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  1. Poole Thread Blocked Due To Trolls

    NINETEEN, in one weekend!!! Wtf is wrong with you?
  2. Poole Thread Blocked Due To Trolls

    I've just looked at your recent posts and it is appropriately horrific, argument after argument and now you've taken your chance to embroil me in your trolling. Sleep well, ha ha ha!
  3. Poole Thread Blocked Due To Trolls

    Lol! I generally don't bother posting on other teams threads, one or two posts maybe? Apart from threads concerning my team or TV meetings I usually stick to the threads on general topics, otherwise you just get the hypocrite wolves 'fan' moaning about posting on other teams threads. Who could that be? If it wasn't for gavans Poole fixation the most trolling posts on the Poole 2018 thread, and other teams threads, (and still trolling about kk but now on the Belle Vue 2018) is the usual wolves so called fan.
  4. Poole Thread Blocked Due To Trolls

    Gavan is one of the few posters I ignore on this forum and the only active one I ignore for general trolling, the other two are ignored for their disgusting personal values. Every time I look at a Poole thread it is full of his quoted posts where he regularly refers to pretty much any poole fan who has a different opinion with some form of personal abuse, and will regularly use derogatory terms to describe groups of Poole supporters. I've obviously seen the occasional quoted post of his in other threads but why does he appear to troll only Poole threads with such obnoxious vigour, and why do Poole fans tolerate it?
  5. Wolves 2018

    I suppose that is a slightly less ludicrous claim than the pawlicki to wolves one, but it will have to be a hell of a TV deal to cover Zagar's rumoured £4grand a meeting fee. If the TV deal is that good it might mean wolves will be able to afford Lindgren after all?
  6. Wolves 2018

    So in other words masters will be available for transfer and will probably cost more than he would have done 12 months ago? Great business.... for Edi. Tough one for wolves, do they spend what little money (if any?) they've got on securing masters, who is on a bargain average imo, or try and get lindgren on the cheap? Losing masters might just mean lindgren returns but there is now a risk they lose both to add to missing out on pawlicki (as if, lol!).
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    GP riders on 9 doesn't make sense. It is either a panic measure to stop us signing Zagar or it is more likely CVS just making up a plausible (lol!) story for wolves not signing pawlicki or even woofinden instead of admitting that they haven't got any money. They gambled big and overspent to buy the league cup win in 2016 but they have been badly let down by their crap supporters and have been struggling ever since, selling off assets (handing Swindon the rider they needed, doh!) and Adams has even been moaning about the meagre crowds on the radio! It's probably what is known as fake news, unless they really don't want us to sign Zagar?
  8. Two Year Contracts

    Although there was a gentleman's agreement (lol!) between the promoters that the Belle Vue team was ring fenced, all of the rider contracts ended when Chapman screwed Belle Vue in his futile attempt to get his grubby hands on the NSS. Ironically the only promoter to try and break the agreement was Mr 10% himself when he, true to himself, discussed terms with fricke behind the other gentlemen's backs.
  9. Agm

    Indeed, some fans think he's better than he is. Maybe they are trying to talk up the value of another asset to sell to prop up the ailing business? Clearly at least one of the wolves top two won't be back, I doubt anyone would be in the market to buy lindgren as an asset but the younger swede will be of interest to someone, but not for next season on that inflated average. Big bucks if someone is stupid enough to buy him as a number 1 though, but I'd expect him to knock as much as two points off his average next season starting at no.1, probably for wolves. Masters on the other hand is a much more attractive proposition having ridden at no.5 and regularly finishing last in heat 13 to depress his average, he should have little problem at least maintaining his average even when he moves up to no.1 to replace a floundering thorssell. Given wolves financial difficulties (why else would Adams moan on the radio about crap support?) I reckon wolves will keep the 2017 team minus lindgren, who probably won't be affordable, and he will be replaced with an old favourite like Howe, the rest of the 2017 team will be retained despite losing the league at home after being 8 points up with only a few heats to go (again, lol!), the talk of woofinden and pawlicki is simply pie in the sky.
  10. Agm

    To be fair, at the time, you never heard Dent, or anyone from Belle Vue for that matter, moaning as rider after rider he 'discovered' was taken away 'for the good of speedway'. It's a shame some other teams didn't make a stand all those years ago, speedway could be so much different now, it's always been a race to the bottom. CVS? Lol!
  11. Agm

