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  1. Yep, two good scores for Swindon and another decent enough score in the LoN at Belle Vue should near enough cover Dan. RR at no.5 will only work if everyone is firing, in which case we will win comfortably. If we have one of the top 4 off the pace will lose comfortably. Oh right.
  2. Facts not rants? I don't understand your point, if 'Belle Vue' are in favour of the league cup what difference does that make to the negative effect on attendances, and weather and injury affected meetings?
  3. Great! Despite the league cup format having a negative effect on overall attendances, poor weather possibly spoiling the meetings and injuries having a major impact when the risk of those negatives could be significantly mitigated by having a proper league, and to satisfy those addicted to a big climax (what's the word for that, does it begin with W?) another tourney with a final, it is still great to see the biggish crowd for the cup final still makes up for all the rubbisht, if you're addicted to a big climax that is, lol!
  4. Fred Flange

    Wolves 2019

    Why mention Leicester? They put together one of the strongest teams at the start of this season, and even when injuries struck they brought in proven replacements and continued to make changes all season. They were very unlucky to finish bottom. Now when it comes to watering down......
  5. I've just had a look at the buy tickets page and it has changed, they have removed figure showing the number of tickets available in each section. It was easy to work out how many seats had been taken but looking at the grey dots (seats taken) it does indeed look a bit sparse. I'm guessing that reflects that season tickets aren't valid for this meeting, particularly with so many seats available in the middle block? The league cup semi finals have never been that well attended anyway so I wouldn't necessarily expect a big crowd, it will probably be around the 1200 mark, which is above average for a Monday.
  6. In the main I'd agree with that, although he did lose the plot a bit when Riss was injured. He doesn't turn up randomly on, say, a KL team thread and accuse another teams fans (not KL, a team unconnected to the topic??) of being sickos who cheer crashes. It even then justified the comment by implying maybe one Aces fans has cheered a crash! That's like saying speedway fans are perverts because one is currently in jail for being a pervert! (Why is that thread running to four pages ffs?) Now that is proper trolling Nigel! NB bagpuss 'The undatable stalker reacted to a post in a topic: (over 100 times!! It must be a complete barmpot, ha ha!) →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→↘ Thank God that particular gene pool has ground to a halt.
  7. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Top notch, thanks for asking. Are you okay now? Commiserations on the likes by the way. When those two like a post about me it usually has, in their twisted way of thinking at least, an offensive or sick undertone, but I know yours didn't, lol!
  8. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    EXACTLY my point but this Daniel smith fellow thinks otherwise but is now back under his stone. Apparently accusing Aces fans of cheering crashes on a KL thread isn't 'out of turn'! I'm surprised you took so long to voice your point of view, the thread was trolled yesterday? Thanks all the same. One thing you can be sure of though, if scum accuse fans of the team I support of cheering crashes I'll point out that they are talking crap wherever it appears.
  9. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Okay, let's take this troll by troll. 1. What has Aces fans cheering crashes got to do with the thread? It isn't a trick question.
  10. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    WHAT! It turned up for no reason on a kl thread to accuse Aces fans of cheering like the scum at the horror track when someone crashes and you think that isn't "out of turn"! You might think cheering when a rider crashes (and even breaks his back!) is okay but I don't, I think it's sick. You might also think it's okay to appear on a thread and post something just to stir rubbisht up with fans of a team completely unconnected with the thread. It has been quiet for a few days but it's now posted 4 consecutive troll posts, (look at it's horrific content history if you can stomach it) and has now got you involved in his sick trolling. I've just realised, you are what bagpuss might call the kings lynn stevebrum, ha ha!
  11. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    4th consecutive troll post and no bollocking from bagpuss, lol!
  12. There were several races won from the gate but I can only think of heat 5 when the order didn't change after the back straight on the first lap? It was Andy Meredith's dad who accidentally discovered slick is better at Belle Vue. He told me he had prepared what he thought was the perfect track for the world cup race off but the racing was a disappointment. Against instinct it was prepared much slicker for the final and it was fantastic.
  13. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    My undateable stalker is trolling you with unfounded lies. YouTube is infested with scum cheering crashes, they even cheered the crash which resulted in a broken back for thorssell!! When Doyle fell off at Belle Vue last week in a crucial heat you could have perhaps understood some cheering from Aces fans as they qualified for ko bit of the league cup, but the reaction was personified by Chase the Aces' reaction captured perfectly on the replays from the alternative camera angle. Scum fans v Aces fans, there is no comparison. Edit I see the undateable stalker has been on a troll fest hitting a hattrick of three consecutive troll posts. 11am and it finally gets out of bed→→→→→→↘
  14. Trust me, you are wasting your time with that one.
  15. It was full where I sit but you just can't tell how full the grandstand is when you're sat in it. The South Stand looked a bit thin though, much like a Monday night crowd so I'm guessing it wasn't great. The very heavy overnight rain, which continued in spells during the day, (they were watering after heat 4 though!) not to mention the 14 point deficit and the champions league will have put some off without doubt. As expected we lost this in the first leg, the ef for cook just before heat 13 at Somerset was,as it turns out, the deciding factor but the lads never thew the towel in even after a dodgy start, and but for a great ride by Lawson to pass Berge in heat 14 it could have gone to a last heat decider! I'm looking forward to seeing heat 13 again, watching it live it looked better than last week!

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