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  1. GWC

    2020 NL Season

    If we don’t get a decent number of teams in the NL then a lot of those kids being trained at youth level are going to be scratching around for rides.
  2. GWC


    That has been the problem now for a few years and unless the bspa address the league set up it will continue.
  3. GWC

    2020 NL Season

    Cannot begin to ask how you found this !!
  4. GWC

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I would like to see Alfie Bowtell given a chance and maybe Danny Ayers.
  5. I am guessing there is a cap on what promoters pay riders in the PL. At least that’s what has been suggested so any continued success has been bought by the promoter from sponsorship or his own business. Cradley Heath dominated speedway once with a glitterati team and then disappeared. It is clear that the same is happening to Poole unfortunately.
  6. Inferior to what ? The PL it’s supposed to be!
  7. GWC

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Then they can call it PL 2 !
  8. GWC

    2020 NL Season

    There has been considerable work done to the part of the car park with an enclosed area block paved and high fencing around it. It looks destined for something to do with the carts though.
  9. GWC

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Yes it’s called the decline of the NL !
  10. GWC

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    But there would have come a day when a stadium built in 1929 was no longer fit for purpose so the inevitable was demolition.
  11. GWC

    2020 CL

    It was pretty gut wrenching at the time as Rye had signed Jamie Courtney who had to go into the team and then use a Raider as the other reserve. Stuart Robson gets injured then Courtney then Luke Bowen but still they enforced Boxall to move into the team. Still the following year Rye signed Woffinden and he definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to stay as a reserve all season.
  12. GWC

    2020 CL

    The 2 reserves need to be riders from the NL if that league is going to have any relevance in the future. The 1-5 should only have 2 riders doubling up so the PL needs to sort itself out.
  13. Remember well in 1972 first meeting full house then.
  14. Sometimes comments on here really show up people’s lack of humility less of course speedway knowledge! Perks was brought in to help Swindon over loss of confidence of their reserves not to win matches on his own! For the guy to even return to UK after he was dropped so many times by other clubs because they needed strengthening gives him credit for his commitment.
  15. GWC

    Edinburgh 2021

    The league must reign in allowing riders like Masters doubling up/down. The standard is kept high with these guys in it but as mentioned the riders at the bottom are more or less fodder.
  16. GWC

    Poole 2020

    I’m pretty sure in his mind Matt Ford has moved on from speedway and wants to get out of Poole. It therefore puts Poole in the same bracket as most clubs or even a bit below in the financial clout of clubs. It gives me no pleasure in seeing a great club now struggle but the sport is on knife edge that a wrong decision here and there could push it over. A questionnaire is a good idea but realistically will they get sensible reply’s.
  17. GWC

    AGM 2019

    Most teams are built with depth it’s the racing format that puts a reserve with a heat leader in some heats. Some teams decide to go for upper rider strength and then have NL standard reserves so you can guess the outcome there. If they changed the points limit teams would just do the same except the lower points riders would perhaps be a better standard but still fodder for the better riders.
  18. GWC

    Poole 2020

    Not every week though!
  19. GWC

    AGM 2019

    What is most people’s gripe with sport? The fact you are not seeing the ‘top’ riders for your buck? Or the doubling up and down due to the lack of riders because we haven’t or didn’t want to invest in UK riders? Or the quality of racing and the overall meeting experience? Loss of teams in the south east of England? The overall condition of the majority of stadiums that don’t measure up to 21st century viewing requirements? My answer would be ‘all of the above’ but being a realist it is what it is and unless there is money and lots of it none of this will drastically change.
  20. GWC

    Eastbourne 2019

    If Kennett isn’t included might then be lost to the sport and that is not good. The points limit needs to be reduced as it’s causing too many youngsters to struggle and reduce ‘doubling up’.
  21. GWC

    Big decisions in November.

    Indeed Keith and crowds pretty similar and income level. A lot rent their stadia as well with volunteering a must to survive at that level. All depends on the ‘rider demands’ and who is prepared to ride in the UK. Sweden now looks like its heading the same way so there could be more riders available. A budget blown on one rider because he is GP level isn’t going to be very popular (with riders) but on the other hand might get a few hundred more through the gate. Improve the racing and stadia experience is more important imo than who is riding and the promotion have to make a profit otherwise it’s bye bye.
  22. GWC

    2020 NL Season

    There also needs to be some thought put into how strong the CL should be. We have seen young riders move up from the NL and then call it a day when they struggle and ultimately disillusioned with the sport having put in the miles to get so far.
  23. GWC

    Swindon 2020

    Will Doyle himself want to ride in the UK? He has had a poor GP series by his standards. By June I can see a couple of riders being ‘under threat’ !
  24. GWC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You will no doubt be in the queue behind Peterborough for riders next season!
  25. GWC

    Big decisions in November.

    The inability of the UK to produce enough riders who can hold their own on the world stage must have a correlation to our current state. Shipping in riders at vast expense has seen a deterioration in our leagues and hastened its demise. We don't get the crowds that imo justified paying large sums of money to riders of sometimes average standard because they came from Poland or somewhere else and therefore must be good. We haven’t or didn’t want to encourage youth and were too busy putting on a show that supporters said they must have to justify their attendance. Whilst I supported Rye House who encouraged youth and lived within their means (until you know who took over) I would read about other teams supporters saying we must have so and so riding because I won’t go otherwise! We now have a situation where the sport is maintained by the need for the majority of riders to fill 2 team places to enable the leagues to survive. Another reason for the decline of the sport. It is probably true to say that the sport will continue to contract as stadiums are gobbled up by redevelopment and an ageing attendance. How long it will last is really down to this and the people who put their livelihoods at risk to bring us the entertainment.

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