    Don't tell me.... that was Dent Oliver!
  12. Agm

    The evidence suggests Mondays will be disastrous. Wolves won the cup but their support was still so crap they couldn't afford to buy assets and had to rely on the doubling up system to track a team the following season. Furthermore, they then had one of their promoters complaining on the radio about the ongoing crap support and they even had to sell off assets in a futile attempt to compensate for it! Belle Vue, the most famous speedway club in the world, would have closed due to Monday night racing. The move to the dog track hit attendances but moving from Friday to Monday ended any chance of a viable business, it took Tony Mole a matter of weeks to work it out. Had DG and Mort not saved The Aces with the vision of the new stadium Belle Vue would have closed more than 10 years ago. Ironically if any team is able to withstand the impact of moving to Monday it is Belle Vue. Attendances have doubled (2x not many is still not many though) and the owners have v.deep pockets but they are proper businessmen and won't hang around for long if the sums don't add up. I wouldn't be surprised if all the other Monday teams soon join wolves in moaning about crap support. To be fair the issue at wolves is probably more about the horror track (just imagine a newbie watching proper speedway on TV and their nearest track is wolves!) but I expect the experience at Belle Vue, when they moved to Monday from Friday, will be replicated at each of the affected tracks. Getting rid of the double tr bollox is obviously a good thing and bringing back the tac sub is a real move in the right direction in giving fans the chance to watch the top riders more and keep meetings closer. Only a complete idiot would argue that seeing top riders more and closer meetings isn't great for speedway. With 8 teams 42.5 is about right but I'm not sure what the motivation for the one rider over 8.00 came from? 42.5 was never going to free up many riders for any new pl teams so the 8+ seems like a reasonable alternative while keeping a decent overall limit. Without any new or returning riders that forces three moves from last season's teams for new pl teams to go for. I can't see the point now that no teams are moving the pl though. Good news about Rosco and NV. It will be interesting to see what is lined up to reduce the number of false starts? Great to see the success of the KO Cup has meant it has been retained. Just like the play off cup the KO format brings out the best in the riders with some of the best racing of the season at Belle Vue. Again only an idiot would argue against it. The fixtures need to be more carefully planned though. The only thing I would have changed is the Monday night mistake, a better option would have been Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The extra day would have given more flexibility to work with the Danes, it would really have only affected two teams and most importantly avoided the graveyard Monday nights.
  13. Peter Collins Article

    The details of the Belle Vue Heritage Club are not a secret but, to be fair, it really is aimed at a select group of people so I can understand some people reading the PC article may not have been aware of the 'counter-argument'. The journalist should have made himself aware though. I am amazed that anybody bothered enough about speedway to read the speedway star isn't already aware of what the 'counter-argument' is when it comes to the opening night fiasco at Belle Vue last year. Don't worry, even though a settlement has been reached between the council, isg and bva the details are confidential so you will be able to hang on to the £100 you promised to the Ben fund, although I'd be surprised if the settlement isn't more than £1.
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    Under normal circumstances Monday night speedway (running against TV just made it worse) would have finished Belle Vue off, but it was bankrolled and kept alive with the vision of the new stadium. Even last year's cup winners, a traditional Monday track, have struggled with crap support and have been desperately selling off assets to survive. Thursday should be okay but if it's going to be two nights then working with the Danes and poles to make Wednesday or Friday work is a better option. Any team forced to move to the graveyard Monday night will be unviable and a money pit.
  15. Peter Collins Article

    At face value PC comes out of this quite badly but I think it is a genuine sense of 'why just me' rather than a freeloader trying to get his mates in for nowt. In a typical self deprecating way he probably feels that anyone who has contributed to Belle Vue Speedway over the years deserves the same treatment or perks that he has been offered. It is like when you are singled out for praise but the reality is that the achievement could only have been possible with the help and support of others. PC is pushing their part in the story forward and when the suggestion was knocked back (I heard that there were originally 50ish 'names') it quickly snowballed out of control, possibly fuelled by PC's misguided sense of injustice. The style of the article itself was akin to something you would expect to see in the 'news of the world' and not the speedway star. It gave the usual anti-Belle Vue crowd something to crow about for a short while, now the other side of the story has been revealed (it was never a secret anyway) they have turned their attention to a Belle Vue and British legend. I should add that PR's 'reply' has very succinctly put the record straight.