fim intended but it was used. I wouldn't be surprised if we used Thursday nearly as many times as Poland used Friday? It still makes a lot more sense to use consecutive nights.

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